Chapter 756 - Give Me A Minute

Chapter 756 – Give Me A Minute

“He has a fourth element.” One of the Elders from a top Faction said in surprise.

“So it seems. He had been hiding it all this while, guess he didn’t really see a need to use it then.” Another Elder said.

“This young man is full of surprises. It would be a shame if we couldn’t get him to join us.” An Elder from a water based Faction said.

“Get him in your dreams. He doesn’t even have the water element, and you’re speaking.” An Elder from a lightning based Faction retorted.

For a talent like Grey, he didn’t mind offending the other Factions. When the others were plotting on how to get Grey the last time, he was dejected because Grey didn’t have the lightning element, so he kept shut. But now that he knew Grey had the lightning element, and it was even a special type, he would vie for him as well.

While all the Elders were arguing about who would get Grey, the young lady felt a tinge of depression when she saw that Grey was able to dodge the attack. This was her biggest chance to defeat him, yet, he brought out another element to evade the attack.

‘He’s using me as a stepping stone.’ She complained inside as she gritted her teeth.

Unfortunately for her, Grey didn’t even have such thoughts. All he wanted to do was battle. Besides, he was already at the top, what would he need a stepping stone for?

The young lady refused to believe she couldn’t get him. She attacked once again while the short burst of strength was still active.

Grey didn’t panic, after dodging the attack the first time, he knew it was something he could deal with.

He opened his palm, and as the young lady got closer, a powerful burst of explosive lightning and fire attack shot out of his hand.

The young lady tried to block it, but the earth that she created in front of her didn’t even complete forming before it was destroyed. The attack sent her flying, and she crashed on the edge of the platform, unable to move.

The force of the attack was just too powerful. It was above what she could handle.

Grey calmly walked over to where the young lady was lying. She turned to look at him, anger burning in her eyes.

Grey stood in front of her and looked at the man in charge of the platform, seeing that the man wasn’t making any moves, he created an orb on the tip of his finger.

When the man in charge of the platform sensed the power gathering in Grey’s finger, he knew it was finally time to take the young lady off the platform.

The orb hadn’t completely formed, but he already sensed that it was more powerful than Grey’s last attack.

After getting the young lady out of the platform, he declared Grey the winner of the battle.

Grey had successfully gotten into the top hundred and had secured a spot in getting into a Faction.

This was something everyone knew was not a challenge. With Grey’s talent, even if he chooses not to participate anymore, he would still be able to join a top Faction. They all saw his talent, and would naturally want him to be one of them.

Grey had his usual indifferent expression and walked back to his seat. Klaus and the others wanted to congratulate him, but thinking about his strength, they felt it was useless. They decided to save their congratulations until he took the first spot.

“Hey bud, I think you’ve got some people who want you.” Klaus said.

“I know. I’m wondering how they would react when I refuse to join them.” Grey said thoughtfully.

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“They would be upset, but they wouldn’t do anything to you. This is not the first time something like this is happening.” Kyle reassured him not to be worried about the top Factions.

He was from a big Family, so he knew about all these. Although the Factions wanted him, they wouldn’t force him to join them.

At most, they would try to persuade him and even invite him over.

“Oh, I feel better knowing this.” Grey heaved a sigh of relief.

Getting in trouble with these Factions wasn’t something he wanted to do. He couldn’t even beat the top geniuses of the Factions who were already in the Sage Plane, much less these Elders who were here.

The group watched the other battles before it got to Klaus’ turn.

“Wish me luck.” Klaus said before walking to the platform.

His opponent was someone in the Ninth stage of the Overlord Plane. This was a battle he had to win if he wanted to get into the top one hundred. However, he knew it wouldn’t be an easy battle.

Klaus stepped into the platform before his opponent did. A Space Elementalist was one of the most difficult people to deal with, and this young man was by no means weak as well.

When the young man stepped on the platform, the man in charge of the platform confirmed if both participants were ready.

“Give me a minute.” Klaus said and sat down cross-legged.

His movements alerted the crowd and they looked at him curiously, watching to see what he wanted to do.

After sitting down for a minute, he stood up and opened his eyes.

“Alright, I’m ready.” He said with a serious expression.

The Space Elementalist, the man in charge of the platform, as well as the crowd were a little surprised. All Klaus did was sit down and close his eyes for a minute, but there was no change in his body.

Could he be planning something in secret, or did he just want attention, again?

Klaus naturally wasn’t bothered with how people took his action. He only did things he wanted to do.

“Why did he sit down?” Alice asked curiously.

“He wanted to break through, but he decided against it. He’s refining his essence to the maximum. This would make him stronger when he breaks through.” Grey said.

He was the one who told Klaus about it. The reason he did this was because of Klaus’ heavy water. It would’ve been impossible without it. He only noticed it after he acquired it as well.

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