Chapter 758 - We Got A Good One

Chapter 758 – We Got A Good One

The ice needle struck the young man cleanly on his chest, and compared to the reaction everyone expected, things were a little different.

The young man didn’t move from the impact of the attack, rather, he stood on the same spot, unable to move. He was currently suffering from hypothermia the second the attack hit him.

The sudden change on the platform alarmed everyone. A few seconds ago, Klaus was the one who was being oppressed, but with a snap of his finger, the entire course of the battle changed. What was more amusing was the fact that the battle truly did change with a snap of Klaus’ finger.

This had got to be one of Klaus’ biggest flexes in his entire life. Changing the tide of the battle with a snap of his finger. Just thinking about it was already thrilling.

The Elders from the other Factions all looked at Klaus with an apprehensive look. They all noticed what happened after Klaus snapped his finger, the blizzard he released on the platform got almost four times heavier and it was difficult for the young man to adapt to the sudden change in such a short amount of time.

The ice needle attack he also used was different from his previous attacks. This one was more powerful, and it even tore apart space just to ensure it got to its target.

“What freakish abilities. I really wouldn’t want to fight against someone like him.” A Space Elementalist said.

Even though he was already well above the Overlord Plane, he felt a slight sense of fear just looking at Klaus. If he were to battle someone who had Klaus’ abilities on the same stage as he is, then he would be in for a difficult time.

“We got a good one this time.” A lady from the Moonlight Faction chuckled.

They still hadn’t completely accepted Klaus because he was male. The reason they accepted only females was because females are more sensitive to cold compared to males.

Klaus was a unique protege since he had a greater sensitivity to ice when compared to most of the females in the Moonlight Faction. The Elders took all these into account before agreeing to let him join them. If not for all these factors, then no matter how powerful Klaus was, they would not have given him the chance to join them.

While the crowd were discussing the change on the platform, something else started to occur. The young man who hadn’t had any reaction for a while suddenly started to freeze.

This was the effect of Klaus’ attack. The freezing power of his ice ability had well over doubled in terms of power because of him using the special water, so this was not unexpected. He even reduced the amount of ice he usually concentrates on the attack in fear of not killing his opponent.

Klaus walked over to him and looked at the young man who was unable to move. He placed his hand on his shoulder to stop the ice from completely engulfing him.

With a smile on his face, “I win.”

The young man wanted to speak, but he was unable to. All he could do was watch Klaus.

If the change in the blizzard was only around two times or so, he might’ve been able to resist it and even fight properly. But with a change of almost four times, he didn’t even have time to adapt before Klaus ended the battle.

This was a battle he felt he had total control over. But everything changed in the blink of an eye. From being the one with the advantage, he almost lost his life.

From what happened, he could tell Klaus regulated the strength of the attack. This meant he could easily deal a blow deadlier than what he just used. Klaus was a horrifying opponent.

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The man in charge of the platform entered and when he noticed the temperature of the young man, he couldn’t help but look at Klaus before calling in a Fire Elementalist.

“I reduced the effect, if not, it would’ve been worse.” Klaus explained when he saw the way the man looked at him.

“I know.” The man said. The reason he looked at him was that even after reducing the effect, the young man was still left in such a condition.

Klaus was announced as the winner of the battle and he walked back to his seat under the gaze of everyone in the arena. Even though there were other battles taking place, Klaus and Grey were the two most popular figures because of their friend’s performance in the previous battle.

“Good job.” Grey gave him a high-five when he came back.

The others on the seat gave him a high-five as well. Klaus shrugged as if it was an easy battle.

Just like Grey, Klaus had made it to the top hundred geniuses. From Klaus’ last battle, everyone knew he was a tough battle to fight against. Even those who were favorites started to take him seriously. Initially, they only felt Grey was the difficult one to deal with, but now they knew not to exclude Klaus.

Everyone from this group were all powerful geniuses, and the crowd couldn’t help but wonder how powerful the young man who had a mask on was. Kyle didn’t participate in the competition, and nor had he tried to fight. But since he was with Grey and his friends, they had already tagged him as a genius on their level as well.

The other battles went on as expected, and by the end of the day, they managed to complete the hundred battles. With the top one hundred confirmed, the next round would feature fifty battles.

It was already late so they couldn’t draw lots again. Most of the audience felt it was a shame that all the battles couldn’t take place immediately. They didn’t have any problems with watching battles all through the night. But in the end, they weren’t the ones making the rules, so they went home.

Klaus didn’t go out like expected, he stayed indoors throughout, training.

Grey had a lot of items from the first time he came to the Aurora Continent, so he finally decided to give him some to improve his strength before the competition ends. With them entering the top hundred, the battles would get fiercer now.

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