Chapter 745 - Reynolds Grabbing First Spot

Chapter 745 – Reynolds Grabbing First Spot

Alice was helpless as Reynolds’ strength saw an increase. What she was worried about wasn’t Reynolds advancing, instead, it was the Elemental Warrior. She knew every time Reynolds broke through, the Elemental Warrior did the same.

It was previously in the Seventh stage of the Overlord Plane, with Reynolds’ breakthrough, it had moved to the Eighth stage. What was worse was that its strength was above a regular Eighth stage Overlord Plane Elementalist.

Reynolds grinned and looked at Alice, “I’ve won.”

“Don’t get cocky.” Alice said before attacking.

Reynolds blocked the attack and retaliated. He was on the same stage as Alice, so she wouldn’t be able to suppress him any longer. Even if there was a difference in their strength, he wouldn’t be too far behind her.

On the side of the Elemental Warrior and the Seelie, the Elemental Warrior’s increase in strength allowed it to instantly suppress the Seelie.

Alice didn’t let this get to her, she knew a chance might present itself for her to take advantage of.

Reynolds however didn’t plan on giving her that chance. With a leap, he merged with the Elemental Warrior, and his strength shot straight to the Ninth stage of the Overlord Plane.

Alice instantly felt pressured just from his aura.

Reynolds was flying in the sky as he looked down at Alice, “It is time to end this.”

With that statement, he launched an unbelievable attack.

The surrounding area was filled with lightning and arcs of crisscrossing lightning flashed through the platform. His figure merged into the lightning as he attacked.

When he used this attack, all the Elders of the top Factions stood on their feet, even Grey stood up as well.

“Grey, isn’t this the same thing as that thing you did with your fire element?” Klaus asked in shock.

“It should be.” Grey said with a dumbstruck expression.

“This is not a complete domain. At least not yet. It’s more like a semi-domain. He would still need some time before he can make one like ours. If he’s lucky, he might get it before breaking through to the Sage Plane. But I doubt that would be possible.” Void said to the duo.

Kyle overheard their conversation and turned to look at Grey, then at Void. He knew of domains and also felt this was a lightning domain. Only after hearing Void’s words did he sense the slight difference in it.

This wasn’t the main issue, what made him have a flabbergasted look was Klaus’ words. If he recalled correctly, what Klaus said meant that Grey had already awakened his fire domain.

‘He’s only in the Seventh stage of the Overlord Plane, how the hell is that possible?!’

Kyle was screaming in his head. He looked at Grey, then at Void, then at Reynolds. Although Reynolds hadn’t completely awakened his domain, he had already set the foundation for it.

If he is unable to awaken it while in the Overlord Plane, he wouldn’t have any issues with awakening it while in the Sage Plane. One has to know that most geniuses from top Families and Factions only awaken it at the Sage Plane, or even when they become Elemental Venerables. The fact that Reynolds would be able to awaken his own in the Sage Plane was already shocking.

If the news of Grey being able to awaken his own in the Overlord Plane spreads out, it would cause an uproar in the entire continent.

There were some Elemental Venerables who still haven’t been able to awaken their domains, yet Grey had already awakened his, and he was still two Planes below this stage. Kyle couldn’t help but imagine just how many domains he would awaken before he becomes an Elemental Venerable.

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Now Kyle understood the meaning behind Grey’s words the previous night. When he asked Grey how powerful he was, Grey said he had no idea. At that time, he felt Grey was arrogant, now he knew he was just stupid. Grey was practically unmatched in the Overlord Plane. In fact, fighting against Overlord Plane Elementalists was bullying from Kyle’s point of view.

The Elders from the Factions also noticed the abnormalities in Reynolds’ semi-domain, but it couldn’t hide their shock. The Elders from the Raiden Faction felt like crying tears of joy. Even those geniuses with cyan elemental grade and above don’t have guarantees of being able to awaken theirs while they were still in the Sage Plane, but Reynolds already did.

“We’ve found a gem.” One of the Elders said, laughing in delight.

The Elder was chubby, so his cheeks vibrated from excitement as he laughed.

“The Faction Leader will be impressed.” Another Elder said, looking at the platform with a warm expression.

As things stand, if anyone tried to harm Reynolds, he was prepared to kill the person, even at the cost of his life!

Alice was left standing on the platform with a dumbfounded expression, she couldn’t make heads or tails of where Reynolds was located.

Bam! Bang! Bam!

Attacks hit her from different angles, and before long, she was on her knees, barely able to keep herself standing.

Reynolds’ figure which was covered in lightning appeared above her with a lightning sword pointing at her.

“You’ve lost.” He said softly.

“I know.” Alice said with a wry smile before standing up.

Reynolds separated from his Elemental Warrior and it disappeared. The Seelie also went back into Alice’s body. She needed to recover from the battle.

It had been an exhausting battle, but she still lost. Although she was disappointed, she didn’t feel down. Seeing Reynolds increase in strength had motivated her to work even harder to attain the strength she needed.

The man in charge of the platform walked forward to announce the winner. Reynolds was the number one figure below the Late stages of the Overlord Plane, while he was closely followed by Alice who was second.

The Multi Elementalist Reynolds defeated when he first merged with the Elemental Warrior looked at Reynolds in trepidation. She was thankful it wasn’t during their fight he managed to do what he just did.

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