Chapter 742 - The Top Faction True Geniuses

Chapter 742 – The Top Faction True Geniuses

Boom! Bang!

Reynolds hit her accurately on the back, sending her flying.

Before she even hit the ground, Reynolds continued attacking her and before long, she passed out.

The man in charge of the platform rushed over to take her out of the platform.

One person had been eliminated, currently, it was two against two.

“Damn it.” The young man said in annoyance.

The battle had stopped, and they were looking at each other.

Reynolds had separated from his Elemental Warrior, standing close to Alice as they stared daggers at their opponents.

“What do you plan to do now?” Reynolds asked with a smile.

“Do you think we can’t take on you two one on one?” The young man asked, annoyed.

“No, no I do not.” Reynolds said, still wearing a smile.

They faced off, but none of them were attacking.

While the two groups were facing off, the crowd were chatting excitedly. With the elimination of the Light Elementalist, Reynolds and Alice had even the field. The only issue was that Reynolds had taken a good beating during the time the young lady used the mental attack. So, there might be a chance that he was not at a hundred percent.

“That was impressive.” Kyle commented after witnessing the attack of Alice and Reynolds.

He had always found the synergy among the group to be very good, but given how Alice and Reynolds successfully used such an attack without even needing to speak or look at each other was just out of this world.

This showed they’ve been watching each other for a while now and had planned this for a long time.

Grey nodded his head to Kyle’s words, the attack truly was impressive. Most of the people in the arena definitely felt the same thing.

“Good work Rey.” Klaus applauded in delight.

His genuine happiness surprised the geniuses sitting close to them. Although they would be happy if their friend performed well in a competition like this, they wouldn’t show this much passion. FREE WEB NOVEL

They looked at Grey, and to their surprise, his usual listless face had a soft smile on it.

“Your friends are something else.” Joyner, the son of the City Mayor, praised.

“Haha, of course, they’re my friends.” Klaus laughed in delight.

His expression almost made people feel like he was bootlicking the duo. But when they recalled Grey’s strength, they knew all five of them weren’t people to be messed up. Since Kyle was with them, he was naturally counted among them.

They concluded that Klaus was just a happy person, and they decided to leave it at that.

The Elders from the top Factions present all had a look of appreciation. They all felt the duo had unimaginable potential. They might even be on the level of those freaks in the Faction.

The geniuses brought out by these top Factions were the best. They were only the minimum requirements the Faction wanted in their Faction. One has to remember that at the time Alice, Reynolds, and Klaus left the Azure Continent, their elemental grades were violet.

Elemental grades contributed to the strength of an Elementalist. The least elemental grade these top Factions took in was the violet grade. After the violet grade, there were still the red, cyan, yellow, and emerald grade. The black and white grades were not included because they were too rare.

Of the group, Grey was the only one with a high enough elemental grade to at least fight against a few of the top geniuses. And even with his cyan elemental grade for his fire element, he would still get bodied by someone with the emerald elemental grade.

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The only advantage Grey had was his versatility of having multiple elements. Elemental grades only made the attack power of an Elementalist higher, it didn’t attribute to the overall strength of an Elementalist.

The only consolation the group had was that since they were in the Aurora Continent, there would be tons of opportunities to get treasures that would be able to increase their elemental grades.

Back at the platform. ʀᴇᴀᴅ ʟᴀᴛᴇsᴛ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴀᴛ ᴏɴʟʏ.

The group were still facing off.

A spark soon went off and they started fighting. Without the Light Elementalist to hold them back, Alice and Reynolds were berserk on them. Reynolds in particular was infuriated.

The Light Elementalist made the battle a hell for him, and the times he was sent flying by the young lady annoyed him. His innards were still rocked and he was at least sixty percent sure he had internal injuries.

The young lady immediately fell on the defensive under Reynolds’ attacks.

She could tell that Reynolds wanted to end the battle as soon as possible, so all she planned to do was to hold out for as long as she could.

If Reynolds started to lose strength, she would start her counterattack. This was not a good strategy since it would give her opponent the chance of attacking her at will, however, if she tried to fight against Reynolds head-on, then she would lose in a very short time.

With a good enough defense, she stood a chance against him.

Alice and her opponent’s battle was not as one-sided as Reynolds’. They exchanged blows, with each having a good defensive ability, they were on equal footing, for now.

Boom! Bang! Bam!

The fight continued intensely, both groups didn’t want to lose an individual because doing so meant losing the battle.

The young man occasionally sent attacks Reynolds’ way, all in hopes of stopping him from his constant attacks.

Alice blocked most of the attacks, but a few had managed to creep through. The young lady used the chances to counter, but Reynolds and his Elemental Warrior were able to block and start attacking once again.

The young lady couldn’t help but feel frustrated by how things were going. What she found even worse was that Reynolds had used his full strength yet.

If she could defend herself against this round of attacks, and when he merges with his Elemental Warrior, then she would be victorious.

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