Card Apprentice Daily Log

914 Grandfather's Gift

Date- 3 April 2321

Time- 18:14

Location- Sun Blossom City, Card Creationist Association, Auction house, VIP Venue

The moment I came to know of Lucy’s mental condition I used my soul pupils to scan her entire body. Over the repeated use of my soul pupils, I have been able to identify different body organs and glands based on their soul pathway arrangements. When I scanned Lucy’s brain today I found an abnormal growth adjacent to it. And with the help of Hive Al, I was able to determine that it was a benign tumor which has stopped growing long ago. But the area where it was located was causing a complexation in Lucy’s mental response.

Just to be sure, I had Hive AI run several tests and simulations on the soul pathway arrangements of Lucy’s brain. Only when I was a hundred percent sure that the abnormal growth adjacent to her brain was a tumor and I could help her, did I choose to talk to Lucy about it. Otherwise, I would only be adding to her problems with my half-assed and premature conclusion.

“Eliza, I know you care for Lucy. But please understand that I would not have brought this up if I wasn’t a hundred percent sure,” Saying that I handed her a few A-rank blood elixirs adding, “With these rune cards after I am done removing the tumor we can easily patch Lucy up. If this is not enough to assure you, We have Rami, the head of the blossom district medic card association. That guy is equivalent to a walking hospital. If there is any complication during the procedure, he will step in.”

“Wyatt, do you hear yourself right now? Do you know how crazy you sound?” Eliza did not seem to be able to walk past the part where I will be cutting open Lucy’s skull and operating next to her brain.

“Eliza, I can help Lucy. Whether you choose to believe me or not it is up to you guys,” I said looking into Lucy’s eyes.

“Wyatt, please understand no sane person would ever agree to what you said,” Eliza said before getting up and walking away with Lucy, “Lucy, come let’s go.”

“I know the best gift for grandpa,” Lucy suddenly exclaimed. Hearing her shout something unrelated to what we were talking about, Eliza and I looked at her in confusion.

“Lucy, honey, what do you mean,” Eliza asked Lucy for more context.

“I once heard grandpa tell grandma that, if one day I were to live like a normal child that day would be the happiest day of his life. So, if what master Wyatt has to offer will help me be normal, I want to give it a try as a gift to my grandfather,” Lucy explained what she meant in her way.

Hearing Lucy, Eliza panicked, and just when she was about to try and talk Lucy out of this, she thought if she were in Lucy’s situation would she let go of the opportunity to live an average life? Now she was troubled over the dilemma that whether to support Lucy’s decision or talk her out of it. But knowing Lucy’s personality, once she has made up her mind it was hard for anyone to persuade her otherwise.

Lucy then looked at me and said, “Master Wyatt, how much is the procedure going to cost?”

“It is free,” I replied. The reason I said it was free was that I did not want to make money off Lucy’s disability. This was different from the time when I charged Elliott a hefty amount to cure his genetic disorder.

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Different how? In Elliott’s case, I not only got rid of his genetic disorder but I turned it into a super origin card which gave him a mutated Viltronian physique. That upgrade I gave to Elliott was worth its fee but in Lucy’s case, all I would be doing was removing a benign tumor from her skull. As result, I would be helping her get rid of her mental condition but other than that I would not be doing her any favor. So I did not feel right to make a profit from Lucy’s disability.

“Did I hear you right?” Eliza was dumbfounded hearing the teenager say that he did not plan to charge Lucy anything for his service. As she clearly remembers his past with her siblings.

“Yes, I won’t charge you anything for the procedure. it is free,” I repeated myself.

“My grandfather said everything needs to be paid for in one or the other way. And if something is for free I should not trust it,” Lucy spoke her grandpa’s wise words implying that she wouldn’t undergo the procedure if I don’t charge her.

“Fine, it will cost you one low soul jade,” I said

“Okay, when do we start?” Lucy asked, feeling that she had gotten a bargain on the price of the procedure.

“Lucy,” Eliza called out to Lucy, and holding her hands she asked, “Are you sure about this?”

“Yes, I want to see grandpa happy,” In her way, Lucy expressed that she wanted to do this to be an average granddaughter.

“I will not stop, but I think you should talk to your parents or grandma about this,” Having figured out that there was no way she could convince Lucy out of this. Eliza decided to call in the big guns, Lucy’s parents, and her grandparents.

“I am 17, I am an adult,” This was Lucy implying that she was an adult and did not need her parents or grandparent to tell her what she can do and what she cannot.

“Yes, you are an adult, Lucy. But won’t it be good to know their opinion on this matter? You know second opinions can be of big help. After all, this is a big decision,” Eliza tried to have Lucy inform her parents and grandparents about her decision. Hoping that they will be able to get through to Lucy.

“It is a big decision, it is my decision”

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