Chapter 755 - Is He Favored By The Gods?

Chapter 755 – Is He Favored By The Gods?


The young lady attacked with a large fireball that exploded in the sky to cause a fire rain. The rains exploded when they came in contact with anything.

The attack was difficult to evade. The only way to defend against it was to block or face it head-on.

Grey had been using the earth element, so he had no issues with using it. Also, he still had the lightning element that he had been keeping for some time.

With a wave of his hand, a thick earth wall appeared in front of him, blocking him from the raining flames.

When the young lady saw this, she didn’t panic. Her plan was to make Grey focus on this attack then she would start using other attacks.

While Grey was behind the earth wall, he felt the ground rumble and an earth pillar rose from the ground and sent him straight into the air.

Grey went airborne for a short second, but the flames made contact with him the second he left the coverage of the earth wall.

However, before the attack could explode, Grey’s figure blinked, and to the surprise of most of the people there, Grey changed places with the young lady.

The rain was already on the verge of exploding, so when the young lady appeared before it, she couldn’t do anything to stop it. Luckily, it was her attack, so she managed to regulate its attack power to the bare minimum. Even though she couldn’t cancel the explosion, she could still reduce the impact of it.

The attack sent her crashing to the ground, but she was already prepared for this and made an earth dome around her to block any of Grey’s potential attacks.

Just as she was covered by the earth dome, she felt it vibrate.

Outside the earth dome, Grey was punching it with his fists covered with blue flames. With each punch, a crack would appear on the earth dome.

The young lady was stunned. Her earth defense was very powerful, yet Grey was on the verge of breaking through it in a matter of seconds.

Being inside the dome, she didn’t know Grey was using his fists. Instead, she felt he was using his fire attacks.

The earth wall cracked and fell apart piece by piece.

Just as Grey created a hole in the dome, the young lady exploded out with an attack. Her fire rain had already stopped.

Grey already expected this, so he blinked to safety after breaking the earth dome.

The stream of fire that shot out of the hole in the earth dome missed its target.

Grey saw a large earth hammer coming from his left hand side. Without even blinking, he covered his right hand with flames and punched at the hammer.

As soon as his fist connected with the hammer, it started to shatter.

The hammer was completely destroyed by Grey’s fist.

The young lady, as well as the crowd all had a dumbstruck expression. Not neglecting the fact that Grey covered his fist with blue flames, this was still something anyone in the Overlord Plane could achieve. Even Barbarians that had the strongest bodies, would not be able to do this if they were in the same stage as Grey, fighting against someone who was two stages above them.

Kyle was a little surprised by Grey’s insane physique. In the entire arena, the only ones who had normal expressions were his friends. This was something normal. They even expected these people not to be surprised since Grey showed some signs of his terrifying physique during the first round.

The young lady was only shocked for a few seconds, as she continued her attacks. Grey blinked, dodging most of her attacks while blocking the rest. Whenever he attacked, the young lady was forced back by the force of the impact.

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What made everyone dumbfounded by Grey was the fact that he was only in the Seventh stage of the Overlord Plane. If he was already this powerful at this stage, how powerful would he be if he were to get into the Eighth or Ninth stage?

Presently, the crowd felt he barely had an opponent in the Ninth stage of the Overlord Plane. If anyone wanted to trouble him, then said person must be one of the top geniuses from the top Factions, or the person should at least be at the Peak of the Overlord Plane.

Grey’s battle with the young lady continued and he gradually forced her to the edge of the platform.

The young lady didn’t want to give up in such a short time, so she took a gamble. With a scream, she yelled and her strength increased. This was a secret technique that would improve her strength for a short time.

It was a little from those that would increase the strength of the user for a short time at the cost of something else. This one would only give her a short burst of strength. If used properly, she would be able to turn the tides of the battle.

The speed of the young lady increased and she shot at Grey.

Grey didn’t expect this and was a little late to move. If he used the space element now, he might be unable to escape from the hands of the young lady.

Lightning danced around his body and his figure retreated quickly. Even though he had a strong defense, he knew this wasn’t the time to block the young lady’s attack head-on. He had zero clue about what was happening.

With the appearance of Grey’s lightning element, the crowd went into an uproar. They already felt Grey was powerful with three elements, now he added the lightning element as well.

The most frightening thing was the fact that the lightning was red. Grey already had blue flames, which was a special type of flame. Now, he had red lightning as well, which was also a special type of lightning.

Of his four elements, two of them were special types. The crowd almost couldn’t believe this was possible. If they were not witnessing it, they would’ve never believed someone was this blessed.

Is he favored by the gods?

This was what everyone thought at this moment.

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