Chapter 740 - A Mental Attack

Chapter 740 – A Mental Attack

Boom! Bam!

Reynolds was pushed back by the young lady. She was a tough opponent to begin with, having the Light Elementalist by her side made things worse for Reynolds.

Alice was having a slightly better time since the Light Elementalist had been focused on Reynolds’ end of the battle.

She coordinated with the Seelie and managed to gain the upper hand. However, just as she was about to gain the advantage, the Light Elementalist rushed over to intervene.

When she arrived, Alice was forced to block her attacks. This gave the young man the chance he needed to regain himself. He had a natural good defensive ability just like Alice.

Alice had more elements which gave her the advantage when it came to attacking. The Seelie was slowly getting better after getting involved in so many battles over the past few days.

Previously, it mostly relied on Alice’s orders, but now, it could actually make good decisions of its own.

It was only a child when Alice got it, and it hadn’t really been a long time since she got it.

The Light Elementalist managed to distract Alice once again.

Now, Alice was fighting against two, while Reynolds was on his own. He was fighting with his Elemental Warrior, so he was able to gain the upper hand in the battle.

The young lady was by no means a weak opponent as well. Even though he had the upper hand, it would take him a while before he could defeat her. Merging with the Elemental Warrior would give him a boost in strength, but he still wouldn’t be able to defeat the young lady in a short time.

Reynolds contemplated if he should merge with the Elemental Warrior now and try to eliminate the young lady or wait for the best time.

Since the Light Elementalist was not here, he might get the chance if he merged with it. The only issue was that, given the speed of the Light Elementalist, she would be able to return in the blink of an eye.

With this in mind, he decided against it and opted to wait for the best time. Taking out the Light Elementalist was still the plan, but since she didn’t give them any chance to attack her, the thought of changing the plan came to mind.

Swoosh! Bam! Bang!

Lightning attacks flew around, with wind blades slashing at Alice.

The ice made by the Seelie blocked most of the attacks, but the attack power of the young man was above that of others, so he was able to destroy the ice wall with a few attacks.

After breaking the wall, light arrows shot straight past the ice wall that was still in the midst of falling down, rushing towards Alice.

Alice, seeing the attack, covered her legs with the lightning element and dodged to the right.

Bang! Bam! Boom! ᴜᴘᴅᴀᴛᴇ ꜰʀᴏᴍ .

The light attacks hit the ground and a small dust cloud rose up.

Alice created a mixture of lightning and fire rain.

The young man raised an earthen wall that blocked the attack, while the Light Elementalist swiftly capitalized on her speed and ran out of the range of the attack.

The intensity of the battle was currently getting to its peak. It was only a matter of time before one person would be eliminated.

Whoever is eliminated first might determine the outcome of the battle. If Reynolds and Alice managed to eliminate one of the trio, then their chances of winning would be over fifty percent. But if any of them were to be eliminated, it was clear that the other would follow. This would put the duo in fourth and fifth place.

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Reynolds focused on the young lady.

The young lady’s eyes started to glow with red light as if a fire was burning in them. A small fire attack that was as thin as a needle shot out of her eyes and went straight for Reynolds.

Reynolds didn’t see the attack on time, but his Elemental Warrior appeared in front of him.

The fire needles hit the empty face of the Elemental Warrior and for a second, it froze, incapable of moving.

Reynolds also felt some distress from what happened to the Elemental Warrior.

Grey was shaken when he saw this attack. It reminded him of a particular attack Sylvia used. She killed someone with nothing more than a look. Grey had always thought she used her powerful cultivation stage to pressure the man to death, only now did he know it wasn’t.

“What was that?” He asked curiously.

“A mental attack. It’s very rare since very few people can cultivate it. Also, as long as the opponent notices it before you use it, then he could be avoided.” Kyle explained.

He already knew Grey and his friends weren’t knowledgeable about the world, so whenever they inquired anything from him, as long as he knew what it was, he didn’t mind telling them.

“A mental attack?” Klaus asked.

“Yes, basically, it’s usually used to incapacitate opponents. But if cultivated to a very high level, then it would become a deadly hidden weapon. According to legends, there was an expert who cultivated it to the very peak, all she needed was a glance and an entire army would die.” Kyle said.

“So powerful.” Klaus sucked in a cold breath.

Grey had witnessed Sylvia use it, so he guessed she could kill an entire army with just a look. But he didn’t know what it was then.

‘A mental attack. I’ll research about it later on.’ He said to himself.

He had to be prepared for anything, in cases like this where they would be attacked by techniques they had no idea how to counter. If this were a life or death battle, Reynolds might lose his life due to his lack of knowledge.

Reynolds paused for only a few seconds, but the young lady didn’t let the chance go to waste, attacking instantly.

Bam! Bang!

Reynolds’ figure was sent flying, crashing into the ground.

When the crowd saw this, they felt Reynolds would be eliminated in this process. Even the Elemental Warrior was still frozen. It was unknown when it might be able to move again.

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