Card Apprentice Daily Log

922 Take

Date- 3 April 2321

Time- 20:11

Location- Sun Blossom City, Card Creationist Association, Auction house, West Wing Hall

“Eliza, take her back home. To the people who she considers to have suffered the most because of her old self, maybe their forgiveness would help her come to terms with everything,” I know Lucy’s parents and grandparents would beg to differ with Lucy’s mindset. They may not consider raising Lucy as suffering or a burden, but seeing this may help Lucy come to peace with her past. And she would come to understand that the actions of the old Lucy were not intentional but the result of her mental condition. For which neither her old self nor the present self can be held accountable.

“Okay, I leave immediately. Association Head Rami, how long will the effect of your card last on my friend,” Eliza still had the business deals to talk to with the Vice-head of the sun blossom city’s card creationist association but did not hesitate to postpone it for the sake of her friend. As she felt that her friend needed her the most right now, then her family.

“About another 12 hours that should be enough for you to head back to sky blossom city,” Rami answered Eliza.

“Thank you both for your help. I will be heading back to Sky blossom city,” thanking us Eliza excused herself as she carried Lucy out of the hall in her embrace.

“Master Wyatt, that procedure was brilliant. I still cannot help but shake in excitement when I recall how precisely you were able to cut the skull and the tumor without injuring the patient’s brain in the process. That was just perfect. I really can’t wrap my head around it. Thank you for letting me be a part of this wonderful experience. If you don’t mind there is one thing I would like to ask of you?” Rami was not ass-kissing this time around he was genuinely impressed by the boy’s procedure on the patient’s brain. He has not seen or heard anything like this or close to this before in his decades of experience as a medic. And he was really happy to be a part of something so revolutionary. He would have never believed it if somebody told him that a patient’s mental and emotional response deficiency  could be cured by performing a procedure on the patient’s brain.

“You have caught me in a good time. Very well what is it that you want from me,” I was very happy right now, after all, I did just successfully remove a tumor. Though benign, it still harmed the patient so it had to go.  And I am glad I was able to help Lucy with it.

“Master Wyatt, if you don’t mind I would like to write a paper on the procedure you performed today and submit it to the magazines. As this procedure was a perfect example of what the mortal medicine and medic cards could achieve when applied together. This procedure would open new inspirations for the mortal and card medics for generations to come. I want to be the one to immortalize it in the fine print. Master Wyatt, will you let me have the honors,” I could see that Rami was genuine about what he said and it meant a lot to him. So I decided to give him my blessings.

“Fine, do what you want. Just make sure that I don’t come to regret it,” getting my permission Rami thanked me repeatedly before taking his leave.

“Are you sure about this?” Agatha who has been silent this whole time suddenly asked.

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“About what?” Spooked, I asked Agatha in confusion.

“About that old due writing a paper on the procedure performed,” Agatha said.

“What about it? The man is clearly hyped about it and is well meant so what is wrong with it?” I asked while I summoned my grimoire and prepared to call Ann.

“What do you think will happen if he publishes a paper on the procedure you did today? You know right the first question people will ask is how did you know that there was an abnormal growth of tissue next to the patient’s brain?” Agatha went ahead and spoke about her concerns. After all, the boy got very defensive and secretive when she asked the answer to how he was able to find the tumor next to the patient’s brain, “You really didn’t think of this, or are you pretending to be clueless to pull my leg? Or are you going to say no to the enter world?”

“I have thought of it and it is not that big of a secret, and Rami’s paper will be the perfect attention grabber for me to introduce my new field card to the world market.

“Shit, I was correct you would never act without your benefit in mind. When you said that the procedure was free, I knew you planned to use it in some way or another. You being greedy, that’s the one thing about you I can count on,” Agatha said as if she had me figured out.

“Me being greedy, Agatha, let me ask you something, real quick? Considering your street background, do you think I am greedy enough?” Why was I so greedy, Agatha should be more clear about it based on what she had to go through to climb out of the streets to achieve what she has achieved. Therefore it puzzled me when she called me greedy.

“Not enough,” Hearing the boy, Agatha was without words as she knew exactly what he meant. The journey of a card apprentice was not cheap and not something an orphan from the slums of a third-rate city down south could afford. Therefore they had to hustle. She had first-hand experience that society was not kind to the card apprentice like her. They had to earn and take what they have earned. As no one was out here leveling the playing field for others’ sake.

“See, you understand,”

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