Card Apprentice Daily Log

908 Verification

Date- 3 April 2321

Time- 17:57

Location- Sun Blossom City, Circle leader’s car

Mike Brown’s visit to the half-yearly auction held by the card creationist association was unexpected, not just the guest at the open auction but the host of the open auction, all of them were surprised by his visit. They never expected the leader of the circle to visit the auction personally. If the unexpectedness of the situation made the other guests and the host surprised, the nature of the circle’s new branch leader raised fear in them. They all knew that the leader of the circle will not grace them with his presence without a reason and this unknown reason behind his physical visit made them uneasy and nervous. But thankfully everything ended fast and smoothly when the card creationist association head stood up to the new branch leader of the circle.

That was what the masses believed but the truth was far from that. The new branch leader of the circle left because the objective of his visit to the auction was achieved.

At first, Mike Brown did not think much of the card creationist association head Cheng’s insubordination but when he recalled the news he got earlier this afternoon, Mike Brown knew the information he got may not be wrong.

The reason Mike Brown visited the half-yearly card auction was that he wanted to check out the information he received earlier this afternoon. The information he received revolved around a teenage card soldier. Whom he traced and followed to the half-yearly card auction held by the card creationist association. As for meeting his mom at the auction, it was a mere coincidence.

The insubordination of the card creationist association head Cheng played a big role in helping Mike brown verify the information he received. At first, Mike took the association head’s insubordination as corrupt Cheng’s way of shaking him for more money. But Mike Brown’s thought changed once he saw the teenage card soldier, whose footsteps he traced to the auction standing not far from Cheng. Especially the shadow of the teenage card soldier, he could sense unimaginable from within it. That was when Mike Brown was a hundred percent sure that the information he received in the afternoon was indeed true. Now that he had verified that the information he received was true Mike decided to return to the headquarters to prepare for the war. As the enemy, he was about to face this time was more prepared than he was.

This afternoon, he received a piece of information that a teenage card soldier he haven’t even heard about was the one who had been causing trouble to his operations at sun blossom city, especially with his false propaganda initiative. The information said that this teenage card soldier was going to attack the circle headquarter’s tonight at the earliest with 3 semi-demigod bodyguards protecting him.

Hearing this information, Mike Brown felt that the source of the information was pranking him. But still, he decided to check out the truth of the information because the information provided by this particular source was never wrong and was always very detailed. And he was right to have trusted the source because the information given by the source was indeed true. As he did find a semi-demigod hiding the teenage card soldier’s shadow. This meant that the other two semi-demigod bodyguards of the card soldier were not far away and also that the branch of the circle under him was in imminent danger of being attacked tonight and he had to prepare for it.

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Visiting the half-yearly card auction held by the card creationist association not only helped Mike Brown verify the information but also helped him gather important information that he could not count on the authorities of the sun blossom city despite them taking his bribes. The head of the card creationist association was the perfect example of this.

With the card creationist association head out of his pocket, Mike Brown knew that entier sun blossom city was a death trap for him and his organization. And right now he could not help but feel proud for having used the yin-yang sect’s punisher array to protect the headquarters, because of which the sun blossom city’s array will not be able to imprison or isolate their headquarters in an isolated space.

Mike Brown was so confident about the yin-yang sect’s desolate punisher array that he decided to use the circle’s headquarters as a tarp for the teenage card soldier and his force who believed that they were ambushing them at night but instead were going walk to their deaths. But still, Mike Brown did not dare to underestimate his enemy. If the teenage card soldier was able to find the solution for the city array then, Mike believed that the teenage card soldier must have planned something for the desolate punisher array covering the circle’s headquarters. Therefore as preparation in case, the desolate punisher array was broken through, Mike Brown decided to gather every member of the circle branch of the circle within the headquarters to fight or stall the enemy depending upon the circumstances at that time. Mike Brown did not hesitate to consider using his men to stall the enemy forces giving him time to escape.

Mike Brown had all the plans and contingencies prepared for the war yet to come but he had no idea how to deal with three semi-demigod bodyguards of the teenage card soldier. For this particular part of the upcoming war, he decided to call the main headquarters for reinforcement, and the semi-demigods assigned by the main headquarters should be arriving soon.

Though Mike was sure that the enemy semi-demigods will not participate in the war due to the various protocols and the political consequences. But he would only feel safe if he too had a few semi-demigod bodyguards of his own protecting him. Hence he did not hesitate to ask the main headquarters for semi-demigod reinforcement when he reported back that the information that was passed to him earlier this afternoon was true, that little shit, teenage card soldier seems to have come prepared for a full-out war.

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