Card Apprentice Daily Log

923 Nosy Agatha

Date- 3 April 2321

Time- 20:16

Location- Sun Blossom City, Card Creationist Association, Auction house, West Wing Hall

Having shut Agatha up I called Ann going through about three dozen unread messages Ann sent to my grimoire while I was operating on Lucy.

“You finally called. I was getting so anxious that I planning to check on you in person,” Ann said immediately after answering the call.

“I am doing fine here, you don’t have to check on me. So what was so urgent that it couldn’t wait for an hour?” I assured Ann that I was fine and asked her what she wanted to speak about.

“It is about Cole,” said Ann, she was hesitating to speak freely as she was worried that Agatha might be hiding in the boy’s shadow and would end up eavesdropping on their conversation based on the circumstances.

“Let’s switch to the chat,” I could hear the hesitation in Ann’s voice and understood that she was not able to speak freely keeping Agatha’s presence in my shadows in her mind.

“Okay, we can chat freely there,” Ann said in relief, as what she wanted to discuss with the boy was sensitive information regarding a high profile and top secret target threatening the southern royal family. That she could not risk compromising by speaking about it despite knowing about a potential leak.

Hanging up on Ann I waited for her message, which spiked nosy Agatha’s interest something not very appreciative quality in a bodyguard.

“I understand that the southern emperor must have found the evidence that Cole was the one who leaked the information,” Agatha asked. The descendant of one of the highly valued vassal families of the southern royal family turned out to be a traitor. This was a big scoop, how could Agatha not be interested to learn more about it?

“Yep,” I answered with one word as I did not plan to talk more about it with Agatha.

“So, correct me if I am wrong, but Ann must be calling you to tell who Cole was working for or to whom he sold your information. The plot thickens,” Agatha said as she made her speculations.

“…” I chose to ignore her as I did not want to be dragged into her conversation and end up revealing things that the southern royal family and I would prefer to be a secret that only we knew for the moment.

“No, this is the southern royal family we are talking about here. They must have found more than who Cole was working for or to whom he sold your information. Otherwise, Ann would not be so anxiously trying to reach you. She even went far as to call me to check on you. Whatever they found must be juicy. Maybe they must have found out how Cole and his employer were planning to use the information on you to assassinate you,” Agatha was not bothered by the fact I ignored her rant instead she took my silence as evidence supporting her claims and began to build on it. Reaching unfounded but plausible conclusions.

“…” I continued to ignore her thinking about what was taking Ann so long to send a message.

“Wyatt, if the southern royal family was able to find information about enemies’ Identity and their plot to assassinate you, as your bodyguard I have the right to know who they are and how they planned to kill you. Otherwise, I will not be able to protect you as efficiently as I would have if know who the enemy is and how exactly they planned to assassinate you,” Agatha came up with reasons to justify why they should not keep her in the dark about the information that the southern family had gathered from Cole and share it with her.

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“Yeah, get in line. I am still waiting for Ann’s message and your constant rant in my ears is not making the wait any less annoying,” I said to Agatha as I continued to wait for Ann’s message not knowing what the hold-up was about.

Being called Annoying by the high schooler, Agatha snorted and turned silent. She was starting to reconsider her career choice as a bodyguard. She was a respected semi-demigod, she could do better.

A minute later, a message notification sounded in my grimoire, but the sender was Anna, not Ann. And I finally understood what the hold-up was, it was Anna.

[Message received… Read/ Ignore/ Mark as Read/ Delete]


[Sender Anna Heatsend,

Wyatt, if that bitch dares to try and flirt with you, tell me. I will teach her a lesson.]

I have no idea what transpired between Anna and Ann but it seems Ann won the debate and the Anna was pissed about whatever it was those two were fighting about.

While I was thinking of what to make of Anna’s message, another message notification sounded in my grimoire, this time the message was from Ann.

[Message received… Read/ Ignore/ Mark as Read/ Delete]


[Sender Ann Heatsend,

Wyatt, sorry I made you wait. I had a situation over here, nothing to worry about everything is handled.]

Ann apologized for the delay while explaining herself in her message. I replied, [I know Anna sent me a message.]

[And don’t worry about the delay I had Agatha and her nosy questions to keep me company.]

[I specifically asked her not to call you about it,] replied Ann

[Well, technically she did not call me. Anyway, what did you guys fight about?] I replied by defending Anna’s action and soon thought, ‘What is wrong with me, why am I defending Anna’s possessive behavior?’

[Nothing, I felt that it would be best if I explained Cole and our progress to you considering the sensitive nature of the matter. Anna did not seem to agree but I convinced her,] Ann replied, explaining what Anna and she argued about but she left out the part where she had found a mental trick to keep Anna from accessing her thoughts. Which was the real reason for their argument and why Anna was pissed.

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