Card Apprentice Daily Log

934 Matthew Pelt

Date- 3 April 2321

Time- 21:22

Location- Sun Blossom City, City Gate No:3, Unknown alley

[Card Name: Torture Dungeon

Card Type: Field card

Card Rank: C-rank, Uncommon Grade

Card Rate: 8-Stars

Card Durability: [86/100]

Card Effect: When activated the card can morph the surrounding 500 meters into a torture dungeon. Inside the torture dungeon, the user can dampen the target’s strength and increase any one of their senses proportionally.

Additional effect: Hooks and Chains

Note: inside the field, the user will be under the same penalty as the target.]

Hooks and Chains: The user can use and manipulate the hooks and chains dangling from the ceiling of the torture dungeon at will.

Note: the length of the chain is limited to 500 meters.

[Card Name: Last Barrier

Card Type: Skill card (Passive)

Card Rank: C-Rank, Uncommon Grade

Card Rate: 9-Stars

Card Durability: [83/100]

Card Effect: The last barrier is a passive 6-feet wide barrier that gets automatically summoned to protect the user whenever the user is in imminent danger.

Additional Effect: KnockBack

Note: If the user cannot feel the imminent danger then the card will not activate]

Knockback: when the last barrier is attacked the aggressor is knocked back several feet if the barrier can withstand the attack of the aggressor. If the barrier is unable to withstand the attack of the aggressor then the user is knocked back several feet.

Note: Every time the last barrier fails to withstand the attack of the aggressor it will lose one durability.

“I was getting impatient thinking about what is taking you so long and decided to check on you. Looking at your sorry state it seems I did the right thing by tracking you down,” A young man walked out of the shadows. Seeing him the black cat jumped off the old man’s head and landed on the young man’s shoulder.

“Young master, please punish this slave, I wasn’t able to complete your task,” the old man was not the least bit dissatisfied by the young man’s words and instead he begged for the young man’s forgiveness with his clever yet humble tongue.

“Save it, I will handle you later, and besides I don’t blame you. After all your opponent had a golden grimoire, as a silver grimoire holder you can never be his match even if you are in the grandmaster realm. I don’t blame you, but your punishment is due after all somebody has to take the responsibility for this botched-up task, right?” the young man did not blame the old man for failing his mission but still held the old man responsible for the failure of the mission.

“Yes, young master. It is my fault for underestimating the enemy. I will take full responsibility,” the old man readily accepted the young man’s arrangement because he was satisfied with walking away with his life.

With the interruption of the young man, the course of action that Hive AI had calculated was no longer in play. So it had to recalculate the favorable course of actions again but was stopped by the original, ‘move, I am taking over.’

“As the appreciation of your might, I am willing to let this incident slide if you hand over the summon armament card,” the young man was totally oblivious to the inner changes of the boy and proposed a compromise to him.

“Sure, I believe you,” the boy replied sarcastically.

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Hearing the boy’s sarcastic remarks the young man’s brows frowned, he did not like the boy’s sarcastic response but he had his priorities straight. So he choose to ignore those sarcastic remarks and said, “You are quite remarkable to be able to defeat a card grandmaster with your card soldier realm. You have a bright future ahead of you. Don’t waste it over something so trivial. Just hand over the summon armament card and we go our ways. It will be like we never met and this incident never transpired.”

There was a reason why this arrogant young man was willing to reason and reach a compromise with the boy instead of directly subduing him to snatch the summon armament card from him by force.

The young man knew about his retainer’s torture dungeon field card and knew that there hasn’t been a soul so far who was able to withstand the effects of that card, yet the boy in front of him seemed to have somehow overcome it, so he knew better than to use force or torture on this boy.

Therefore he decided to deceive the boy with a hoax compromise. Right now he was willing to tell or do anything that would make the boy hand over the summon armament card to him. And once he gets his hands on the summon armament card then he plans to take his time killing the boy in the most agonizing way he could think of.

Unfortunately for him, he was not facing some third-rate city’s wide-eyed dumb teenager but a transmigrator with trust issues who would rather enslave hundreds with his ability than let an enemy escape.

The boy saw right through the charades of the young man, the first time the young man proposed the compromise to him. Hence his sarcastic response. But the young man’s reaction to his sarcastic response was beyond the boy’s expectations.

The boy was impressed seeing the young man control his anger and keep his eye on the prize, the summon armament card. The boy was amazed by the young man’s reaction but he did not have the time for this as he had places to be, get many things done, and prepare for a midnight ambush.

So he impatiently asked, “Who the fuck are you, man? Where did you come from?”

“I am Matthew Pelt, the future honor graduate of the Northern Star university,” the young man peculiarly introduced himself but his style of introduction did not match his character.

“That introduction of yours is a bit out of character, you sure you alright man?” The boy could not help but ask the young man in concern

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