Chapter 748 - Top Two Hundred Battle

Chapter 748 – Top Two Hundred Battle

Ten minutes later the remaining eight people won their battles. The platform with Grey and Klaus was the fastest to eliminate forty people.

Most of the other platforms still had around twenty-five plus participants still battling, while the ten people on the platform had been decided.

The man in charge of the platform stepped into the platform, he looked at Klaus for a long time before telling them the rules of the next round. Just like the Mid stages, this round was done in a way that would leave only four hundred people.

Once the four hundred people were decided, then they would fight to get into the top two hundred where they would be able to challenge a member of any Faction. Defeating that member will make them part of the Faction.

Grey and Klaus went back to their seats to watch the rest of the battles. There would still be others fighting after this round.

“You really took out a throne there.” Alice couldn’t believe Klaus was so shameless.

“I missed the crown, if not, I would’ve worn it as well.” Klaus chuckled.

“It’s with me, Hehehe.” Reynolds laughed as he brought out the crown.

“I’ll be taking it back next week.” Klaus said.

They had been sharing the crown and throne since getting it. What was amusing was that the throne had zero value, they could make something like it if they wanted to, but the two said this one brought back memories.

Grey and Alice let them be since it was none of their business.

The group continued speaking as they watched the other battles. Grey studied most of the geniuses in the Ninth stage of the Overlord Plane. They were his potential opponents, so he had to learn a thing or two about them. He wouldn’t be able to learn about all of them, but at least knowing some would not be bad. There were also things to learn from watching the battles.

Klaus continued speaking with people, not too bothered with the participants fighting. He would occasionally look at the platforms and if anyone caught his eye, he would focus on the person.

Time went by and before they knew it, it was already sunset. The first round had ended with the four hundred people confirmed.

When they return the next day, they would have to fight a singles battle. This would show just how powerful the participants were. In the brawl, other than Grey, Klaus, and a few other individuals, no other person had a performance worth remembering.

Everyone knew these people might be hiding their strength, waiting for when they challenge someone from the Faction they want to join. This was common among all the participants. Even in the previous competitions, things like this also happened.

Klaus stayed at the Inn today. He didn’t go out for his usual evening stroll, nor did he leave his room. Grey was also in his room all through.

Alice, Reynolds, and Kyle were left alone. With nothing to do, they decided to take a stroll around the city.

The next day.

Grey and Klaus came out of their rooms early, waiting for the others.

“How did things go?” Grey asked Klaus.

“Okay, I shouldn’t have a problem now.” Klaus replied.

“Why didn’t you do it before leaving?” Grey asked.

“Hehe, I have a plan.” Klaus chuckled.

Grey didn’t bother with him any longer, he focused on the hallway as the others stepped out of their rooms. Thanks to the stones they received from the young lady, they had no issues with staying at an expensive Inn.

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Kyle offered to pay for the rooms, but Klaus refused, saying they already had sponsors. The group knew the sponsors he was talking about were the young ladies. Now they understood why he always gets expensive things in the Inn.

“Come on, we should get going. I have a lot to do today.” Klaus said before walking out of the Inn. The others followed.

Currently, unlike before, they now had a carriage that took them wherever they wanted.

One hour later.

The group were already seated on their seats, waiting for the competition to continue.

After the Elders of the top Factions arrived, the competition continued.

The top four hundred participants stepped forward to draw lots. After getting their opposition, they stepped out so the first group could start their battle.

Grey and Klaus would be fighting in the next round. Their opponents were in the Seventh and Eighth stage respectively. Grey’s opponent was the one in the Seventh stage, while Klaus’ opponent was the one in the Eighth stage.

The duo’s opponents glanced at them with a pale expression. Their performance in the first round was just too spectacular, so everyone knew they were very powerful.

The person who felt the most pain was Grey’s opponent. According to what he heard, Grey beat up someone in the Ninth stage Overlord Plane Elementalist. If he were to fight against that Ninth stage Overlord Plane Elementalist, he was almost certain he would lose.

Klaus’ opponent had also heard of how he suppressed his opponent who was in the Eighth stage like him. However, he felt he wasn’t as weak as Klaus’ previous opponent, so he had a chance of making it to the top two hundred.

He was a genius after all.

Other than Grey and Klaus, there were three people who were also greatly feared. Two young ladies and a young man. They were all in the Ninth stage of the Overlord Plane.

Grey and Klaus also looked in the eyes of their opponents, they nodded at them before heading back to their seats.

“I feel sorry for your opponent.” Kyle said to Grey.

“He should be fine. Klaus’ opponent will be in more trouble.” Grey replied.

The group watched the first rounds of battles as they waited for Grey and Klaus’ turn.

One of the young ladies among the three other people fought in this round. Her opponent was a young lady in the Ninth stage as well.

From the start of the battle to the end, she completely dominated her opponent.

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