Chapter 744 - Unexpected Change

Chapter 744 – Unexpected Change

Reynolds attacked, he couldn’t stay in his merged state for too long, so the sooner he started the battle, the better for him.

Alice was aware of this, so she would naturally take advantage of it.

Her Seelie’s ice ability could protect her from some of Reynolds’ attacks which would mean that the few it couldn’t, she would have to deal with it herself.


A lightning blade slashed through the ice wall with the first attempt. This was the first time Alice’s defense was broken through on the first try.

Alice was taken aback by this and quickly retreated. The Seelie blocked Reynolds’ path, ensuring he couldn’t continue his attack.

Reynolds exchanged some blows with the Seelie before Alice joined the battle once again. Being a Lightning Elementalist like Reynolds, she was very fast, and with the aid of the Seelie’s wind element, she became faster.

However, Reynolds in this form was faster than her. Only a few people below the Seventh stage of the Overlord Plane could move faster than him presently.

Boom! Bang!

The Seelie was pushed back by Reynolds as he charged at Alice.

“I’ve been a master of this art, there’s no way you can use it better than me.” Reynolds said as he attacked Alice.

He got his Elemental Warrior sooner than Alice, so when it came to hiding behind his fighting companion, he knew almost all the methods.

Alice was forced back since she couldn’t afford to fight against Reynolds head-on. Reynolds naturally wouldn’t give her the chance she wanted.


Reynolds’ attack was stopped by an ice dome that protected Alice. This time, he was unable to break through it on the first try.

Just like before, the ice retaliated. Reynolds was forced to retreat and the ice dome used the process to heal. Protected by the ice dome, Alice started coordinating with her Seelie, attacking Reynolds from two angles.

Reynolds blocked and evaded the attacks. Given the advantage in numbers Alice had, a few managed to hit him, but his lightning armor blocked most of them. He barely felt the blows.

Reynolds and Alice were fighting at breakneck speed. In the matter of a few seconds, they exchanged over a hundred blows.

They were stuck in a stalemate, with no one having the advantage. Reynolds would’ve been able to end the battle, but the Seelie was in his way most of the time.

Alice also made sure not to leave the protective cover of the ice dome. Reynolds had been able to break through the ice dome a few times, but the Seelie had stopped him.

He had been able to send Alice flying a few times, but he had been unable to defeat her because she was helped by the Seelie. Alice on the other hand had been able to hit him repeatedly, but Reynolds seemed to have forsaken his defenses and focused mainly on attacking.

He evaded most of the attacks while blocking the others. Although he left some attacks to hit him, he made sure it wasn’t the powerful ones.

The final battle had been enthralling. The audience were all watching the battle excitedly.

They didn’t think the two friends would fight this fiercely. If not for the fact that they knew the duo were friends, they would’ve thought that the duo were long-time enemies given how they were fighting.

Most of the ladies supported Alice while most of the young men supported Reynolds. They each wanted their gender to win the first place.

Grey and Klaus felt Reynolds had the greatest chance of winning the fight, but Alice was sensibly delaying the battle. Reynolds was already close to his limit, a few more minutes and he would exit this form.

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Once Reynolds exits this form, Alice would be able to gain the upper hand easily. Reynolds was also aware of this as well.

The duo fought for three more minutes, and to the shock of Alice, Reynolds separated from the Elemental Warrior. He might not be the strongest in this state, but he would be able to last longer. Not just that, he also had a chance of entering the merged state once again.

“Hehe, you thought I’d stay in this state and let you win once I’m exhausted, think again!” Reynolds said and started attacking.

The Elemental Warrior and the Seelie exchanged moves, but the Seelie managed to gain the slight edge over it. Alice was also able to suppress Reynolds when they fought against each other without their companions.

Alice was a stage above Reynolds, so it was natural that she had the advantage. Reynolds on the other hand was already aware of this, so he didn’t rush when fighting. He took his time, waiting for an opportunity.

They had sparred a lot of time, so they each knew what they would do.

Alice was unable to defeat him, while Reynolds was unable to gain the upper hand. If the battle continued like this, it was unknown who would win.

One more minute went by and something unexpected happened, in the middle of the fight, Reynolds broke through.

He was already getting close to the Fifth stage of the Overlord Plane. The lightning that bathed him when he merged with the Elemental Warrior made this possible. He would’ve needed a few months or so before he could’ve broken through, but after bathing in lightning and involving in so many battles, he edged closer to breaking through by the second.

Alice’s expression changed when she saw this, and for a second, she almost gave up.

“He’s crazy, don’t you think so?” Klaus laughed.

“I never expected him to win this way.” Grey shook his head.

Reynolds was a talented individual, and this displayed it even more. The Raiden Faction Elders couldn’t help but smile in delight. Bringing a talent like this to the Faction was a win for them.

In the years to come, Reynolds’ name will shake the entire continent, increasing the fame and status of the Faction. Presently, they even wanted to compare him with those monsters with cyan elemental grade and above.

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