Chapter 757 - Manipulating Space

Chapter 757 – Manipulating Space

The Space Elementalist didn’t think too much about Klaus’ antics and attacked as soon as the man in charge of the platform gave the go-ahead for the battle.

Klaus felt a strong repulsive force from the place he was standing, and before he knew it, the space exploded out with a powerful force that forced him back.

Luckily, he was already prepared for these types of attacks and retreated before the attack was able to send him flying.

Although the space element was powerful in its own right, it was more effective when used with another element. As long as an Elementalist is frequent with the space element, the only way he could be defeated by a Space Elementalist is when said Space Elementalist has unbelievable control over the space element, or is well above their opponent in terms of cultivation stage.

Klaus was already prepared for the space elemental attacks, so he made precautions.

He spread out both hands and snow started falling around him. With this, he has increased his sensitivity to the area around him. Just like the strong repulsive force the space element has, it could also pull in anything from a certain space.

Klaus felt that a few seconds after he created the snow around him. But he used his ice ability to glue himself to the ground while sending out attacks.

The Space Elementalist blocked the attack while retaliating. With a slice of his hand, the space in front of Klaus was ripped apart.

Sensing the threatening force, Klaus quickly made an ice wall in front of him, while also causing a blizzard. His plan was to see if he could use the blizzard to freeze the space around the platform. If he was successful, then the Space Elementalist was as good as defeated.

He added the heavy water into it to make the space around even heavier and harder to manipulate.

The Space Elementalist felt the strong resistance from the space around when he tried to dodge Klaus’ attack. However, he managed to do so in the end.

Klaus continued attacking, but to his surprise, he realized the attacks seemed to take almost forever to get to the Space Elementalist.

The Space Elementalist would change the direction of the attacks once they get close.

No matter how Klaus tried to attack, either it would take too long to get to his opponent, or it would deflect to another direction. It was as if the Space Elementalist changed the space of the platform.

Klaus was stuck in a quagmire. His attacks couldn’t come close to the Space Elementalist, while on some occasions, the Space Elementalist has actually returned them back at a speed faster than it previously was.

Klaus had only been able to block them due to his high reflexes.

“What’s happening?” Alice asked.

“He’s manipulating the space around the platform. Unless Klaus increases the power of his attacks, to the extent that they would be enough to shatter this young man’s control over space, it would be hard for him to win.” Grey explained.

He was also a Space Elementalist, but because he had other elements, he didn’t get the chance to do things like this. Since the young man had only the space element, he was very adept at using it. To be honest, this was one of the best space users Grey had seen.

Grey didn’t let this opportunity go to waste as his brain went into overdrive as he simulated the moves the young man was making in his head. This was a good ability to have. Although the young man couldn’t switch places with his opponent like Grey, he had abilities Grey knew nothing about.

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Of course, all this can be attributed to the fact that the young man was in a place where the space element is well known, and there are hundreds of techniques for it. The only space element technique Grey had was the Great Void technique, and it was purely by accident that he got it. Without it, he would’ve mainly been using the space element as a means of teleportation alone.

“A Space Elementalist is a pain in the a**.” Reynolds said.

“Not entirely, you can work your way around them if you’re powerful. I believe Klaus would get a way through this soon.” Grey said with a smile.

He could guess how frustrated Klaus was at the moment. Whenever he sparred with Void before he got his space element, he would almost drag out his hair in frustration. Void was on another level when it came to the space element.

Grey hadn’t seen him manipulate the space this much, and he knew it was because he had other elements as well. So he didn’t need to rely solely on the space element.

Klaus saw the situation of things and knew that without a good move, he would be unable to defeat this young man.

‘I guess I’ll have to go almost all-out.’ He said to himself.

He still didn’t want to break through yet since it would mean losing a hidden card. But with this troublesome opponent, he planned to use the heavy water to its fullest.

He had been hiding most of it for some time now, but it was time to let the entire arena see his special water.

Klaus snapped his finger and the heaviness of the blizzard increased by almost four times the weight of the previous time.

The sudden change caught the Space Elementalist off guard, and Klaus naturally attacked as well.

The attack was so precise that the young man had difficulties blocking it. He tried to use his space manipulation abilities to increase the distance of the attack. But to his surprise, the attack tore through the space with each.

This was an ice needle made entirely of Klaus’ heavy water. It was not something that could be stopped so easily.

What made things worse was that, after the ice needle tore through space, its speed doubled for some reason and it struck the young man before he could move away.

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