Card Apprentice Daily Log

912 Illusion

Date- 3 April 2321

Time- 18:08

Location- Sky Blossom City, Loin cubs high school

“How much longer?” Ann asked Lorenzo looking at Cole who appeared to be asleep while standing.

“I am making a clone of his entire memory, not a candy. It will be a while. Let’s hope that the array will buy us enough time,” As Lorenzo said this he already knew that coming this far was already unexpected, and hoping for more was them being greedy.

“Is the city array strong enough to bare the burden of the samsara array?” Ann asked because if the entire thing were to fall apart just because the hybrid array set up by Lorenzo using the city array as the base array was unable to withstand the burden of the samsara array as the main array, then it would be a pity.

“Don’t worry I have strengthened the city array, strong enough to withstand the burden of the samsara array. The only thing we have to worry about is that the samsara array can deceive the failsafe set by Matron Cole’s head long enough for me to completely clone his memories. Cole’s memories will be a prime example of what Matron’s origin card was capable of. I need the clone memories to contain every little detail of Cole’s memories this way I will know how many times Matron has edited or erased his memories, especially the memories suppressed by her. This may as well give me the info on Matron’s origin card’s failsafe that we are dreading. You understand why I can’t rush it,” Lorenzo explained to Ann.

“I did not ask you that,” Ann said looking at Lorenzo with her left eyebrow raised.

“Fuck, I haven’t been this excited in a while,” Lorenzo did not need to say that, his face expressed the same.

“Language,” Ann said, hearing Lorenzo cuss. Hearing this Lorenzo missed a part of Anna who would cuss along with him.

The memories of every member of the paw clan were designed in such a way that when caught their memories would detonate in the process they would turn brain-dead. Making the process of getting any information on the Matron or her paw clan was an impossible feat. Torture, truth serum, memory reading, etc all had zero effect on brain-dead people. So Lorenzo and Luna came up with a way around it.

The way around Matron’s failsafe thought by Lorenzo and Luna was based entirely on an assumption. If their assumption was wrong then the entire point of this would amount to nothing. But still, it was worth a try. Since they had to start somewhere.

The assumption that formed the foundation of the method Lorenzo and Luna thought of to counter Matron’s origin card was that the failsafe that Matron had planted in members of the paw clan only activated when the members were captured or dead.

Now the question was how did the fail-safe that Matron placed in her paw clan members know that the members were captured or dead? Considering that Matron’s origin card was all about manipulating and controlling memories, the answer was simple and very obvious, the fail-safe that Matron placed in her paw clan members knew that the members were captured or dead using their memories.

Since it was the memories of that particular target that allowed the Matron to know whether or not a person was captured or dead the only way against it was to deceive the memories of the target. Make it so that they don’t know that they are captured and placed under interrogation.

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The only way to deceive a person and his memory was through a strong illusion. This way when the person was lost in the illusion, the illusion becomes part of the subject’s memories. As long as the subject doesn’t know that he was in an illusion his memory of it will stay real until he realizes it was an illusion. Then the memories of it will become an illusion and trigger the failsafe turning the person brain-dead.

​ Having planned to use illusion to counter Matron’s origin card, Lorenzo created a hybrid array by using the city’s space isolation barrier array as the base array and the samsara array as the main array.

Samsara array is a very strong illusion array that can even trap newborn demigods in it. Though this array was just an illusion array it has various functions. And one of them was to trap a person in a fake world that will be a replica of the real world based on the memory of the target. Trapped in the illusion’s fake world the target will think that they were in real life doing the things they normally planned to do in real-time. Since the fake world is based on the target’s memories of the real world. It will be very hard for the target to differentiate the fake world from the real world.

“So, what he is doing right now in the illusion?” Ann asked Lorenzo planning to understand why Cole was at the high school that the boy attended.

“He seems to be kidnapping a girl, it is Wyatt’s aunt Kathy. Fuck, what is the matron up to? Why did she ask Cole to kidnap Wyatt’s aunt?”

Date- 3 April 2321

Time- 18:03

Location- Sun Blossom City, Card Creationist Association, Auction house, VIP Venue

[Message received… Read/Ignore/Delete]


[Sender: Ann Heatsend

Found Cole, got to go. Bye]

Reading the reply I knew even though I was not able to get rid of Ann’s suspicion entirely, I was able to establish a status quo where she knew that I would deny everything. This should be enough to stop her from coming to me for answers to the question I would rather not share. But one thing was clear to me, Ann was a lot more difficult to handle than Anna. If not for her inexperience and interest in the opposite sex I would have had a harder time dealing with her.

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