Card Apprentice Daily Log

953 Wreck Job

Date- 3 April 2321

Time- 22:28

Location- Sun Blossom City, Card Creation Association, Auction House, West Wing Hall

“Wyatt, come on, don’t be like this. Do you really want me to apologize to you ten thousand times?” Agatha constantly kept bugging me for giving her the silent treatment. Which was proving to be hard for me to follow through with her constantly bugging me with her mental voice. If it was her physical voice I could have asked Hive AI to close my hearing sense but the same option was not available for my mind. So I had no choice but to listen to her annoying mental voice continue to irritate me.

Frustrated I finally put an end to the silent treatment, “Enough.”

“…” hearing my yell Agatha finally went quiet and patiently waited for me to give her what she wanted. Minutes passed by but seeing me not show any signs to speak anytime soon she did not hesitate to remind me, “I am waiting”

“Good,” I commented and continued to divide the workload between the three slave consciousness.

“Any time now,” Agatha continue to repeat this sentence after certain intervals like an alarm on snooze.

“Yes,” I replied and continued with my work. I did not manage to get rid of Agatha but this arrangement was way better than before.

“Wyatt, I had enough, when are you going to tell me about the research,” Agatha yelled

“How about we discuss that after we complete the mission? Then I will have all the time in the world to narrate to you the findings of my research. We will also have time for a little Q&A afterward. And then later we talk about boundaries and your professionalism as a bodyguard. What do you say?” I informed Agatha patiently

“Yeah, ditch Agatha after you are done using her, don’t worry about her feeling bad, she is an orphan who cares about her feelings. It will be fun to see her face afterward. You know what will be more fun to laughing about it behind her back,” hearing me Agatha suddenly spoke something totally unrelated to the topic we were speaking of.

“Agatha, you making no sense right now,” I said hearing Agatha in panic, no matter how casually I addressed her it did not change the fact that she was a semi-demigod.

“Wyatt, I thought we were friends. Why don’t you consider me as your friend, Wyatt, why?” Agatha seemed to have somehow been hurt by my words. I think it would be more accurate to say some of my words might have triggered her childhood trauma. I really starting to wonder how someone with such a weak mind was able to beat all the odds in her path and become a semi-demigod. Becoming a semi-demigod was not easy.

One needs a lot of patients to make it this far, as talent and resources were not the only factors on this path there were a lot of other variables in a person’s life that needed to be factored in. There have been many individuals who were born with extraordinary talents that would make people jealous not many of them make it to where Agatha was right now. As they say shit happens, and nobody can control every aspect of their life. Hence they need a very strong mind to make peace or get past what life throws at them. Everybody who had made it to the semi-demigod realm would have a strong mental fortitude, that was given considering the shit they have been through to make it so far.

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Take Anna for example she had it all, the talent and the resources, but also had been through a lot of shit that life had thrown at her over the course of her life. There may have been many intense in Anna’s life where she could have just given up or things could have gone horribly wrong yet she soldiered through all that and made it to her current self.

Yes, Anna had it easy compared to Agatha as her talent and resources did give her a lot of room to make mistakes and learn from them. Therefore it was surprising to see that Agatha displayed such weak mental fortitude. What was more surprising was to think that demigod Windsor had handed the responsibility of his only daughter to this wreck job.

No, from the amount of time I had spent with Agatha, I knew she was an excellent retainer, there was no reason for Demigod Windsor not to leave the protection of his only daughter to his most trusted retainer. Something was amiss, did Agatha really consider me as her friend? Things have not been the same since the movement Agatha had been honest about her feeling envious of me. This was huge, as a semi-demigod, it must have been very difficult for Agatha to reveal this to me but I brushed it off as if it was nothing. The only reason Agatha was able to share something so personal with me was that she really did feel that we were friends and were close enough for her to share her feelings with me no matter how embarrassing they were for her.

Fuck, I just wanted to have a good interpersonal relationship with my semi-demigod slave but instead, I ended up mentally and emotionally breaking her. The worst thing was right now I was not worried about her instead myself, I left the sky blossom city and boldly came to the sun blossom city putting my faith in her, but to think that she will end up having a breakdown right when the shit was going to get real.

I know I have a horrible personality which would make those who knew me feel an itch in their brains but that did not mean that my concerns were not unwarranted and any less important. We were in the enemy territory and my big gun was having a mental breakdown. Any general in my place would feel the same.

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