Card Apprentice Daily Log

950 Envy, Sad

Date- 3 April 2321

Time- 22:22

Location- Sun Blossom City, Card Creation Association, Auction House, West Wing Hall

“Well, it doesn’t matter if you believe me or not the evidence is right in front of you. Unless you are blind you cannot deny it,” having made my defense I had nothing more to explain to Agatha, and honestly, I did not have time for it.

“Okay let’s say I believe that you have achieved grimoire mirroring, what does a gal have to do to get her hands on this stuff?” Hearing that I would not entertain her anymore trying to defend myself, Agatha came around the idea that maybe I could have achieved grimoire mirroring and wanted one for herself. Now that was funny, wasn’t it?

“If nothing else you exhibit a thick skin that one could only develop with age, And speaking of copy grimoire, you can forget it. I may even commercialize it and sell it to the whole world but never give it to you,” Now that I had something Agatha wanted I decided to make her work for it.

“Why?” Agatha asked and acted as if the entire demonic practice ordeal never happened.

“Just because I can,” she might have thick skin I similarly was very petty.

“Do you have to be so petty about it? I was looking out for you, you know,” Agatha had already proved that she was shameless so these words were no surprise to me but it surprised me that she did not say them sooner.

“Sure you were. And I too am doing this for your good. You don’t have to thank me,” I said sarcastically reminding Agatha that two can play that game.

“Fine, I am sorry I blamed you for using demonic practice without proper evidence,” Agatha apologized half-heartedly to me. Which was a big deal considering the gap between over realms. A semi-demigod apologizing to a card soldier now that was the fairy tale of the world.

“Not enough,” I demanded a sincere apology from Agatha but did not promise her that I would forgive her for her actions.

“Not happening, just tell me what is it going to cost me?” Agatha had her limits, being Aba’s nanny did lower them but they were still there. For Agatha to be so tame and reasonable I had Aba and Anna to thank.

“It is surprising to see how now you are not having trouble believing that I have achieved grimoire mirroring,” I taunted Agatha knowing that she could take a few more of these. Being tolerant of her client was a part of her job description so I was not worried about Agatha getting handsy all of the sudden.

“Go on, get it all out of our system before we talk about serious business,” Agatha knew this was not over by a long shot after all she almost labeled the boy as a demonic card apprentice.

“You bet I will, but not now. We can talk after we complete the mission we are here for,” I did not plan to waste any more time on this childish argument with Agatha I had other fish to fry.

“Seriously, you are going to make me wait a whole day for a simple yes?” Agatha complained seeing me not plan to give her a concrete answer.

“Since you already know what my answer is going to be, what are you worried about? A little waiting doesn’t hurt and you know why I have to do this,” I could just give her an answer right away but where was the fun in it, after what she had done, she owed me this much.

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“I am not worried about waiting, but the price I will have to pay for it,” in our short time together Agatha had learned through experience that nothing was cheap when it came to me.

“Price? Is that how little you think of me? Come on, we can’t put a price on our friendship, we are closer than that. You don’t have to worry about that, I am not that shallow to charge my friend for my help. You can own me one,” The feeling of owning a semi-demigod slave as a card soldier was worth it.

“That is what I am worried about, just state a price I feel it will be a lot cheaper than owing you a favor,” Agatha who had just managed to pay all the favors she owed to the boy did not want to be sucked back into that debt/death trap once again, she had learned her lesson.

“Come on, Agatha be reasonable. How can you put a price on something priceless like a copy grimoire?” Right now the grimoire mirroring technique was a rare commodity something that could be considered priceless, it was really hard for me to decide a price on that. Anything I would come up with would only make me feel not enough. Was I being greedy, yes I was.

“You know Wyatt, you exhibit a thick skin that is not common for your age group. Sometimes I forget that you are just a teenager,” Agatha said out of the blue.

“Your point being,” It was really hard for me to tell what Agatha was getting at based on her tone and no facial expression or micro-expressions.

“Nothing, it’s just, I envy you,” Agatha spoke her feelings truthfully. Sometimes she cannot help but compare the boy with her teenage self.

“Where did that come from? Should I be worried?” I was being serious, jealousy makes people do crazy insane things that one might not think they were capable of.

“Relax, you are not in trouble,” Agatha jokingly said

“Now, I am worried,” I played along. I don’t know what Agatha had been through but it must be something horrible for it to haunt her till now. Or some people were just more sensitive and regretful about their past than others.

Did I feel pity for Agatha? It was hard not to when a Semi-demigod claimed to envy a card soldier. The semi-demigods were the source of envy for every card apprentice, you don’t expect to see the other way round, that would be sad. It was similar to how every child dreams to become an astronaut when they grow up, only to learn that astronauts drink their own piss.

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