Chapter 741 - Well Coordinated Attack

Chapter 741 – Well Coordinated Attack

Alice, who was fighting against two people, was stunned when she saw Reynolds’ situation.

She tried to rush over to help.

“We’re your opponent.” The young man naturally wouldn’t let her have her way. This is what they had been waiting for all this while.

Thankfully, he saw the young lady’s trump card now, so he could prepare accordingly when they were the only two people left on the platform.

“Get out of my way!” Alice yelled and used the lightning element to its fullest, attacking the young man.

The ferocity of her attack made the young man pause for a while. However, the Light Elementalist took the chance to attack her, halting her movement.

“I’m sorry, but you’re going nowhere.” The Light Elementalist said.

Alice was starting to get agitated. The young lady was already very close to Reynolds. Reynolds still hadn’t been able to get himself together.

Even though he woke up early from the attack. He was struck by an attack without even using any sort of defensive measures.

He groaned in pain as he held his stomach. When he realized the young lady was already very close to him, he slapped his hand on the ground, and light streaks shot out from the ground in a straight line before getting to where the young lady was.

The young lady dodged to the left. This was a desperate attack from Reynolds, which made it impossible for him to be accurate.


Reynolds was attacked by a fire bird which exploded when it came close to him. This time he managed to use the lightning element to block the attack.

He was sent flying by the impact of the attack anyway.

Bang! Thud! ɴᴇᴡ ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴀʀᴇ ᴘᴜʙʟɪsʜᴇᴅ ᴏɴ

He bounced off the ground repeatedly, but since the size of the platform was increased, he managed to stay on.

The young lady didn’t give him any chance to get himself together before she attacked again

Seeing the attack coming at him, Reynolds knew if he was hit, he would be eliminated. Forcing the lightning element, he concentrated it on his legs and shot straight at another location.

He couldn’t afford to fight head-on against the young lady at this moment.

The young lady knew he wanted to escape and rushed after him, but Reynolds was faster since he had the lightning element.

Reynolds’ current target was surprisingly the Light Elementalist. Even in a state like this, he didn’t forget their plan. If he could take out the Light Elementalist, then it would make things easier for them.

The Light Elementalist was in the middle of attacking Alice. She suddenly froze, turning around, she saw a streak of lightning rushing straight for her.

Without delay, she turned into a light streak and ran away.

The lightning streak didn’t follow her, instead, it changed its direction to the young man.

This was Reynolds’ plan from when he rushed here. He knew everyone would think his target was the young lady. Once he manages to get the young man to drop his guard, then he would attack him.

Alice made sure the young man was unable to move away, keeping him in the same spot with her attacks. Free Web Novel

The young man was a sensible fighter. Realizing how things were going, he didn’t panic, rather, he focused on his defense.

The young lady was rushing over, and the Light Elementalist also wasn’t far away. Given his personal strength, if Alice and Reynolds teamed up, it would still take them at the very least over one minute before they defeated him. This was something he was confident in.

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Buzz! Bang!

A bolt of lightning struck the earth wall he made in front of him. The wall cracked but held on.

Reynolds didn’t give him any chance, attacking the next second as well.

Boom! Bam! Bang!

The earth wall shattered after receiving three attacks from both Alice and Reynolds.

With the wall broken, Alice’s Seelie attacked with a large heavy ice sword.

The Light Elementalist was already back, seeing the attack going toward the young man, she sent out an attack, trying to slow down the attack.

The young lady also caught up to them at this moment.

Reynolds didn’t stay any longer and fought with the young lady, dragging her away from this location.

The Elemental Warrior could move once again, so he wasn’t scared.

The young lady was annoyed with the fact that Reynolds not only escaped from her grasp, but almost eliminated the young man with the opportunity.

This was the first time she was fighting against someone who did follow the norms when fighting. Most people would try to escape just to ensure their safety, Reynolds on the other hand used the opportunity to attack one of his opponents.

This was something she didn’t even think he would try.

The Light Elementalist rushed over to their side of the battle since Reynolds didn’t attack softly any longer. It was as if almost being eliminated triggered him.

When the Light Elementalist arrived, she joined hands with the young lady to suppress Reynolds.

While she was here, Alice was taking advantage of the opportunity, fiercely attacking the young man.

The attack by Reynolds destabilized the young man, and he hadn’t been able to recover.

The Light Elementalist was soon forced to head back after they had been able to suppress Reynolds.

Buzz! Crash! Bang!

Alice had been preparing an attack for the Light Elementalist while fighting with the young man. As soon as she got close, a lightning bolt fell from the sky, aiming at her head.

The accuracy of the attack was impeccable. The young lady was forced to stop and retreat. Moving forward or sideways wouldn’t be able to save her from the attack.

With no other choice, she retreated. It was at this time she realized she messed up. The reason for this was because, while she was retreating, Reynolds’ figure was shooting in her direction.

There was no way to dodge the attack because that was the only side she could face. Alice made sure the young man was occupied, while before attacking, Reynolds made sure to push the young lady back after merging with the Elemental Warrior.

A well-coordinated attack!

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