Card Apprentice Daily Log

917 Mortal Medicine

Date- 3 April 2321

Time- 18:31

Location- Sun Blossom City, Card Creationist Association, Auction house, West Wing Hall

“Master Wyatt, you called for me,” Rami entered the hall answering my summons.

“You are finally here. What do you know about mortal medicine?” I asked Rami since he was the head of the blossom district medic card association and I thought he must have dabbled in the mortal approach to medicine.

“A little bit. Why do you ask?” Rami had indeed explored mortal medicine. Not everyone can afford to pay for a medic card apprentice. Though medic cards are miraculous they do not have answers to many things. A good medic card apprentice should not be limited themselves to the knowledge of using his medic card but also be well-versed in the ways of mortal medicine as it was the legacy left behind by the first to walk this world way before medic cards even existed.

“I am going to perform a procedure on this girl here, the procedure requires me to operate next to her brain. You are going to be my assistant. Are you up for it?” I asked Rami to be my assistant as I performed the procedure on Lucy.

“Is it going to be an open brain surgery? Is that what this array is about?” Rami asked enthusiastically instead of asking about my qualification to attempt something like that. It seems in Rami’s book as long as the southern emperor was backing me, I could do anything I wanted to.

As for me arranging a temporary array, it did not surprise him. He had already learned about that at the airstrip. He wasn’t surprised by the fact that an array would be used to replace the operation room as someone who had participated in the monster war as a medic he has seen the array masters set up quarantine for the injured soldiers using arrays. And he would expect nothing less from the disciple of the raining alchemist himself.

“No, that won’t be necessary. She will be sedated for the entire procedure. We will be using this hall as the operating room, ask cheng to block everyone’s access to the west wing. And you prepare the required tools we will need for the procedure. Sounds good?” I instructed Rami to prepare the surgical tools required for the procedure.

“I have them right here,” having said that Rami summoned a drawer using a modified version of the storage trunk card, instead of a trunk, this card summoned a customized drawer. Opening every section of the drawer Rami showed his arsenal of surgical tools. He had every tool sterilized and neatly arranged in the drawer. Seeing how prepared Rami was I was starting to see him in a new light. Guess he was not chosen to be the head of the blossom district medic card association for no reason. Rami seemed to have a passion for medicine.

“Great, these will do. Now pass me the list of medical cards you have on you right now,” I planned to use the various medic cards as the substitute for the medications for the surgery. This way the burden of me being precise would decrease as the medic cards had a greater and immediate effect than the medications.

“I have shared the list of medic cards I have with me to your grimoire and also informed Cheng to seal the entire west wing,” Rami started to be dependable when I actually needed him. I guess every man has his passion and things he can be proud of.

“Damn, with these medic cards you can be considered as a walking hospital. They are more than enough to conduct this procedure,” As the head of the medic card association of the blossom district, Rami was in a position where he would come in contact with various medic cards, he used this opportunity to hoard the medic cards as his real retirement plan. Hence he did not freak out when his grandson transferred all the property that he had bought under his name to the teenage genius. Each medic card Rami owned was a fortune, their true fortune was that they could help Rami establish a successful medical practice if he were ever to be kicked out of his current position.

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“Master Wyatt, this table good enough for an operating table?” Rami asked as he summoned a modified table/bed which could perfectly serve the purpose of an operating table.

“Yes, that will do,” with that, the preparations for the procedure were done. Then I turned to look at Eliza and asked, “Will you wait outside or stay in here as we operate on Lucy?”

Lucy and Eliza both were dumbfounded by witnessing how the posh hall was turned into an operating room by the two, one old and one young. But this gave Eliza the feeling that these men knew what they were doing.

“Miss Eliza, If I may, it would be better if you waited outside,” Rami advised Eliza, he knew there were chances of complications during the procedure, which would panic any average by-stander disturbing the atmosphere of the operating room, that a medic would require to have a peace of mind and think of a solution under the pressure to overcome the challenges for a successful procedure.

“Sure, but before that senior Rami, has something like this been attempted before?” Although Eliza appeared to be on board with Lucy undergoing the procedure she still wasn’t convinced therefore when given the opportunity she decided to discuss her concern with an acknowledged specialist in the field.

“These kinds of procedures were normal back in the times of monster war. Back then medic card apprentices were not well organized and were fewer in number compared to the injured people that is when the mortal medicine shone. Not to mention most of the medic cards today are created using mortal medicine as the foundation. There is nothing for you to worry about. Your little sister is in good hands,” Rami assured Eliza narrating the history of mortal medicine and medic cards, and how they were related to one another. But he left the apart where after the monster war mortal medicine did not receive the credits it deserved for its part in the monster war.

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