Chapter 749 - Monstrous Talent

Chapter 749 – Monstrous Talent

“She’s not bad.” Grey commented lightly.

“My thoughts as well.” Klaus said with a serious expression.

“Stop acting as if you can defeat everyone Grey can.” Reynolds mocked.

“Mind your business, bloated chicken.” Klaus replied with a bland expression.

Reynolds naturally didn’t take this lying, so, while seated in the midst of other geniuses, Klaus and Reynolds started one of their famous cursing sessions.

“What I find strange about them is that they don’t care about how other people see them, it’s truly impressive.” Kyle said with a sigh.

Given how much Klaus was trying to get into the Moonlight Faction, he expected him to conduct himself properly. But from how he had been acting, he didn’t put much hope in that being possible.

Being too high profile might be good, but some Factions didn’t like it. Klaus having a throne with him was something even he found shocking, much less those who were not close to him.

He knew Klaus and Reynolds shared the throne, as well as a crown. The duo would occasionally bring it out and flaunt it around.

Kyle had curiously asked about the story of the throne and crown, when he found out it was from an empire that tried to hunt down the group but was later defeated by the group as well as a few external helpers, he couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath.

Of course he knew that the empire was small given how Grey and his friends were still in the Overlord Plane when he knew them. What was mind-blowing was the fact that the group not only escaped from the hands of the empire, but they defeated it in the end.

The first round ended and it was time for Grey’s round. He was among the first people to step on stage.

When he walked over, he naturally drew a lot of attention. Standing in front of his opponent, his handsome face had zero expressions.

“How unlucky.” The young man Grey was fighting against muttered, a little annoyed.

Grey overheard him, but pretended as if he didn’t. It wasn’t nice to make others feel down just because they were weak. Everyone had the opportunity to grow stronger in the future.

The man in charge of their platform asked the duo if they were ready, and after getting confirmation from them, he called for the start of the battle.

As soon as the battle started, the young man charged at him. He didn’t give Grey the chance to defeat him without even being able to release an attack.

Grey naturally knew the intentions of the young man, so he played along. Giving him the chance to show his skills.

The young man was a Water Elementalist who was surprisingly very adept in manipulating the water element. If he were to be in the Ninth stage, he wouldn’t be any weaker than those three feared in this round. Unfortunately, he was only in the Seventh stage.

After giving him the chance to show his skills, Grey finally took the battle seriously. With a blink, he appeared behind his opponent, sending out a powerful attack.

When the fire exploded behind the young man, he tried to use his water element to shield himself, but the attack pushed him back.

He looked at Grey in horror. Only when fighting against Grey did he finally understand that he actually underestimated Grey. Although he rated Grey very high, he realized it wasn’t high enough.

Grey continued his attacks and the young man focused fully on defense. He didn’t even have the chance to counterattack, much less try to change the course of the battle.

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‘He’s a monster!’

This was the only thought in the young man’s head. Grey was a terrifying opponent to fight against, and he wouldn’t want to fight against him again in his life.

After hanging on for two minutes, he actively gave up on the battle. Holding on was a stupid choice. One should only hold on when they knew they had a chance of winning. Against an opponent like Grey, it was just meaningless.

“Thanks.” The young man said before leaving the platform.

He knew Grey gave him the opportunity to show the Factions his ability which might get him into one if they felt he was good enough. Most people on Grey’s level wouldn’t even consider the feelings of their opponents, so he felt grateful to him.

Grey nodded before heading back to his seat. He had made it into the top two hundred, and everyone in the arena was curious about which Faction he would choose to join. At this point, it was already evident that he would win whoever the Factions brought his way.

Even amongst the top Factions, everyone present in the Seventh stage knew they stood almost zero chances against him. The Elders of all the Factions were exchanging glances, the reason for this was very evident, Grey was at least on the same level as those monsters with cyan elemental grade and higher.

Not just that, but Grey had used three different elements so far, earth, space, and fire element. He also had a special powerful flame.

All the Faction’s Elders could currently see the competitive spirit in each other’s eyes. They all wanted to recruit such a figure. Having someone like this was beyond exceptional.

One Grey was far more valuable than a hundred regular geniuses. Reynolds and the others were well above regular geniuses but were just below exceptional. Once they get good training from a top Faction, they might get into the exceptional league.

Grey was already above the exceptional league. And this was without being in a Faction. It was only a matter of time before he shook the world.

When Grey returned, he noticed the glances he was getting. Not just that, but some Elders were outrightly using their spiritual senses to check him out.

He knew the reason for this but pretended as if he couldn’t sense them. Someone in the Overlord Plane shouldn’t be able to sense their spiritual senses in the first place. They already held him very high, if he were to let them know he could sense them as well, it might make them go hysterical wanting to get him at all costs.

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