Card Apprentice Daily Log

951 Asexual Reproduction

Date- 3 April 2321

Time- 22:24

Location- Sun Blossom City, Card Creation Association, Auction House, West Wing Hall

“Speaking of the price of a copy grimoire, I don’t think that it is priceless considering that Anna and Ann use two different grimoires when Ann is basically Anna’s clone,” Agatha had just recently come to learn about Anna’s origin card otherwise she would not say that Ann was Anna’s clone.

“First, Ann is not Anna’s clone, she is an entirely different person. So it is possible for Ann to contract her won grimoire. Get your fact straight,” I got aggressive when I said this for some reason. Was I defending Ann?

“How can you claim that when Ann is Anna’s origin card? No matter how you put it Ann is Anna’s sophisticated clone card,” Agatha did not back down making me remember an old saying back on earth empty vessels make more sound.

“Yes, Ann is Anna’s origin card but she is not Anna’s clone. They both are more like twins,” For some reason, I could not help but get worked up about this. But having this argument with Agatha I was suddenly enlightened about the new clone advancement project I was working on.

“How can you so sure-” Agatha was about to argue otherwise but was interrupted by me.

“Shut up, let me concentrate I am on a verge of a breakthrough here,” I yelled at Agatha driving her insanely angry. But she controlled her anger and thought, ‘I will get him for this later.’

There was a reason I allowed my clone 1 to develop individuality, and that was to see if they could contract their own grimoire just like Ann did. From the way Anna described Ann to me, I knew Ann was Anna’s suppressed personality born out of her issues with her mother. When Anna can develop one of her personalities into an individual being recognized by the world’s will, I thought I could develop slave consciousness similarly by allowing them to develop individuality. But arguing with Agatha, defending Ann as an individual being separate from Anna, I knew how wrong I was.

Allowing my slave consciousness to develop their individual personalities was not enough for me to advance them as independent beings in the eyes of the World’s will. I needed to surrender my entire control over the other consciousness of my mutated soul, just like Anna did with Ann. When it comes to Anna and Ann, Anna had zero control over Ann. They both were totally independent other than the fact that both of them were each other’s origin card. Which meant they could summon each other and do other stuff their origin card allowed them to do.

This meant that for my other three consciousness in the mutated soul to be recognized as individual beings by the world’s will was nit possible by just allowing them to develop independent personalities instead I would have to surrender my control over them. Similar to how a mother has no control over her children. This was the reason why Anna claimed Ann as her twin and not a clone.

This was a huge breakthrough but unfortunately, this marked the end of my project to advance my clones. Because if I go through with this then what I am doing would not be any different than the asexual reproduction in the single-celled organism. I was grossed out just thinking about it. It seems I found another taboo to add to my taboos that I don’t plan on exploring list.

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There were many things that I came upon while exploring the science that I believed to be taboo and too taboo not worth the risk of exploring. This happened quite so often that I had to make a list. And this one was the most bizarre and creepiest of all, only the most narcissistic person in the entire universe could consider something like this. Not that I am calling Anna the most narcissistic person in the entire universe as she had little choice considering her fate ingredient.

Coming to this bizarre conclusion I had no choice but to give up on having my clones contract independent grimoires. The only thing I can be happy about this turn of events was that I did not waste a lot of my time on this project only to come to this bizarre conclusion. Yes, so let’s agree things could have been worse and move on.

“So, did you figure out how to allow clones to contract their independent grimoires?” Seeing that I was done with my enlightenment and back to working in my grimoire, curious Agatha could not help but ask. She felt that she was entitled to an explanation as this epiphany would not be possible without her arguments and not to mention she tolerated his rude remark earlier which any other semi-demigod in her place would not tolerate.

“Yes, I did,” I answered truthfully because I saw no point in lying about it to Agatha. Because allowing the clones to contract independent grimoires through the freaky asexual reproduction-like procedure theoretically appeared to be simple but it was very complicated to achieve practically. If not for my calamity daughter gems even I would have a hard time pulling it off. In Anna’s case was able to achieve something so complicated thanks to the miracle of origin card creation.

“Great,” Agatha cheered enthusiastically, I found it out of character for someone who was doubting my capabilities a few minutes ago.

“Wyatt, come on, share it, there is no point in having secrets between us at this point,” Seeing that I went quiet after saying three words Agatha was angry that I was not sharing the juicy details about my breakthrough with her. Though she knew that any kind of explanation would basically go right above her head, she want to listen to it anyway as she wanted to be a part of it. Can’t blame her for wanting to be a part of something bigger, that the future generation would possibly look back to.

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