Chapter 753 - Suppressing An Ice User

Chapter 753 – Suppressing An Ice User

The entire arena was sent into an uproar when they heard the voice coming from the special seating area.

They never thought the Moonlight Faction would actually accept Klaus’ challenge. Even those who were in support of Klaus didn’t have much hope in him being accepted into the Faction even though they felt that it was the best Faction for him.

Klaus, who had been waiting for them to accept his challenge sighed in relief. He knew they would accept it since they sent someone over to him, but he was still a little nervous at the thought that they might not actually accept his challenge.

The other water based Factions all felt a little disappointed since they lost a talent like Klaus. They could only hope of getting someone that was at least close to his level.

A young lady from the Moonlight Faction stepped forward. She was someone Klaus was also acquainted with. To be frank, he had built a good relationship with most of the people from almost all the top Factions, so he knew a few of them.

“Diana, you were the one picked.” He said with a smile.

“Don’t think I’ll go easy on you.” The young lady Klaus referred to as Diana replied.

“Haha, I didn’t expect you to.” Klaus rubbed his nose stylishly.

The man in charge of the platform was still a little taken aback by the fact that the Moonlight Faction actually agreed to Klaus’ challenge, when he saw the relationship between Klaus and Diana, he shook his head. This was the most shocked he had been in a while.

After confirming with both participants if they were ready, he called for the start of the battle.

Diana was the first to attack, sending out multiple ice arrows.

Klaus created a water ball that he used to stop the ice arrows. The arrows started to melt the second they entered the water ball. He added his special heavy water into it, hence it was able to quickly counter the ice.

Diana was a little taken aback when she saw that her ice attack was stopped so easily. Unknown to her, Klaus’ special water had a great effect on the ice. It could easily melt ice compared to normal water. It also had the effect of improving the thickness of the ice. It mainly involves how Klaus chooses to use it.

Presently, against a Faction that had great ice users, he could be said to be their greatest enemy.

Diana attacked once again, and Klaus blocked, using almost the same method.

Klaus didn’t let her take the initiative, after blocking a few attacks, he started attacking with his ice ability. Although Diana was part of a top Faction, Klaus surprisingly had a higher and stronger ice ability. The only disadvantage was that Diana had more techniques than him.

They exchanged moves with Klaus getting the edge in the exchange. With his heavy water, he could easily deal with Diana’s ice attacks.

Diana was stumped as to how Klaus was able to deal with her ice attacks. Not just her, but everyone from the Moonlight Faction were shocked. Only those above the Overlord Plane could sense the difference in Klaus’ water. The reason those in the Overlord Plane couldn’t sense it was because he was only using a small amount of it, disguising it with the usual water.

The Elders of the Moonlight Faction all exchanged glances. They couldn’t believe there was something like this. It was a strange thing.

“Good thing we extended an invitation to him. There’s something odd about his water.” The lady who spoke to them after they made it to the top two hundred said with furrowed brows.

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“Yes, he’s trying to hide it. Very smart.” Another lady said.

They weren’t the only ones discussing this, most of the Elders from other Factions also spoke about it. Since it was something that most of them had no clue about, they were naturally curious about it.

Grey and his friends knew Klaus was using his special water, so they weren’t really too bothered. Grey also had it, although it wasn’t on the same level as Klaus’, it still wasn’t something that could be overlooked.

The audience all felt stunned when they saw that in a battle between two Water Elementalists who preferred using their ice abilities, Klaus who wasn’t part of a top Faction was actually the one with the upper hand.

What does this mean? It meant that Klaus was already on a very high level when it came to using his ice ability. If he joins the Moonlight Faction, he would grow to become one of the greatest ice users in the world.

The people who supported him from the start all felt excited about how he would grow after joining the Moonlight Faction. With the way the battle was going, it was already evident that Klaus would win the battle.

Just as expected, Klaus started to increase the aggressiveness of his attacks. He didn’t give Diana any chance to block his attacks, gradually forcing her back.

He finally got the chance to send her off the platform with a water stream. Diana created an ice wall in front of her to block it, but Klaus’ water stream breezed through it easily, before sending her out of the platform.

Klaus stood on the platform with a calm expression. He had finally joined the Moonlight Faction. This was his goal from the start, and he achieved it thanks to a series of events. If Alice and Reynolds didn’t fight before them, it would’ve been a little difficult to get the attention of the Moonlight Faction. But after Alice and Reynolds managed to create a huge popularity for the group, all he had to do was to show his talent.

Although in the end, it was his talent that got him into the Moonlight Faction, he wouldn’t have been able to without his friend’s help.

He walked back to his seat since another battle would be taking place immediately after this one.

When he got back, to the surprise of his friends, he actually told them thank you.

“Klaus, are you alright?” Reynolds couldn’t help but ask.

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