Chapter 747 - Run Riot II

Chapter 747 – Run Riot II

Boom! Bang!

As soon as the battle started, Grey and Klaus exploded out with powerful attacks.

Over ten people rushed toward the duo when the battle started, and there were two Ninth stage Overlord Plane Elementalists in the group that came after them.

Of the forty-eight more people on the platform, ten attacked Grey and Klaus. This showed just how highly they all thought of the duo. To these people, being able to eliminate them would be an amazing achievement.

The reason for this was that the duo were already lauded to get into the top ten after the incredible performance of their friends. Grey had also shown some of his strength during the party Joyner and Klaus hosted at the Mayor’s manor, so they knew he was powerful.

Grey blinked repeatedly as he attacked everyone close to him. He didn’t even bother using his elemental attacks, these people were stupid enough to get too close, with a single punch, he sent them flying.

A few of the people passed out the second his fist connected with their chests.

While Grey was fighting in a brutish manner, Klaus was using his water element to cause havoc. He swept three people off their feet with a single attack before using his superior ice abilities to attack.

He had to show how powerful his water and ice abilities were if he wanted to truly impress the Moonlight Faction, so he was going all-out right from the get-go. He kept some cards hidden, but he wanted to advance in an overbearing manner.

Grey was already doing this, and he followed suit.

“They are literally eliminating everyone.” Reynolds’ eyes twitched.

During their time, he teamed up with Alice to fight against those who came after them, but Klaus and Grey didn’t team up, instead, they separated.

Klaus wasn’t as powerful as Grey, but he was very smart. He ensured that other than those in the Seventh stage, he avoided those in the Eighth and Ninth stage.

If any of them came after him, he would sensibly send the person Grey’s way. In this manner, he had been able to appear powerful while only fighting those he knew he could easily deal with.

Klaus was a cunning figure, and only a few people noticed this in this round of battle.

Only ten people would qualify from this platform, and of the fifty people, Grey had eliminated ten on his own within five minutes, Klaus was just behind him with eight eliminations.

This was a shocking number given the fact that there were fifty people on the platform. With two people eliminating almost half of the number on their own, it showed how powerful they were.

Grey and Klaus shook the entire arena. This was by far the most chaotic battle ever since the competition started, and it was caused by only two figures. Grey could be mistaken for a Barbarian because of his fighting method, while Klaus was a sophisticated young master who seemed to be using his bare minimum but getting the best results.

The entire arena was abuzz, all excited that the two friends didn’t disappoint them.

Three more minutes went by and there were only twenty people left on the platform.

Grey and Klaus had eliminated two more people each, increasing their count to twelve and ten respectively. This meant that of the thirty people eliminated, they eliminated over sixty percent of them.

The twenty people left all exchanged glances. It would be better if they all picked an opponent and fought. Klaus and Grey were the only ones left that were in the Seventh stage. The others were either in the Eighth or Ninth stage of the Overlord Plane.

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Klaus picked an Eighth stage Overlord Plane Fire Elementalist, while Grey picked a Ninth stage Dual Elementalist who had the lightning and water element.

The rest of the participants all picked an opponent and started battling with them. Grey’s opponent was by no means weak, if placed with others of the same stage, he would win, but facing Grey, he was left frustrated.

Klaus and his opponent were stuck in a stalemate after the first exchange, but Klaus quickly created an opportunity for himself and capitalized on it. He wanted to advance in an overbearing manner, so there was no way he would allow someone to get the better of him or even make him seem weak. Unless the said person was in the Ninth stage of the Overlord Plane.

Boom! Bang! Bam!

The battles on the platform intensified, Klaus and Grey were the ones who had completely suppressed the opponents they picked.

In no time, Grey defeated his opponent, and Klaus did the same as well. When the duo were done, they did something that amused the entire arena.

They walked to the side, and Klaus, well, being Klaus took out the throne Void stole from the Emperor back at the Qilin Empire and sat down, Grey wasn’t as eye-catching as him, he saw on the ground with both legs crossed.

Reynolds’ felt like crying, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

“You’re jealous they’re showing off?” Kyle asked.

“Aren’t you? I should’ve registered for the Late stages rankings. Even if I don’t get into a Faction, I would be able to show off in this round.” Reynolds said with deep regret.

Kyle didn’t know what to say as he looked at Reynolds. Klaus had already attracted too many people, so doing this was just increasing the numbers.

Grey and Klaus sat down on the platform for almost ten minutes, doing nothing other than chatting with each other and watching the other battles. It was almost like they were part of the audience, the only difference was that they were on the platform.

Since they had defeated their opponents, they naturally didn’t need to help the others in the battle. But seeing the duo sitting so comfortably irritated the others fighting. A few of them had the thought of launching a sneak attack on the duo, but they refrained from it in the end.

Grey’s space element would mean that he could dodge the attack. Klaus had used his ice ability, and they had seen just how powerful it was. Leaving the duo alone was the best choice.

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