Chapter 751 - My Luck Shall Prevail!

Chapter 751 – My Luck Shall Prevail!

Boom! Bang!

Klaus’ attack connected with the young man and sent him flying out of the platform.

‘Watching the Seelie has been very beneficial.’ Klaus thought to himself.

This was an attack he created after watching the Seelie’s battles the previous round. It was still in its early phase, but he could already see how powerful it was. Being able to even stop the attack of the young man showed its power.

The man in charge of the platform came over to declare Klaus the winner of the battle.

Klaus walked back to his seat in a collected manner. He didn’t put in any airs as he would usually do.

“You see that?” He asked Reynolds when he got back to his seat.

“It’s nothing I can’t do.” Reynolds retorted.

“Heh! In the same fashion? Not a chance.” Klaus sat down, not looking at Reynolds.

Klaus’ performance wasn’t on Grey’s level, but he was at least among the top people there. Everyone could see he was very adept at using the ice ability of the water element. Only water based Factions were thinking of taking him in since he was a Water Elementalist.

The other Factions had water elemental skills, but they mainly focused on a specific element.

Grey, Alice, and Kyle congratulated Klaus on his victory, while Reynolds complained about how weak his opponent was.

Klaus and Reynolds soon started bickering once again and the others hastily gave them some space. The reason for this was that they wanted to avoid being dragged into this at all costs. Klaus and Reynolds might not have any shame in doing this in front of so many people, but the others did.

They watched the battle for that day, and not all the battles were fought. Around one hundred battles were fought that day. There would be two hundred battles in total, so the next one hundred would be fought the next day.

Grey and Klaus had already made it to the top two hundred, so they could decide not to watch the battles of the next day. Of course they chose to watch it since it would be beneficial to know their opponents.

Grey and Klaus hadn’t fought the really powerful participants yet, so it was better to see every battle.

That day came to an end and the next day soon came. Since the group weren’t participating in any of the battles, they only watched and left.

Some people caught their eye, while Grey’s interest was piqued by a young man. He was certain that this person was hiding his true strength. The reason for this was that when the battle started, the young man was fighting within a certain power range, but when he noticed he was on the verge of losing, he exploded out with some powerful attacks. From the way he used it, Grey knew this wasn’t his full strength.

The young man was in the Eighth stage of the Overlord Plane.

Klaus mainly socialized throughout that day, making new friends as the day went on.

The next day came in the blink of an eye, and the top two hundred had been concluded.

The participants were all called to step on stage, and the lady from the Moonlight Faction flew down once again to give a speech and tell them some things that were unacceptable. When she was done speaking, she returned to her seat.

“Those who wish to challenge anyone from the Faction they desire to join should stay on the platform, while the rest can go back to their seats.” One of the men in charge of the platforms said.

To his surprise, over thirty stayed behind to challenge someone from the Faction they wanted to get into. Klaus was naturally part of this group. Grey wished him good luck before leaving the platform. He had no interest in joining any of these Factions, so there was no need in staying behind.

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“How come so many stayed behind.” Reynolds asked.

This is the highest number of people wishing to challenge someone from a Faction that they’ve seen. Even the Origin Plane rounds didn’t have this much.

“It’s because of you two, obviously. Take that Multi Elementalist you defeated, she’s powerful enough to get into a Faction of her choice, but since she didn’t challenge anyone, and didn’t make it to the top ten, she had to settle for less.” Kyle explained.

“Oh, I see now. They don’t want to take any chances.” Reynolds nodded thoughtfully.

A few people approached Grey while he was sitting, trying to start up a conversation with him. He didn’t want to be rude or arrogant, so he entertained them for now. He naturally didn’t speak much.

Most of the people who came were sent over by the Elders of their Faction, all in a bid to get information about which Faction he wanted to join. From the strength he displayed, everyone found it extremely difficult to accept that he didn’t even challenge anyone from the Factions. He had at least an eighty percent chance of winning, easily.

They all wanted to know why he didn’t even attempt it. Klaus was still on the platform which meant he would be challenging someone.

Grey didn’t spill any information to them. He didn’t want them to know that he didn’t want to join any Faction here. He might only consider it when he doesn’t find what he’s searching for in the other Regions.

The challenges soon began. Klaus was part of the second group that would battle, so he went back to his seat.

Seeing so many people around Grey, even as far as one of the ladies from the Moonlight Faction, he couldn’t help but be taken aback. He soon realized what was happening, all these Factions were trying to rope Grey in.

‘This might work in my favor. According to what I’ve heard from my sources, there have been cases in the history of the Moonlight Faction where male members have been accepted. As long as they have exceptional ice abilities.’ He thought to himself.

His thoughts were simple, use his friendship with Grey to get into the Faction. The Faction would normally not want to accept his challenge since he’s male, but since they would want to please Grey, they wouldn’t mind taking him in.

‘Hehehe, my luck shall prevail once again!’

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