Card Apprentice Daily Log

939 Target

Date- 3 April 2321

Time- 21:43

Location- Sun Blossom City, City Gate No:3, Unknown alley

After going through the changes to his body the boy finally spared a thought to his attire, it was still intact making him feel that equipping the three attire item cards beforehand was a wasted effort.

The changes to the boy’s appearance were huge but his physical changes were minor. Therefore the previous attires the boy was wearing were still whole and fit him a little tight making the three attire item card unnecessary.

Having used the summon possession card, the boy understood the reason why his changes were so minor after he morphed. Apparently, the difference in the physical strength between the summons and the card apprentice undergoing the fusion will be the deciding factor in how minor or major changes to the body of the card apprentice would be after undergoing summon fusion.

If the card apprentice’s physical strength match’s physical strength of the summons used for summon fusion then the changes that appear on the card apprentice’s body after undergoing summon fusion will be minor. But when the physical strength of the card apprentice doesn’t match or is lesser than the strength of the summons used in the summon fusion than the changes that will happen to the card apprentice’s body after insertion of summon fusion will be major.

The same was true for mental strength. If the mental strength of the card apprentice was greater than that of the summons used in the summon fusion then the card apprentice will be in total control with no mental hindrance from the summons after undergoing summon fusion but in case the card apprentice’s mental strength was not greater than the summons used in the summon fusion then even though the card apprentice will be controlled by default after insertion summon fusion but the card apprentice will face major mental hindrance from the summons and their emotion will be all over the place enough to kill people over small things.

Therefore summons stronger than the card apprentice should not be used for summon possession, useless if it was the last card available.

Thinking of this boy shook his head as he glanced through his surroundings before he decided to head toward his destination in his new form rather than using his beloved hoverbike.

Under the moonlit sky, a humanoid covered in feline fur walked in the air and climbed to the clouds heading out of the city gate following the location his associate had sent to his grimoire.

Date- 3 April 2321

Time- 21:45

Location- Sun Blossom City Outskirts, unknown area.

“What is that thing? Some kind of new monster?” Codename Sniper said after he witnessed a weird humanoid covered in black fur and thick mane wearing human attire run in the air during his turn of the watch.

As the Sniper focused on the humanoid he came to realize that its facial features and soul energy signature closely matched their target. Though the facial features of the humanoid and soul energy closely matched his target it did not mean the humanoid was their target so making this discovery Sniper wanted to shoot it down but then remembered that the Matron had specifically asked them to assassinate the target when he was fighting the sun blossom branch of the circle. And by off-change this humanoid was really his target then he would have messed up big time. Not to mention Matron was not a strong believer in forgiveness which meant this screw-up could cost him his life so he did not want to take his chances. After all, he was a few for merits shy of exchanging them for a divinity. He could not die now things were finally starting to look up for him.

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“Hey, Gray fur. Come out here, you need to see this,” not knowing how to respond to his discovery codename Sniper decided to call their group leader, Gray fur. In this way, he would not be the only one to be blamed for something we’re going to go wrong.

“What is it, Sniper?” Grey Fur replied to Sniper in annoyance as he walked out of the temporary portable stealth secret base.

“Look at that thing, tell me I am not seeing anything wrong,” Sniper asked, pointing at the humanoid creature that was walking with clouds under the starlight.

“Shit, it is our target. It seems he has used some kind of morphing card that gives him the strength and appearance of a beast,” Gray fur said confidently as he knew that even if the facial feature of the creature were to trick him the soul energy signature would not lie. So he was sure that the humanoid creature walking in the sky was none other than their target.

“What is he doing walking out of the city? Is he trying to escape?” Sniper asked, as according to the intel the target wasn’t supposed to leave the city until he had destroyed the sun blossom city branch of the circle.

“From the direction, he is heading, he will soon meet up with the 7 shipping containers hiding using stealth. I bet he and they are all the same. These card apprentices in the shipping container must be the forces belonging to the boy that he plans to use to attack the circle. He must have come out of the city to check on them,” Gray Fur explained based on his speculation. He did not know if his speculation was true or not but they would know soon enough.

“Is that so? Then, do we follow the initial plan and wait or do you have something else in mind?” Sniper asked Gray Fur. If it were up to him he would kill the boy right away and go back home to rest but was not in charge, Gray fur was.

“According to the intel, a semi-demigod bodyguard is hiding in the target’s shadow. It will be too risky to try and assassinate the boy now. Let’s go with the initial plan, which has very little risk involved. Assassinating the boy will be easier if his semi-demigod bodyguard hiding in his shadow was busy dealing with the semi-demigods from the circle. So be patient even if it means that you have to wait another day,” Gary fur too wanted to get off work early but he knew this did not give him the reason to slack off. As any sloppiness could prove as a grave mistake to their mission or on their part.

“Okay, then. Still, do you want me to keep an eye on him? Just in case he chickens out and runs back home crying,” Sniper asked Gray fur, feeling that the boy did not take what it takes to destroy the sun blossom city branch of the circle.

“Sure, do that. But remember we cannot engage the target until he is attacking the sun blossom city branch of the circle or being ambushed by it,” Gray fur felt Sniper’s idea was reasonable so he gave Sniper his permission to continue what Sniper planned to do.

“Good,” Sniper continued to monitor the target while Gray fur returned to the stealth secret base.

Date- 3 April 2321

Time- 21:48

Location- Sun Blossom City Outskirts, unknown area

“Sister, you got to see this. Some kind of humanoid creature is heading our way,” Jaya who was hidden between the clouds using her viltronian flight and surveilling the surroundings of the 7 carrier ship reported to her sister through her grimoire adding, “do you need me to engage it? Before it reaches us and reveals our location to whoever is looking.”

“No, you will do no such thing, I will look into it. As for you, shut up and stay hidden in the clouds, if this mission were to be jeopardized by your willfulness then you will have to meet the worse side of me. ” Daina did not want to bring her little sister to this mission but against her better judgment under the constant pestering of her younger sister she gave in and now she regrets it.

Instead of staying put in the stealth field of the carrier ships, she kept flying around with the abilities of her origin card without the care of revealing their position to the city guards. Diana was very unsatisfied with her younger sister and voicing it out did not help as her younger sister recently ever since they got a new boss, did not seem to take her words seriously. Therefore Daina decided to teach her younger sister a lesson at the first opportunity she got.

“It’s our boss you dumbass. I can tell it’s him from here, what are you doing up in the clouds, sleeping?” Cindy who stood next to Diana yelled at Jaya loud enough for Jaya to hear it through the call.

Hearing Cindy, Daina immediately looked into the night sky, and further away she found the half-man half-cat humanoid creature that her younger sister spoke of, walking in the air headed toward them.

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