Chpater 754 - All Vying For The Top Spot

Chpater 754 – All Vying For The Top Spot

Klaus looked at Reynolds and refused to respond. Grey and Alice looked at Klaus oddly. He doesn’t usually do things like this, they knew it was most likely after getting into the Moonlight Faction.

“Are you going to continue to get a higher rank in the competition?” Alice asked.

“Of course! You two already took the first and second position, do you think I wouldn’t want that as well?” Klaus replied immediately.

This wasn’t even a question, he naturally knew Grey would defeat him, but he didn’t mind getting the second position.

The group continued speaking about the battles before Diana and a few other girls came over to where Klaus was seated. Since he was already part of their Faction, there was nothing wrong with them speaking with him.

“How did you do it?” Diana asked.

“What?” Klaus feigned ignorance.

“Stop playing dumb, you know what I’m talking about.” Diana said. She didn’t mean this in an angry way, she was just genuinely curious as to how Klaus was able to break through her ice so easily.

“Oh that, you see, it’s quite easy.” Klaus opened his palm and his special water appeared on his palm.

This time, he didn’t do anything to hide it, so it was very clear for them to notice.

“How’s that possible?!” The girls all exclaimed in shock.

This was the first time they were seeing something like this. They all knew the water at the bottom of the ocean was extremely heavy, and they could sense such heaviness in Klaus’ water. What they found shocking was how Klaus managed to do it. They had never heard of a Water Elementalist having something like this before.

“Nothing is impossible.” Klaus said with a vague smile.

Grey and the others rolled their eyes when they saw his acting. Klaus was a genius no doubt, but he was also a crazy guy, so there’s that.

The ladies asked Klaus if he could teach them. He naturally disagreed with it. This was his specialty, although Grey also had it, Grey wasn’t as proficient in it as he was. Not just that, but he knew it would be almost impossible for the young ladies to learn it.

They disturb him about learning it, and he gave them a small orb of water that he placed in an ice crystal. It was up to them if they could understand the intricacy of it. He also gave them some tips. But after almost two hours, the young ladies got nothing.

They could only give up and keep the crystal for now. The challengers had finished battling with the members of the Factions that they challenged. Other than Klaus, five others were successful in their challenge.

Of a total of over thirty people, only six managed to achieve their goal.

The participants were all called into the platform once again, and to the surprise of everyone, none of the people who were successful in their challenge decided to leave. Their current goal was simple: get the first position.

Alice and Reynolds had already taken first and second in the round for those in the Mid stages, if Grey and Klaus were to take this one as well, then it would be an embarrassment to the other geniuses.

Those who were unsuccessful in their attempt all looked at each other in frustration. These people had already entered a Faction, yet, they didn’t want to give up on the top ten spots.

Since all two hundred participants were correct, everything went according to the original plan.

They drew lots for the battles. There would be a total of hundred battles, and the top one hundred would be confirmed.

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When they drew lots, Grey’s opponent was surprisingly one of the few people who had successfully gotten into a Faction. His opponent was a Dual Elementalist in the Ninth stage of the Overlord Plane. She had both the fire and the earth element.

Klaus’ opponent was also in the Ninth stage of the Overlord Plane. However, he wasn’t part of those who challenged members of the Factions.

Klaus didn’t really know much about him, other than the fact that he was a Space Elementalist.

‘Luckily I’ve been fighting against Grey and Void for some time, although I’ve run away most of the time, this guy shouldn’t be on the same level as they are.’ Klaus accessed the situation in his head as he looked at his opponent.

Just like the first time, Grey would be fighting before him once again.

It was barely noon, so there was time to complete one hundred battles before the end of the day.

Grey and Klaus would be having their battles today since they registered very early. The only reason Klaus’ battle would take longer than Grey’s was because of how the lots were drawn.

The first sets of battles started and it took almost thirty minutes before the first set of battles finished.

It was finally Grey’s turn to step into the platform. Since he didn’t fight while people were challenging members of Factions, he attracted a lot of attention.

Most of the audience felt Grey would finally show his true strength against this young lady. She was not as weak as the young man he fought against the last time that was in the Ninth stage of the Overlord Plane.

By the time Grey stepped on the platform, the young lady was already standing there.

“You’re one of the few people I look forward to fighting against.” The young lady said when Grey stood before her.

“Oh.” Grey’s reply was short. Although the young lady was strong, she wasn’t the person Grey was waiting to fight against.

She wasn’t part of the trio he noticed during the brawl. He watched her battle and knew that she was below them.

Grey’s reply irritated the young lady since she expected he would say something else. Having ‘oh’ as a reply was annoying.

“I’ll make you regret looking down on me.” The young lady said.

“I didn’t mean it like that.” Grey was taken aback when he saw her angry expression and explained.


The man in charge of the platform didn’t even bother to ask if both participants were ready. He could already see that the young lady wanted to attack, and Grey had a cool and collected expression.

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