Card Apprentice Daily Log

930 All Set

Date- 3 April 2321

Time- 20:55

Location- Sun Blossom City, Card Creationist Association, Auction house, West Wing Hall

Now that I had successfully acquired a semi-demigod slave, I continued with my call back to Roy,

[Calling Roy… ]

“Hello, boss. The mission was a success,” Roy reported immediately after answering my call.

“I know, I was alerted about the addition of the new member, I expect great things from him. With this everything is set for tonight,” I said feeling in control as everything was going as per my plan as moments ago Hive AI had alerted me about the addition of the new calamity daughter gem.

“But, boss, there has been a new development that I wanted to report to you urgently,” Roy said he has matters that need to be brought to my attention, hearing me prepare for the event tonight.

“Well, go ahead. I am all ears,” the words ‘new development’ caught my attention, as those sets of words represented the uncertain part of the plan that I had come up with.

“Boss, the circle’s branch leader has called all members to arms to guard the headquarters. it seems he knows you are coming for him tonight,” Roy reported.

“There has been a leak but it has been handled. So nothing has changed, the plan is set to go tonight,” The news about Cole and his deeds, I have yet to share it with my calamity daughter gems. The reason I did not share the news till now was I did not think it mattered.

As for Mike Brown gathering the Circle’s forces to prepare for our ambush at the circle headquarters, all I had to say in that regard was that he was not only digging his grave but his subordinates too.

“Okay, boss. I will update you if there are any more developments on my side,” As my puppet, Roy did not voice an opposition instead he did what a good puppet does. A puppet does what a puppet is.

“You do that,” saying that I hung up on Roy and could not help but thank Mike Brown for making things easier for me.

“You have an inside man in the Circle, no wonder you are so calm even after got the news of your plan being leaked to your enemies. Wyatt, I have to say I underestimated you,” Agatha praised the boy knowing he was not charging at the enemy just because he had a sugar mama to wipe after him.

“Maybe if you were not too soon to jump to conclusions, you wouldn’t have underestimated me,” I said, calling out Agatha for judging people.

“Maybe I would not be so quick to judge you if you did not run to your sugar mama whenever you came across an obstacle in your path,” Agatha went straight for the home run with that one.

“Are you sure you should be talking like this to the key person in your dream for a stable source of income?” I reminded Agatha that I owned her.

“Are you sure you should be using that kind of tone for the person who will be guarding your whining ass for the next 24 hours?” Agatha did not budge from my threats. Rather fought back.

At the first sight of rebellion from my semi-demigod slave, I was alerted but eased when I heard her say, “Wyatt, you are not the boss of me. We are in cooperation. I am exchanging my services for your services, nothing more.”

The fact that a semi-demigod had to explain herself to a card soldier was enough evidence that my threat worked. But it also showed that my semi-demigod slave had a mouth on her, I guess we can’t have everything.

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“Sure, we are in a cooperative relationship. Now don’t speak unless I ask you to, I have things to do, I don’t your mental voice messing my train of thoughts,” as I said that I felt an intense glare on me but I ignored it as that was all my rebellious semi-demigod slave could do.

“Clone 1,” I summoned one of my slave conscious as a clone and ordered, “You know what to do, get to it.”

“Yes, original,” after saluting me, Clone 1 hurried out of the hall to carry out the task I had tasked him with. Which was to meet Diana outside the sun blossom city, to fetch the broken runes that Anna had sent for me via Diana.

“A sentient clone with 100% of the original’s powers, that’s some high-level card. How are you a mere card solder with a golden grimoire able to use it?” Agatha spoke in surprise as she saw the boy summon a high-level sentient clone which was too high-level of a card for his current realm.

Hearing my semi-demigod slave fail to see through my first order to her as her master, I wanted to reach for my whip but was interrupted by Cheng who came in bearing gifts, “Master Wyatt, the open Auction ended. And you won all the bids you bid for.”

“I did, that’s good,” I said with a sly smile as winning all the bids I bid for was not that lucky if I owned the person in charge of it.

“Here, master Wyatt, these are all the cards you bid for,” Saying that Cheng handed me a bunch of cards that I won in the open auction.

“Let me see,” going through the cards I couldn’t help but giggle like a little girl thinking, ‘Tonight is going to be an eventful night.’

‘Stop giggling, you look like a damn pedophile going through photos of kids in their birthday suits,’ Agatha’s mental whisper filled with dark humor destroyed my train of thoughts. Which gave birth to a strong urge in me to smack someone or something.

But I controlled myself and I mentally replied to her back saying, ‘enough with your comments or forget the cooperation between us.’ Hearing that Agatha went silent and Cheng reported,

“Boss, there is someone who claims that one of the energy sword cards of the 8 energy cards that you acquired is their fate ingredient and is willing to pay any price to procure it from you.”

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