Card Apprentice Daily Log

933 Joe Pelt

Date- 3 April 2321

Time- 21:16

Location- Sun Blossom City, City Gate No:3, Unknown alley

[Initiating combat mode…]

[Command: Eliminate all Threats…]

[Assessing Threat…]

[7 Hostiles discovered…]

[Calculating course of action…]

[143 favorable scenarios calculated…]

[Running simulation on 143 favorable scenarios…]

[Efficient Scenario selected based on hosts preference…]

[Prioity target: Joe Pelt]

[Eliminating 7 Hostiles…]

As the series of prompts sounded in the clone’s head its eyes turned blank as if it were sleeping with its eyes open.

Seeing the eyes of the boy hung in the air by four hooks and chains turn blank, the Old man panicked, fear could be seen in his eyes, he was afraid that he broke the target before he could complete the task of retrieving the summon armament card given to him by his family’s young master. The old man seemed to be more worried about the wrath of his young master than the life he supposedly destroyed.

As he knew how badly his master wanted this card and what would happen to him if he were unable to retrieve it. Hence the fear in his eyes. As for the boy, he did not give a rat’s ass, if possible he wanted to redo the whole thing but this time he would remember to retrieve the summon armament card before killing him.

But if he knew what was going to transpire the very next second he would not be worried about what his young master would do to him for failing to retrieve the card but worry about how to escape from this unknown alley with his life because he had messed with the wrong clone.

As the old man was thinking of numerous ways how to save his ass when he gives his young master the bad news regarding the failure of the mission, suddenly a golden grimoire appeared next to the boy, and the boy mechanically chanted, “Field Negator.”

With the boy’s chant, the surrounding torture dungeon field card of the old man shattered like glass returning the unknown alley to normal. With the torture dungeon field gone, the hooks and chains restraining the boy disappeared and the boy landed on his feet. Then his blank eyes glanced at the old man as the holes on his wrists and feet closed in seconds leaving behind blood traces as a reminder of the wounds that were there.

Before the old man could process and react to the sudden appearance of the golden grimoire next to the boy he was hit with another shock, his field card was canceled more like destroyed. By the time he could process the changes surrounding him the boy’s wounds had healed and except for the blood stains he was back to normal, just like the unknown alleyway. All this transpired in a matter of seconds leaving not enough time for the old man to process it, baffled, he yelled “What the fuck?”

In response to the baffled old man’s yell, the boy just stayed silent and suddenly rushed at the old man aiming for his heart. Under imminent danger, the passive defense of the old man was triggered, and a yellow translucent hexagonal barrier, 6 feet wide, appeared in front of the old man.

The appearance of the yellow translucent barrier did not deter the boy, he kept charging toward the old man. Soon the balled fist of the boy slammed onto the barrier protecting the old man shattering it into bits and pieces as a result he triggered a passive effect of the shield, knockback, which did not affect the boy but the old man, sending the old man flying out of the alleyway.

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Having escaped the imminent danger the old man finally came to his senses and yelled at the masked card apprentices that had stalked the boy into the alleyway under his orders, “You fools, what are you waiting for? Subdue him.”

“…” The half dozen stalkers heard the orders of the old man loud and clear but having witnessed what just happened and the golden grimoire hovering next to the boy they knew even together they were not the match for the boy so they decided to ignore the direct orders from old man, rushed out of the alleyway and ran in different directions merging with the crowd on the street.

Seeing this both the boy and the old man were at the loss for words, especially the Hive AI as the number of threats suddenly decreased to one from seven. Thankfully it did anticipate the old man’s hired goon escaping when overwhelmed by their opponent so it had already selected the next best course of action depending on its host’s preference, focusing on eliminating the priority target.

“These third-rate city scums,” seeing his hired goons ignore his orders and escape, the old man cussed.

The old man was very dissatisfied with his hired goon’s cowardice but right now he could do nothing about it as his death was rushing towards him in the form of the boy he had enjoyed torturing earlier.

“Nooo…” seeing the incoming fist of the boy aim at his head the old man screamed in utter fear but the fist he was dreading never came instead he heard a loud sound and felt a blow of wind on his face.

As the boy’s fist was about to land on the old man’s head and burst it open like a watermelon, a black shadow came out of nowhere and took the boy’s punch head-on.

A loud wind brushed past the old man’s face as the aftermath of the shadow and the boy’s fist clashing with each other. After the collision, the boy was forced to retreat a few steps back and the shadow did a beautiful summersault in the air and landed on the head of the old man. The shadow turns out to be a black cat.

Seeing the black cat the old man’s eyes which were filled with fear earlier were now filled with hope and thirst for vengeance as he yelled with great relief, “Young master, thank you for saving this slave’s life.”

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