Card Apprentice Daily Log

943 Disbelief

Date- 3 April 2321

Time- 21:57

Location- Sun Blossom City Outskirts, unknown area

After evading Jaya’s attack by a hair’s length by stepping aside, I instinctively grabbed her fist by its wrist bringing her to an abrupt halt, and said, “WTF do you think you are doing?”

“Wyatt?” Jaya exclaimed in surprise and disbelief upon hearing the humanoid creature’s voice. The reason for her surprise was apparent but the disbelief she felt was because of her boss’s physical strength.

Jaya who was pumped up because of new growth in her strength felt that no card apprentice in her realm would be able to overpower her in terms of physical strength but it did not take too long for the universe to prove her wrong. Her boss who was of her age and a little behind her in the active soul control percentage was able to disperse her full power attack with a single move hurting her ego. At first, Jaya thought that he must have used a card but she could not deny the enormous strength she felt on her wrist opposing her strength. So Jaya was in disbelief she could not understand why her boss was so much stronger than her.

When Jaya tried to struggle free her wrist from his grasp she felt powerless as if her boarish strength was tackling a concrete wall. That was how much her physical prowess lacked compared to her boss’s physical strength. Then out of nowhere an instinctive fear grew in her body. This fear stemmed from her genes. As if she had met the alpha of her kind. No something more stronger and gruesome than that. Every instinct in her body was telling her to run. It was as if she had met her predator. Jaya knew the source of this distress she was feeling was her boss but she did not know the reason why. The reason was simple it was none other than their physique.

The Gigamites, mutants of the Viltronian race were always considered to be tyrants by the Viltronian race. Whenever a Vitronian mutant was born to Viltronian the existing leader of the Viltronian tribe would choose to kill them in their curdle because no matter the circumstances these will grow to enslave the entire Viltronian race and wage war across the galaxy. The conquest can be considered a huge part of the Viltronian race trait but it was stronger in Gigamites, this mutant thrived on war, and it did not care about the compassion for the race, weak or strong, it would try to conquer them all, unlike the pure-blood Viltronian who only found pleasure in conquering the strong. Hence Gigmaites were considered as the predators by the viltronian race explaining the instinctive fear that Jaya felt towards her boss. Had the gigamite in front of her been weaker than her Jaya’s instinct would have forced her to kill it before it became a threat to her.

Putting her fear, disbelief, and surprise aside Jaya asked, “Wyatt, is it you?”

“Yes and no, this my clone. I will explain later. Let’s head back to the hideout before you endanger the mission any further,” saying that I dragged Jaya by her wrist and headed towards the carrier floaters.

“…” Jaya’s mind crumbled and all that cockiness she felt with the sudden growth in her physical strength disappeared as if it was never there in the first place after hearing her boss say that she was bested by one of his clones. She was not defeated by the real body but mere clone things could not get more depressing for Jaya. As a result of the fact that her physical strength wasn’t even able to put up resistance against her boss’s clone’s physical strength, the disbelief in Jaya’s eyes grew stronger.

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Apart from her disbelief Jaya started to question her entire reality as currently her feelings for her boss were messed up. Her heart seemed to yearn for a romantic relationship with him but her brain for some unknown reason felt distressed toward him. She really could not put a finger on where she was when it came to her boss. Does she like him or does she fear him? Which was it? As a viltronian woman, she was attracted to strong men so her body was favoring her heart but it also got alerted when she was near him.

Jaya’s feelings towards her boss were not this complicated before, ever since she had found her ethereal spirit her power was growing exponentially which also seemed to affect her mentality too. It was as if she was undergoing super adolescence.

Jaya had an inkling that all this was tied to her origin. But her origin was no less mysterious to her than what she was undergoing so it was a dead end. So she decided that she will wait until one of the two feelings she felt toward her boss overcame the other to act on them. But she hoped that her romantic feeling for her boss overpowers her fear for him.

Below on the deck of a floater carrier, Cindy stretched her hand in front of Diana and said, “You owe me 10 soul jades, pay up.”

“It seems the humanoid creature is the boss himself, but I don’t understand why has he morphed his appearance into a monster? Is it some kind of disguise?” Having concluded that the humanoid creature was their Boss by its response to Jaya’s aggression.

“I don’t know, but that girl is really lucky. If not for the boss, she would have ended up jeopardizing the mission. But I hope your punishment for her insubordination is enough to please the boss,” Cindy reminded Diana not to go soft on Jaya as the disaster was averted. Because she felt it would possibly leave their boss dissatisfied with them.

“Don’t worry, I have thought of a punishment fitting Jaya’s crime and you, in particular, are going to love it. Do you want to hear it?” Diana had a sadistic smile on her face thinking of the punishment for Jaya’s crime.

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