Card Apprentice Daily Log

929 Mangrove District

Date- 3 April 2321

Time- 20:49

Location- Sun Blossom City, Card Creationist Association, Auction house, West Wing Hall

“Point? honey, we have a once-in-the-lifetime opportunity here, if you are too skeptical to see it let me lead you to it,” I said, hearing Agatha say that there was no point to my action.

“Let me guess you plan to reveal to the world that the circle has the semi-demigod realm Lich in its forces,” Agatha spoke my thoughts but she showed no interest to act on it.

“So you do see it,” I said and added, “Not only do we have a shot at destroying a branch of the Circle but we can also put the entire Circle in the hot water. This day could not get better.”

“For you maybe, you get your revenge, what do I get out of this?” Agatha said as if repaying my favor by being my bodyguard was a thing of yesterday.

“Ahem, did you lose your memory or what? You are doing this to repay the favor that you owe me. A debtless consciousness is what you get out of this. Nothing trumps a clean consciousness,” I reminded Agatha that she owes me this one.

“Wyatt, you have your way with words but that is not enough to blind me from the amount of risk you are asking me to take for a benign favor,” Agatha said, the favor she owed me was not worth the risk.

“Benign favor? Agatha, are you being serious right now?” Seeing Agatha show signs of reneging on her favor I could not help but wonder if she was for real.

“Remind me again what favor you did for me to return it with my life on the line,” Agatha did not seem to let go of this one. She was not worried about Anna as she knew as long as she kept the boy safe and brought him back home in one piece Anna would not bother her.

“About that… I don’t care, a favor is a favor,” now that Agatha brought it up, I too felt that the favor I did for her was benign compared to the one I was asking of her. But I can’t tell her that. If she knew I agreed with her point I would have no leverage in whatever angle she was working here.

“Wow, Wyatt, now that I said something you don’t like you are going to baby about it. You know what I did not expect much from you anyway,” Agatha spoke as if she was disappointed in me.

“You are one to speak, making excuses to renege on what you owe me. What? Did I say something wrong?” I snapped at Agatha.

“Okay, that is it, I have decided that you are not safe in this city we are heading home,” Agatha decided to play her card seeing that I was not letting the conversation advance to where she gets to make demands.

“Fine, what do you want? Before you answer, let me make it clear to you, do not push your luck,” I decided to reach a compromise with Agatha because I needed her to follow my lead to the dot, her insubordination could be deadly when a fight breaks out.

“A card soldier threatening a semi-demigod isn’t that funny. Still, I appreciate the fact that you are willing to be fair,” Agatha’s calm voice sounded in my mind.

“Well, go ahead, what do you want from me?” I asked

“Nothing much, I want you to make me a pattern in your next big venture. I want to form a steady source of income. That is all,” Agatha put forward her demand.

“Are you sure that you are a semi-demigod? Sometimes when you say stuff like this I can’t help but wonder if you are a fake semi-demigod. Tell me you are a real semi-demigod,” I mocked Agatha and her measly dream of forming a stable source of income.

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“Hey, I am a real semi-demigod. Not everyone, like you, is gifted with various extraordinary talents that would put an adult to shame. If your every meal while growing up came from your mother selling her body, you would understand- sorry I did not want to make this depressing,” Agatha’s story took a dark turn making the conversation too depressing.

“So your mother was a sex worker?” It was insensitive of me to ask Agatha this but I had my reasons.

“I wish unfortunately I don’t know who my mother is,” Agatha’s voice did not hide the fact that she longed for a mother.

“So, what was the dark story for?” I asked Agatha in confusion.

“I was trying to make a point,” said Agatha

“Your point being?” I stressed Agatha for an answer because the story was really messed up.

“Enough about that, you still did not give me an answer,” Agatha changed the topic and I decided to go with it.

“The next big thing I am thinking about is related to the medical field-” I was about to go into detail about my plans but was interrupted by Agatha, “Medical field? Haven’t they found everything there is to it?”

“Do you hear yourself? That right there is the reason why I have trouble believing you are a semi-demigod. Do you get me now? Do you?” I wasn’t really surprised that Agatha was so ignorant when it came to the medical field, with her semi-demigod physique she hardly needs a doctor.

“You think I am ignorant, you haven’t seen the semi-demigods out there, half of them don’t even know how much a loaf of bread costs,” Agatha said trying to defend herself but she did not do a good job with her defense.

“And you do?” I asked Agatha skeptically.

“A 100 dollars,” Agatha replied confidently.

“A 100 dollars for a loaf of bread, where do you buy your bread? Apple care maybe,” I said forgetting the fact that they don’t have apple care in this world for Agatha to get my reference.

“Apple care, what is that?” Agatha asked in confusion.

“Forget About it, didn’t you ask how I knew there was a tumor next to Lucy’s brain? My medical invention is based on that,” I revealed what my next big idea was about to Agatha.

“Great, then what are your plans for it?” Agatha asked, and she seemed genuinely interested in my idea.

“First step, I plan to patent it, and then for the second part, I will sell the manufacturing rights to whoever pays me the highest,” My plan for my next big idea couldn’t be more obvious but it was the best one.

“And where do I come in these two steps?” Agatha asked with a deadpan face. As the two steps in my plan did not have any room for Agatha.

“It depends, how much capital do you plan to invest? If you are confident in your savings, you can bid for the manufacturing rights,” I said with a professional smile, this one I learned from Susan.

“My savings are enough for me but not enough to bid for the manufacturing rights. What else can you offer me?” Agatha did not want to make a fool of herself by bringing up her measly savings to bid for the manufacturing rights of what could be the biggest invention in the medical field so far.

“How about distribution rights? I can ask whoever buys the manufacturing rights to give you the exclusive distribution rights of the product for an entire district in the central region. That should be enough. You can pull that off, right?” Knowing that Agatha’s savings would not amount to much I decided to give her something that cost less capital but a lot of commitment.

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“Sounds good. And if it turns out to be more than what I can bargain for, I can always bring in more partners,” Agatha said, having already decided on the partner to bail her out if things don’t work out, and that was none other than her beloved master demigod Windsor.

“Sure. Now that you got what you want, it’s your turn to deliver,” I paid nothing to get a semi-demigod slave but I have doubt whether my slave semi-demigod is fake.

“Fine, I will go with your plan. But if things go south, we retreat. After all, my princess’s life is and will always be my top priority,” Agatha stated and it seemed that was her bottom line.

Hearing Agatha, I could not help but feel sorry for her future husband unless she planned to seduce her boss. I say this because Agatha had displayed all the signs pointing to that scenario.

Feeling my long silence suspicious, Agatha questioned, “What’s taking you so long?”

“Yes, I agree. Safety trumps vengeance,” I agreed to Agatha’s condition because when things get out of my hands, I would rather leave than foolishly stay waiting for my death.

“Good, but before you forget, I want the mangrove district of the central region. I will not compromise on that,” Agatha demanded.

“Sure, why not.”

Fast forward to the future, these words, I would come to regret.

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