Card Apprentice Daily Log

940 Fine Gold Love Triangle

Date- 3 April 2321

Time- 21:52

Location- Sun Blossom City Outskirts, unknown area

“The appearance of the creature resembles that of the boss and also its soul energy signature matches his soul energy signature. Considering that he said he would meet us out here and that humanoid creature is heading toward us It has to be him,” Cindy said, seeing Diana scrutinize the humanoid creature.

“Shut up Cindy, don’t speak as if you are an expert. Our boss always wears his signature red hooded trench coat and the humanoid creature isn’t,” Jaya said through the grimoire call referring to the blood-hooded trench coat presented to l their boss by Captain Ben.

“Yes, you are right. Great observation Jaya,” Diana praised Jaya but continued to observe the humanoid creature considering whether to call their boss and put an end to his discussion.

“Only an obsessed stalker would remember such details,” Cindy mumbled in dissatisfaction because to her it was obvious that the humanoid creature was their boss, and a transformation card must be the one to be blamed for the minor changes to his appearance.

“Hey, I heard that,” Jaya complained, hearing Cindy call her obsessed stalker.

“Jaya, immediately return to the carrier floaters, the creature is heading towards you. Your location has been compromised, it seems the creature has found you hiding between the clouds. Jaya, return immediately,” Diana who was monitoring the humanoid changed its course from the carrier floaters to the cloud where her younger sister was hiding. So she hurriedly ordered her younger sister to evacuate and return to the carrier floater immediately.

“Relax big sis, let it come, I can handle the creature,” Jaya did not plan on listening to her elder sister or returning to the carrier floater for safety. She wanted to test out the creature’s powers.

Ever since Jaya had become aware of her ethereal spirit her viltronian physique had undergone drastic changes. Especially her physical strength. Jaya no longer had a clear understanding of the limits to her strength, she felt that she could skip the realm difference and challenge card apprentice with a higher active soul control percentage than her.

Hence she challenged the fine gold guards but nobody in the fine gold would dare to go all out with the fine gold heiress never allowing Jaya to fully understand her limits. Therefore she planned to confront the humanoid head-on to test her strength. Old Jaya would never care for such things but some things changed about her. She has become more adventurous and outgoing, that was putting it politely but some would say she was looking for a fight. One wrong look and she would come to pick a fight with, only if you have a higher active soul control percentage than her. It was as if Jaya was turning into a muscle-head barbarian who could only find joy, happiness, and meaning in her life by defeating strong opponents.

This was becoming burdensome for the employees of the fine gold, especially the fine gold guards. This was brought to both Cindy and Diana’s notice but they have been too swamped with work that came with the new changes to the company to spare time for Jaya.

“Jaya, stop whatever you are thinking to do and return to the base immediately. That’s an order,” seeing her younger sister blatantly ignore her orders Diana repeated herself more sternly.

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“Watch me whoop that creature’s ass, sister,” yelling that Jaya came out from her hiding between the clouds and dashed toward the humanoid creature.

“Jaya Kieth came back right now,” Diana yelled at the grimoire call but before she could finish Jaya hung up on her. Concerned, Diana turned to look at Cindy and ordered, “get me a hover car or a bike, hurry.”

“Don’t overreact, if you use a hover car or a bike the city guards will take notice of it and besides Wyatt can handle Jaya,” Cindy trusted her gut and advised Diana not to overreact as the situation did not call for it.

“If they fight the city guards will notice, this is bad,” Diana was now blaming herself for getting soft when it came to her younger sister.

“That is given. I bet you now regret bringing that brat with us,” Cindy said oil to the fire.

“Stop it, I know you love her more than me,” Diana said, she knew Cindy was the only other person to love Jaya as she did.

Yes, Cindy complained about Jaya, like, all the time but she was the one who was present during Jaya’s childhood. According to Diana Cindy did not hate Jaya she was just disappointed that Jaya grew up to be a spoiled little princess.

“You couldn’t be more wrong. I hate both of you sisters, if not for you two my life would be easier,” Cindy lashed out hearing Diana call out her true feelings about the two Fine Gold sisters. Her words literally translated to I love you two sisters and if not for you two sisters my life would be lonely.

“Sure, I love you too. Now, come up with an excuse for that girl’s actions. She is going to give away our location to sun blossom city guards who may alert the circle. Boss is going to be so pissed about this when he learns about this,” Diana was used to Cindy’s way of expressing her love. The reason she had calmed down was mostly because of Cindy. Diana knew if Jaya was in danger Cindy would be the first to her rescue. So seeing Cindy so calm about this humanoid creature fiasco Diana decided to wait and cover her younger sister’s ass when their boss blamed them for her actions.

“See, that right there is how you two make my life harder than it has to be. I refuse to be dragged into your mess. This is your fault, you two sisters answer to the boss, don’t drag me into this. I was in no way responsible or part of this. I finally see a hope to amount to something bigger in my life, I am not willing to risk for you two sisters.”

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