Card Apprentice Daily Log

921 Consequences

Date- 3 April 2321

Time- 19:57

Location- Sun Blossom City, Card Creationist Association, Auction house, West Wing Hall

“Yes, her speech patterns have changed and she seems to understand sarcasm, that is progress,” I said after observing Lucy’s response to Eliza’s series of tests that would test her patients and push her buttons.

“Yes, she is like a whole new person. The old Lucy I knew would not stop whining if I had with her hair,” Eliza agreed with me as she tied Lucy’s hair in a braid.

“You people are one to talk, I feel like have a whole new side to the world that I had not explored yet. Who knew that words could be so complicated, I always used them to speak what was on my mind and what I felt but never the opposite. I have so much to explore and so many things to learn. I am finally getting the jokes that I previously did not get. Wait… I finally understand why Tim Shaw would always bring me chocolates, or I think I do. Big sis, correct me if I am wrong, but does he like me?” Lucy’s brain function was normal but she had zero knowledge about things that her mental disability stopped her from exploring so when her mental condition was gone, she felt like she had discovered an entire continent in socialism that she need to explore and learn from. But she was a quick learner, just in a few minutes, she had already learned about sarcasm and lying.

“Good, it seems the procedure was a great success. But I still advise you to take it slow as soon you will also experience feelings and emotions that you have never felt before. Unlike human behavior, it is very hard to explain feelings and emotions. It could be overwhelming, especially if all of them hit you at once. So I recommend you not to overdo it,” though Lucy seemed to be doing fine, it was in a controlled environment. Who knows what kind of emotions she would experience when among a group of people or a crowd? Especially how will she handle the urges of the hormones in her body? One would find all this overwhelming therefore it would be best for Lucy to take her time before she decides to rejoin society.

“What do you mean, there are still things I have yet to experience? How much was my mental condition holding me back? How many important things have I missed out on in my life?” Lucy was starting to realize how much her mental condition was limiting her. Now without her mental condition, she felt like she had so many options to choose from. Which was not always a good thing, especially when you were experiencing it for the first time.

“Lucy, those words right there, they are things I was talking about, calm down, take a deep breath it is not as bad as you think,” I tried to console Lucy as she started to panic experiencing what every teen underwent, not realizing what was important. Lucy with a mental condition had it together, she knew her limitations and priorities. For the new Lucy, everything that felt unimportant to the old Lucy started to feel like an important part of her life which she now regrets missing out on.

“Oh my god, how many people have I hurt with my ignorance? I always thought why can’t my parents, grandparents, and family accept me as the normal me, instead of hoping that I could be more like an average child? Now I get it, I wasn’t grateful for many things I had,” Lucy finally able to understand and see the problem from her parents, grandparents, and family’s eyes, she clearly had a hard time reciprocating the feelings they showed her, everything little thing they did was respond with indifference. Which made it hard for people to repeat the same care for her again knowing that they would be met with the same indifference. It wasn’t that Lucy cares less about her family but her way of showing it was not broadly known or considered normal, one would have to understand Lucy to understand her form of appreciation.

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“Lucy, honey, calm down. It was not your fault, you were young and immature, and things were different back then, you had no way of knowing. What happened was not your fault,” It seems Eliza understood what Lucy was talking about it must have been very traumatic for Lucy to spiral like this.

“Rami, use your deep sleep card on her, now,”  Clearly, the issues that old Lucy had suppressed using her lack of mental and emotional response were now crawling back up, as Lucy began to recall the past events and started to see them in a new light with her improved mental health condition.

This was bound to happen, it was like when you grow up and rewatch the cartoons from your childhood and began to get the jokes that you missed back then. With Lucy’s new mental state, her recalling her past decisions, and reconsidering each of them was a given. The old Lucy and the new Lucy were like two different people with two different sets of priorities. And the decisions they would make were definitely not going to be the same and they were not going like the consequence due to the other’s actions. Now, this was going to be a very difficult time for Lucy. She will have to come to terms with old Lucy’s actions and their consequences. She would have to move on and not let the past affect the brand new present and future ahead of her.

What would you do if an ignorant person uses your body to do a bunch of ignorant things to people surrounding you, people you care about, and then returns your body to you to deal with the consequences of it? That was what Lucy was kind of dealing with right now. Her new mental state allowed her to look at every mistake her past self made and sympathize with the people who were hurt in the process.

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