Card Apprentice Daily Log

948 Demon Worshiper

Date- 3 April 2321

Time- 22:20

Location- Sun Blossom City, Card Creation Association, Auction House

“About time you arrived, now hand over the storage card and bye-bye,” Talking to my clone felt funny but it made sense since I had let the slave consciousness that I used to create the clone develop its own individuality. Was I not worried about mutiny? No, I was not as I could control every aspect of the slave consciousness. Kind of similar to Matron’s ability except I could do much more.

“Here’s the card, If you don’t mind I would like to hang around for a while,” Clone 1 asked not to be sent back as he handed me the storage card he picked up from Diana.

“Sure. Sit over there and use the grimoire to entertain yourself,” I was not surprised by Clone 1 demanding not to return to my mutated soul. After all, individuality thrives on freedom which the slave consciousness cannot find in my mutated soul as I would mute it so that I do not hear voices in my head.

There was also another reason for me to let Clone 1 exist even after its purpose was achieved. I had other plans for it not just my other two slave consciousness too, I need them to play decoy when I attack the circle’s sun blossom branch. I know my gigamite form makes up my peak strength but with the new broken runes, summon possession card, and Elusive spirit card I had something new planned. If that did not work out I could always switch to my gigamite form with a thought.

“Clones cannot contract grimoire. How is it able to summon a grimoire?” Agatha who had gone silent earlier suddenly spoke out seeing my clone summon a grimoire while I too was using a grimoire.

No matter how advanced and high-level, clones are not considered independent beings by the world’s will, so it was impossible for a clone to contract a grimoire. The clones can share their originals grimoire but they cannot contract a new grimoire for themselves. Therefore Agatha was surprised when she saw my clone and I use the two grimoires at the same time.

​ “Welcome back, so we speak when you want something. Is that how this works? I thought we were closer than that,” I said sarcastically reminding Agatha of when she ghosted me for asking her about the supposed file on me.

“Fine, I confess. I did a background check on you when that person conditioned the princess that she would only join the princess’s mercenary group if you were in it. I was doing my job as princess’s bodyguard, nothing personal so get over yourself,” Agatha confessed but also justified her actions by saying that it was part of her job. Not that I cared but I had to keep up the act.

“Agatha don’t you think you are getting too casual when you talk to me,” I said hearing Agatha ask me to get over myself.

“Yeah, what happened? I thought we were close enough for that,” Agatha felt that as the semi-demigod she should be the one warning the boy about him getting too casual with her. She was not his maid she was a freaking semi-demigod, damn it.

“Enough with that, I think we should set some ground rules- no, you know what the relationship between us is professional and nothing more than that. We agreed on mutual assistance, you keep me alive through this night in exchange I help you build your steady supply of income. Let’s just stick to that,” I declared feeling that keeping things professional between Agatha and me would be the best despite all that time I wasted on developing a relationship between us hoping that she would abandon me when the ship begins to sink and only have a life jacket to one person.

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“So, how is your clone able to use a grimoire?” Agatha asked

“Did you not hear anything I just said?”I asked Agatha hearing her invade on my secrets. A semi-demigod level bodyguard in exchange for my privacy no longer felt like a good deal. I wonder how Asong deals with it with about 11 semi-demigods constantly following her around.

“I heard you loud and clear but the only reason I am asking is the only card apprentices whose clones can use a separate grimoire are the demon worshipers by refining a live person into their clone. I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but I hope you have a good explanation. This me being professional,” Agatha explained why she insisted on investigating my secret despite me making it clear to her to be more professional.

“As if you would let it slide earlier,” I scoffed

“You don’t know me, maybe I would have. But it is too late for you to beg for things to return to the way they were between us. You have burned that bridge,” Agatha seemed to be hurt by my words earlier making it difficult to figure her out. As a semi-demigod who lived for more than centuries, you would think that she would have her feeling together and would not get hurt over a few practical words.

“Why are you so sure that I used a live person to create that clone? You have no evidence to jump to conclusions that I am a demon worshiper but you seem to have already concluded that I am a demon worshiper. Wait, Do you want me to be a demon worshipper? Just because I said some words that hurt your feelings,” I said what came to my mind hearing Agatha’s words as it was.

“Yes, I am jumping to conclusions, but for your information, I am so based on the facts. The fact is that the only clones that can have their own grimoire are ones refined using a live person. Even a demigod cannot create a clone that contracts its own grimoire. So yes I have every reason to believe that you are a demon worshiper.”

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