Card Apprentice Daily Log

957 Beezalbub's Wings

Date- 3 April 2321

Time- 22:37

Location- Sun Blossom City, Card Creation Association, Auction House, West Wing Hall

Rune card operation was the most notable effect of the artificial ego gem card. This effect did not sound impressive if one was not informed that without an ego gem one cannot use rune cards. Unlike normal cards, rune cards did not operate on soul energy but rule power. This ability to allow regular card apprentice use rune cards was what made the artificial ego gem card one of the most sought-after cards. Despite its demand, this card was rather rare in the market because of its card ingredient.

As the card info suggested one of the ingredients of the card was the ego gem of a recently passed card apprentice. Depending upon the state of the extracted ego gem, the same ego gem can be used to make about 4 to 8 artificial ego gems. Now some would ask how was any of this not the same as demonic practice? All the card creationists around the world would say that they had the consent of the card apprentice to extract their ego gem upon their death for a pre-determined price, so this was different from demonic practice. The waters surrounding this were murky as the rich condoned this and the poor did not, the reason was pretty obvious. As for where the royal family and the government stood on this matter, they passed a law that artificial ego gems that were created using the ego gem extracted with the consent of the card apprentice before their untimely demise were considered legal and if not anyone caught selling or using this card without a creator’s oath will be executed.

The punishment for this was tough and non-negotiable to avoid strong card apprentices hunting other card apprentices for their ego gems. Considering that this world followed jungle law and had a high mortality rate, I don’t think people took this law seriously despite its harsh punishment.

The reason I was so fascinated by this card and not its contents was that I planned to use my calamity daughter gem to create artificially ego gems for my trusted subordinates with the most merit toward my cause. But there were a few problems, I still had to figure out a way to use my calamity daughter gem to create artificially ego gems and how to bypass the creator’s oath, the latter problem should be easy once I actually manage to create the card. With artificial ego gem cards, my forces will easily be able to dominate the blossom district even after I leave for higher studies.

That project was for another day, right now, I equipped the card to count the number of broken runes sent by Anna. Peeking into the artificial ego gem I was ecstatic as Anna did not let me down, there were a total of 37 ego gems but they all seemed to of elemental rules with repeating meanings. I did not blame Anna for just sending me generic broken runes, I bet it was Lorenzo’s idea. Broken runes with special rules and meanings cost more than regular rules and meanings that every card apprentice with a low synchronization rate comprehends.

The most commonly comprehend rules were the element rules as they were spread thought the world. I know it said that all rules and meanings were strong but Element rules with common meanings could easily be suppressed by other rules with rare meanings hands down. The skills of the card apprentices using the rules did matter but good rules with rare meanings gave the concerned card apprentice an edge over others.

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‘Damn you, Lorenzo,” cussing old Lorenzo I began sorting out the broken runes. The more I scrutinized them the angrier I grew at Lorenzo. Because out of 37 broken runes, four broken runes belonged to the fire rule, eleven belonged to the earth rule, thirteen belonged to the water rule, and nine belonged to the wind rule. Don’t get me started with the meanings of these broken runes they were as common as one could think of. Why go to the lengths of comprehending a rule with a common rune when you can get a skill card with a similar ability?

Right now I had a feeling that the Beelzebub card was not Anna’s gift but an apology. Despite feeling betrayed, I held back my urge to call Luna and ask what the heck. Why Luna? Because she was the one who was supposed to give me the broken runes as advance payment. As for Anna, I can only guess that her hands were tied in this matter but considering the effects of the Beelzebub’s Wings card I could not be angry at her.

[Card Name: Beelzebub’s Wings

Card Type: Item card

Card Rank: A-Rank,  Rare-Grade

Card Rate: 8-Stars

Card Durability: [94/100]

Card Effect: The Beezulbub’s wings are a pair of wings made from the remains of the Demon Beezulbub’s original wings. Since these wings were made using low-quality ingredients the rank of the card has fallen to the current rank. This was also reflected in the flight and skills of the card.

Additional Effect: Hop, Dimension tearing Wind Slash, Haste

Note: While using this card the card apprentice will gain the hostility of demon kin.]

Hop: Once every second the wings allow the user to cover a certain distance within a microsecond.

Note: the distance covered while using hop will depend on the amount and purity of soul energy used.

Dimension tearing Wind Slash: The wings can generate six wind slashes every minute. Each slash contains enough power to make tears in the space. The wind slash travel at the speed of the sound.

Haste: This ability increase the speed of the user’s flight and increase their wind resistance.

If you look at it the Beelzebub card can be considered a short-distance teleportation card. Yes, that was not the same as teleportation but its cool-down time was notable which was very lax compared to any low-rank teleportation card available in the market. With my almost inexhaustible soul energy and it is low refresh rate, this card would be a good cheat.

With the Beezalbub’s wings card, my survivability increased by several folds. The Hop skill of the card allowed me to escape when cornered or ambushed and the dimension-tearing Wind slash card made for a perfect assassin move, I could easily catch my enemy off guard with it, considering its lethality I bet even card overlord would have a hard time defending against it. The funny thing was that all the cards I purchased tonight did not even come close to this card in terms of prowess. If I were to consider the cards that Matthew generously gifted to me, that was another story. Beezalbub’s wings card was good but it did not come close to the summon possession and Elusive Aerial puss cards.

Putting aside the Beezalbub’s wings card I moved my attention to creating Ego Elementals summon cards using the broken runes. There was no way I could equip 37 Ego Elementals to summon cards, I planned to give most of them to my calamity daughter gems so they can dominate the battlegrounds. Faced with nearly 37 Ego elementals there was no way the circle’s members could make a comeback, they would be slaughtered if it ever comes to the fight. Because if my first plan works, there will be no enemies for us to kill.

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The Four fire rule broken runes were all of the flare meaning. A common meaning that increases the luminosity of the fire rule. In layman’s terms, they make the fire brighter. No matter how silly it sounded it still was a rule and would be invincible for regular card apprentices to overcome. But this totally justified my anger toward Lorenzo and Luna.

Out of the thirteen Water rule broken runes, six were of freeze meaning, three were of viscosity meaning and four were of wave meaning.

As for the elven Earth rule broken runes, like the Fire rule broken runes they too were all made of up single rule harden. Which apparently increases the defense.

Lastly, the nine wind rule broken runes, Five were of haste meaning and four were of Sensory meaning. The sensory meaning allowed the user to sense everything touched by the wind within the limits of their mental strength as for haste, it increased wind resistance for the user along with increasing the overall speed.

I should know better than to say this but all of these broken runes were made of crappy meanings. Ordinary skill cards could replace their application but in a card duel, the rule power did have an advantage over soul energy so, I had that to be grateful for and had to make do with what I had.

Done with complaining, I place a broken rune in the card creation page and feed it to a calamity daughter gem, then transferred its soul pathway to a common core and morphed it into an ego elemental summoning card. I did this to avoid Agatha’s curious eyes.

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