Card Apprentice Daily Log

942 Location

Date- 3 April 2321

Time- 21:56

Location- Sun Blossom City Outskirts, unknown area

The location could be considered the most integral part of any war. A good general can make use of their surroundings to their advantage. Human history has many instances where brave leaders have made of use their surroundings to win a losing war. The same goes for the battle between the circle and me. Depending upon the circumstances the Circle felt that their home base was the safest location and decided to defend passively from their sun blossom city branch headquarters.

The only reason why Mike Brown chose to make his last stand at the Circle’s sun blossom city branch headquarters was that he knew the enemy was coming when the enemy was coming but he did not know from where the enemy was coming.

Knowing that there was going to be an enemy attack and when the enemy was going to attack did not leave many options for Mike Brown. His options were to passively defend hold the ground and ward off the enemy attack, retreat to safety and go into hiding, or surrender and leave life to the enemy’s mercy.

There are two reasons why Mike’s options were limited to these three choices. First was that the Circle was a foreign organization in the southern region operating on diplomacy. So even if they knew their enemy’s forces were based in sky blossom city they could not fully display aggression towards this rival organization backed by the southern royal family without a strong reason and evidence to back their actions.

The second was that they did not know where the enemy was coming from. Had they known where the enemy planned to invade the Sun blossom city and attack them then they could bring the fight to the enemy.

They could have the city lord declare the enemy organization’s force as invaders and make use of the city’s forces to fight the enemy in advance before they even infiltrated the sun blossom city to attack their headquarters. Even better they could have the city lord make use of the city array to trap and massacre the enemy.

In this instance knowing where the enemy was going to attack them gave the circle a chance to catch the enemy in the act and gather enough circumstantial evidence to launch a preemptive attack on the enemy and aggressively attack them instead of passively defending against the enemy.

As for the consequences that would come with such extreme actions, they would defend themselves using circumstantial evidence saying anybody in their situation would have done the same and blame the southern royal family for making the Circle feel unwelcome and threatened enough to resort to extreme measures in the southern region. Since both sides have enough fingers pointing at each other the diplomatic relations will continue with some compromises.

Therefore the location of my forces needed not to be revealed to the Circle. Since I have Cheng under my command, my forces and I did not have to be worried about being labeled as invaders by the city lord and its bureaucrats but this did not stop the circle from leaving their base and coming after us.

I was confident that my forces will take on the circle anytime and anywhere but I wanted the Circle to gather all its force at its headquarters where it would be easy for me to wipe out the Circle’s sun blossom branch and all its remnants once and for all. But this was only possible if the circle’s sun blossom city branch members regroup at their headquarters. Hence it was really important for my forces to keep their location hidden to avoid the chances of the enemy choosing to attack us instead of choosing to defend by staying that the base.

There was no telling how the enemy would react in war, therefore I need to control as many variables of the upcoming war so that the enemy had limited options to choose from, which indirectly gave me the ability to predict their responses allowing me to come up with a countermeasure for all the possible way’s enemy would react in the war. This was how I make sure that the enemy would choose to continue to regroup at their base.

But all this advantage I had on my side would vanish if the sun blossom city guards were to take notice of our location because of the commotion caused by Jaya. Not being detected by the city guards was one of the reasons why I did not choose to travel using my hoverbike and instead chose to use summon possession on the elusive aerial puss summons.

Seeing the incoming fist of Jaya, I stepped aside and evaded it by a breath instinctively. The fur on my body felt the surrounding air currents and instructed me on the best possible way to evade Jaya’s punch. I finally understood why the cat summons was termed the elusive spirit. Its fur could predict and counter the enemy attack based on the movement of the surrounding air. The ability of the fur was not limited there, it could also make use of the kinetic energy in the air to increase its agility allowing making it possible for an elusive spirit to make use of the enemy’s power to evade their attacks. The elusive spirit could not only make use of the kinetic energy stored in the air to increase agility to evade but also to increase its agility while using wind runner and other such abilities. This meant that the elusive spirit could also evade the attacks of the enemies in a higher realm than itself without much difficulty and retreat without getting caught. This was one overpowered ability. No wonder the elusive spirit’s description read that like the wind one could not catch the elusive spirit. Having used the abilities of the elusive spirit so far I felt like its card info did not do justice to its skills. If I had used my hoverbike I don’t think I would have been able to reach my force’s hideout this fast.

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