Card Apprentice Daily Log

944 Morale

Date- 3 April 2321

Time- 22:01

Location- Sun Blossom City Outskirts, unknown area, Fine Gold Carrier Floater

“Welcome aboard, boss,” Diana and Cindy greeted me as Jaya and I landed on the deck of the carrier floater next to them.

“…” Not responding to Diana and Cindy’s greeting I moved my stern glance from them to Jaya and said, “Explain to me your train of thought when you acted me out of the blue.”

Jaya was in a daze, her thoughts were in a total mess concerning the recent discovery she had made regarding the physical strength that she was so proud about. Therefore it took her a little time to organize her thoughts and answer her boss, “Boss, I am sorry but I thought that you were a humanoid monster aiming for the floater carriers so I decided to-“

“Damn it Jaya, let’s say I was a humanoid monster, what were you thinking by engaging it so openly in the regulated air space? Did thought of leaking our location to the never your mind?” Hearing Jaya’s obvious excuse I furiously interrupted her asking if she had lost her mind to act the way she did.

“I’m sorry boss, I wasn’t thinking straight,” Seeing her boss get furious hearing her excuse she understood her boss did not want to hear her excuse and only wanted her to understand what mistake she made. But Jaya, who decided to engage the humanoid creature to test her physical strength limit did not understand what the big deal was. She felt that with her strength if it were someone else then she could have easily bested them.

“She wasn’t thinking straight, what about you two? Were you guys too not thinking straight?” Hearing Jaya accepts her mistake and apologizes for it I turned and yelled at Diana and Cindy for why they just stood there and let Jaya do as she pleased.

“Boss, It was my mistake. I disobeyed CEO Diana’s orders and decided to engage the hostile out in the open,” Jaya immediately took all the blame seeing her elder sister take the heat for her mistake.

“You are telling me despite Diana’s orders you went with your plan risking the enter mission. Are freaking out of your mind?” I yelled at Jaya in the wake of the new information. Knowing that Jaya disobeyed the direct orders and almost jeopardized the mission made it unable for me to forgive her with stern yelling. At first, I thought Jaya did not know any better, turns out she did know better but went ahead and did what she had in the plan anyway. Now that was not something that I could look past.

“Boss, I’m really sorry,” Jaya found that apologizing would keep the thing from blowing up.

“What happened Jaya? You were so responsible and reasonable when we meet to discuss the Slime fairy cards. I thought you had changed for the better. But it seems not you are as impulsive and rash as the day we met. I am disappointed,” I said shaking my head in disappointment. After the meeting on the slime fairy card, I believed Jaya could be more than a case study of how the viltronian core would react to ego gem but it seems I was underestimating Jaya’s vanity.

“…” Hearing her boss’s words Jaya who was still deciding whether she feared her boss or liked her boss came to a conclusion at that instant that the answer was the latter. Because if she feared her boss she would not feel bad for letting him down. She felt so sad that she was without words to explain herself. It is not like she could say that her newfound strength had gotten to her head and made her do stupid things. That would only make things worse.

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“If I may, boss,” Diana spoke up as her boss furiously yelled at her younger sister. Especially after hearing the last part, knowing that their boss was her younger sister’s first crush she could not let this continue any further.

“What is it? If you plan to defend her then don’t bother speaking,” I warned Diana sternly.

“Boss, I would not dare to defend Jaya’s action. Her action has put our mission at risk, if not for you our location would have already been leaked to the Circle by now. Even though nothing happened, her action could have led to the downfall of the entire mission which is unforgivable. She will be punished for her actions with a punishment fitting her crime,” Diana said glancing at her little sister and then continuing to add, “Boss, though Jaya is at fault here, I would like to take the responsibility for her insubordination. I am in the wrong for not disciplining my troops.”

“Yes, you both are at fault here but let’s postpone the punishment until after we finish the mission. And for now, let’s keep our eye on the prize. Understood,” Diana said all the right things, so I did not have the mind to continue on this as for now I wanted all of them to be focused on the mission at hand. It would be best if they believed I would go easy on them if they performed excellently during the mission.

“Yes, boss,” Diana responded while Jaya nodded.

“So, where’s the southern emperor’s storage card?” I asked Diana to hand over the storage card that Anna had sent for me. After all, the broken runes in them were a crucial part of the plan b.

“Here boss,” Diana summoned her grimoire and hand me the storage card.

Then soon all my calamity daughter gems that be spread across different carrier floaters came to greet me. They did not need to do this but this was what the social convection dictated. They had to keep their appearance in front of the forces that were following them. It would look bad to the grunts if they did not come forward to greet their big bad boss. This was all to keep the morale of my forces. If they felt that their leader was not in favor with the big boss then they will start to have second thoughts about going to war under the leadership of their current leaders. Which was unnecessary and could easily be avoided if my calamity daughter gems followed the social conduct to assure their subordinates.

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