Card Apprentice Daily Log

920 Successful Recovery

Date- 3 April 2321

Time- 19:33

Location- Sun Blossom City, Card Creationist Association, Auction house, West Wing Hall

“Rami use your bone fusion card on the piece of skull and the skull,” I ordered Rami while I held the piece of skull in place. The bone fusion card was one of the most popular medic cards as it was commonly used to join fractured bones. Usually, it would be used to help join the fractured bones in the arms and legs but I was going to use it to join the skull.

Rami followed my order and used the bone fusion card on Lucy’s skull joining the piece of the skull I cut out from her skull to perform the procedure back with the skull. There was hardly any scar or sign on the part of the skull that I had cut left to prove that I had cut it open to perform the procedure. This was way better than using metal plates and screws. Though the metal plate and screws did their job they took 6 or 12 months to slowly reattach the bones and it would still not be the same, but thanks to the medic card I was able to save Lucy some trouble.

After patching up the skull, I summoned a blood elixir bottle and rubbed it on the scalp, in no time a new scalp covered the exposed skull leaving behind a huge bald spot in its place. The new scalp was smooth similar to a baby’s scalp. The Blood elixir not only helped with the scalp but the skull too, as the elixir was strong enough to regrow lost limbs.

Normally the cut scalp flap would be stitched or stapled back and after that, the patient would have to spend some time in intensive care while consuming some medication to make sure that the scalp flap has been successfully healed. Still the patient would feel itchiness, pain, burning, headache, and numbness along the incisions which could last for months, but fortunately for Lucy, I had used an A-rank blood Elixir card to rejuvenate her scalp and regrow it. Leaving her no side effects to worry about.

With that the procedure was complete and the results would only be known after Lucy awakens but before waking her up I had one last thing to do, “Rami, hair growth card.”

“Yes, master Wyatt,” with that Rami used his hair growth card to grow hair on Lucy’s newly grown scalp. With that Lucy was as good as new, there were no signs of her having undergone a procedure to remove a tumor adjacent to her brain.

“All done?” Eliza’s voice sounded from behind. She has been monitoring the actions of the boy from the beginning to the end, fearing for the safety of her friend who was undergoing the procedure led by the boy.

“Yep,” I answered Eliza and then ordered Rami, ” Use wind of spirits card.”

The ‘wind of spirits’ card was an AOE card that can energize and refill the stamina of ally soldiers. I asked Rami to use it on Lucy, to help her body overcome the sense of exhaustion because of the procedure it had just been through. Even though Lucy’s body looks normal it was overdrawn by the procedure and various cards that were used on it to patch it back after the procedure. Therefore before awaking her I thought it would be best if Rami used the wind of the spirit card on Lucy’s body allowing it to regain its peak once more.

Then after conforming that Lucy’s body was in excellent condition I asked Rami, “Awaken her from the deep sleep state.”

With that, we all looked at Lucy eagerly, her eyes quivered slightly before they shoot open. Lucy’s eyes looked at her surroundings and then finding a familiar face she asked, ‘Big sis, where am I? What is going on?”

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“You just went through a major procedure to remove the tumor next to your brain, how are you feeling?” Eliza asked in great concern. Right now her heart had slowed down to record low waiting for Lucy’s answer. If anything were to go wrong with Lucy she was the one who would have to answer to the Robert family.

“I remember, was the procedure success?” Lucy finally recalled the events that transpired before she was put in a deep sleep state for the sake of the procedure.

“We were able to successfully remove the tumor from your brain but was that enough to reverse the effect it had on your brain is still unclear,” I answered Lucy honestly.

“What do you mean? Was the procedure successful or not?” Lucy asked.

“Seeing your speech pattern I am drawn to say that the procedure was a success but I cannot come to a conclusion without a proper study,” I answered Lucy and noticed she was now able to express herself better than before but without continued observation of her behavior it will be hard to tell if the mental condition of hers was fixed or not.

“Don’t worry, I have a way to make the study faster,” saying that Eliza looked at Lucy and added, “Lucy, 2+2 is 4, 1+1 is 1.”

“Isn’t 1+1 supposed to be 2?” Lucy asked Eliza

“Nope, you are wrong 1+1 is 1,” Eliza stressed.

“Okay, I guess. But big sis I think you too are in need of a procedure. Master Wyatt, is there any procedure for being dumb? If yes please recommend them to Big sis,” Lucy mocked Eliza for her math.

“It seems the procedure worked, if it was old Lucy, she would correct me and if I still did not correct myself she would fixate and whine about it. She would not be able to move past it until she heard the correct words come out of my mouth,” Eliza explained with great enthusiasm and then added, “For you to not fixate on my mistake and even joke about it, I think procedure worked fine.”

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