Card Apprentice Daily Log

927 Agatha's Threat

Date- 3 April 2321

Time- 20:39

Location- Sun Blossom City, Card Creationist Association, Auction house, West Wing Hall

“Okay, what is that condition of yours? If it is to help you deal with the low-level card apprentice of the circle then don’t even think about speaking it just swallow those words,” Agatha agreed to hear me out but warned me that she will not harm those that are weaker than her without a proper reason to do so.

“I want you to help me see the semi-demigods before we retreat. That should not be too much to ask, right?” I stated my condition to Agatha.

“Why is your condition so specific and odd? As if you want to confirm something. Wyatt, what are you up to, tell me the whole truth. I am your bodyguard you need to be frank with me so that I can be good at my job to protect you. Why don’t you understand that, damn it?” Agatha was not a two-year-old, hearing the boy make such an odd but specific condition, she knew he was up to something or knew something that she did not know. Being kept in the dark about so many secrets Agatha was frustrated and finally snapped at the boy asking him to be honest with her so that she can do her job to protect him better.

Hearing frustrated Agatha, I did not answer her but asked, “So you can do that or not?”

“I will agree to nothing unless you tell me everything you know. As your bodyguard, I need to know what we are getting into to tell you if you are being foolish or not,” Agatha demanded.

From the moment she accepted this task to protect the boy she felt something was off about this mission. It felt as if something else huge was afoot here than she was being let to know. Especially the part where Anna went as far as to threaten her with the life of demigod Windsor’s daughter to take her task of protecting the boy seriously.

She thought the mission was to protect the boy as he ambushed a small-time organization, but it was opening to be something bigger than what she can handle. What was more frustrating was that the fact the card soldier boy knew more than what she knew. To her, this was humiliating. She had worked hard to get to where she was today and yet she was being led by a card soldier. It felt as if everything she had worked for was for nothing. That fact that she was at a point in her life where, she, as a semi-demigod had to compare herself to a young card soldier. She thought that things could not go lower for her.

“Agatha, you know I cannot tell you that. The information you are asking for is the Southern region’s top confidential secrets. Anna will not be happy to hear that you are asking for the state secrets,” I said not giving into Agatha’s unreasonable demands.

“Oh, yeah, how about I take you back to sky blossom city? I bet Anna will be thrilled about that,” seeing her demands not met Agatha threatened me.

“What you can’t do that. That is not what we agreed on. The deal was you will be my bodyguard until the whole thing got an ending. Are you going to go back on your words? Agatha, is that what you are trying to do?” I said in protest to Agatha’s threat. But I had a feeling at this point if I don’t say what Agatha wanted to hear she will follow through with her threat.

“No, I am not going back on my words. I agreed to be your bodyguard and I will be your bodyguard. As your bodyguard, I don’t feel you are safe here so I will take you back to the sky blossom city to your sugar mama. I bet even if you do not appreciate my work as your bodyguard she will,” Agatha doubled down on her threat and I felt like she was enjoying it.

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Threatening the boy to take him back home to his sugar mama Agatha felt like she was back in control again. She hated the fact that she had to do and follow as the card soldier said, her ego did not allow it but now, right now, she felt as if she was in charge. This feeling was wonderful, she could not help but think about why she did not do this from the start. Why did she let this boy walk all over her earlier?

It was because back then it was just some ordinary mission that she wanted to complete and be done with it but now it had become a mission where the possibility of her death was a thing. The moment she knew she would be risking her life for a card soldier to get his revenge, she felt backed up against the wall and then she snapped deciding to snatch the reigns from the boy’s hands and be in control.

“Agatha, as a bodyguard why can’t you just do what you are told to do without asking too many questions?” Even if I wanted to share what I knew with Agatha, I did not know where to begin and how to prove it without revealing my secrets. There was too much at risk here and Agatha was being difficult.

“Wyatt, if not for the southern emperor holding my princess hostage, I would have killed you for what you just said to me. Please don’t push it. Let us be civil about this, I still want to be friends with you when we are done here. So let us not say or do things to each other that either of us will regret later. You give me what I want and I will give you what you want. Then part as a couple of BFFs. What do you say, buddy?” Agatha sounded like the worst mobster to ever exist. But what she said made sense. I reveal a few things to quench her curiosity and manipulate her to do exactly what I had in plan. This worked for me.

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