Card Apprentice Daily Log

906 Mike Brown

Date- 3 April 2321

Time- 17:37

Location- Sun Blossom City, Card Creationist Association, Auction house, VIP Venue

“Son you are here, these people are bullying me,” the middle-aged woman yelled at the source of the deafening shout.

“Mike Brown,” the crowd in the venue started to whisper learning that the middle-aged woman was the mother of the circle’s branch leader, Mike Brown.

Mike Brown slowly walked toward his mother and looking at the female security restaining his mother he yelled, “What are you waiting for, unhand my mother.”

Under the influence of Mike Brown’s intimidating aura, the female security unconsciously let off the middle-aged woman. Regaining her freedom the middle-aged woman rushed to her son and started weeping, “If you have not arrived in time, your mother would have been bullied to death by these animals.”

Mike Brown held his weeping mother in his embrace and looking at Cheng he asked, “May I ask what is going on in here? Association head, what wrong has my mother done for you guys to inflict such shame on her?”

“Leader Mike, I did not know you had a mother,” Cheng asked Mike, he was not trying to insult Mike but he genuinely believed that the leader of the circle was an orphan.

“Association head, like everyone else I too was born from my mother’s womb, what are you trying to imply here,” Not matter how you put it in the end Cheng’s words would still come out as offensive, so Mike’s reaction was not surprising.

“No, I did not mean to embarrass you. I heard rumors that you were an orphan,” Cheng explained.

“No, I am not. Isn’t she evidence enough,” Mike said pointing at the middle-aged woman weeping in his embrace.

“Just because my son grew up in the city slums doesn’t make him an orphan,” the middle-aged woman lashed out at Cheng for assuming that Mike Brown was an orphan.

Cheng ignored the middle-aged woman, seeing this Mike Brown frowned and demanded, ” Association head, I demand an explanation of what is going on here and an apology for my mother.”

“Leader Mike, this is not your cult, this is the card creationist association auction hall, and those who break the association’s rule will be dealt with accordingly,” Cheng did not get daunted facing the leader of the circle instead he held his ground in front of him and continued to add, “Your mother tried to abuse this little girl over here. Hence we decided to detain her until the auction ends.”

Seeing Cheng not back down Mike was puzzled, things were not turning out like he thought they would. Mike thought that once Cheng knew that the middle-aged woman was his mother, then Cheng would immediately apologize to him publicly but that did not happen instead Cheng was arguing with him.

Mike was so confident that Cheng would immediately apologize to him and acknowledge his mistake because the so-called head of the card creationist association was on his take. Therefore Cheng’s rebellion came as a huge surprise to him. Then he realized that Cheng was doing this to show that he was not satisfied with the current amount of money they were paying to him and wanted to demand more money.

Coming to this realization Mike’s face turned stern and he glared at Cheng and said, “Association head you don’t need to detain my mother until the end of the auction, I will take her home now.”

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“Please do,” since the subject’s offense was minor and was willing to leave the premises on her own accord, Cheng had no right to detain her, therefore he could only agree when Mike said that he would take his mother with him.

“Come mother, let’s go home,” If not for too many people watching, Mike would have taught Cheng a lesson and made him cough out everything he had been fed by the circle. And then continue to work for them for free. Unfortunately, to maintain his public image, Mike had to swallow the rage he was feeling and take a step back.

“No, son we cannot leave without taking that energy sword card,” The middle-aged woman demanded her son. Hearing his mother’s demand  Mike frowned but then he said, “Don’t worry mother I will have my people bid for an energy sword card. For now, let us head home.”

“No, not just any energy sword card, I want that sword energy card. I planned to present it to you later,” It was not clear whether the reason the middle-aged woman gave was true or not but everyone present here had an idea that the middle-aged woman was doing this out of spite for Lucy and wanted to make her suffer by winning the bid on the energy sword card that Lucy was bidding for.

“Sure, mother.” Mike agreed with his mother and signaled his goon to complete his mother’s request.

Following Mike’s instruction, one of the goons walked to the glass column enclosing the sword master card and directly placed a bid of 1000 median coins. Which was almost 3 times Lucy’s bid and 5 times the price of the card in the central market.

Seeing this the middle-aged woman nodded in satisfaction and looked at Lucy provocatively. And then turned to leave with her son in satisfaction. With them gone the VIP venue returned to its usual self.

“Lucy, are you still going to bid for the card? or will you bid for other cards?” Eliza asked Lucy contemplating whether to call her aunt Robert if Lucy were to continue to outbid the circle for that particular energy sword card.

“No, the card is no longer worth it and the same goes for the other cards,” Lucy said dejectedly. It wasn’t that Lucy lacked the money to bid for the card but she felt that price of the card was not worth it.

There was a reason why Lucy was fixated on this particular energy sword card over the others, unlike other energy sword cards its durability was near perfect. Making 300 median soul jades the right price to buy this card, after all, the same cards with higher durability and lower star ratings were more expensive than their counterparts with lower durability and star ratings. But 1000 median soul jades were not worth buying the card even if it had perfect durability ratings let alone near-perfect durability ratings

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