Card Apprentice Daily Log

960 Sterile

Date- 3 April 2321

Time- 22:52

Location- Sun Blossom City, Card Creation Association, Auction House, West Wing Hall

The more I thought about using my calamity daughter gem as a replacement for the energy cores that help conduct the soul energy between the energy sword and card apprentice the more I grew excited about this Idea. A sword purely made of soul energy was considered lethal but a sword purely made of rule power was deadly.

Getting excited over this idea was of no use because for me to use the calamity daughter gem as the replacement of the energy core in the energy sword handle, I would first have to figure out how to refine the calamity daughter gem as normal ego gem or artificial ego gem per se. The main reason I had to refine the calamity daughter gem as an artificial ego gem was because I planned to sell this card to its fate card apprentice afterward. I did not mind granting the viltronian physique if the appropriate price was offered but if the card apprentice used the card made using the calamity daughter gem as their origin card then their will would be enslaved to me. For that not to happen I will have to think of a way around it. So I only introduced viltronian core for my clients and never used calamity daughter gem except for the exceptional ones, therefore this problem never arose.

As I had previously mentioned the project of refining a calamity daughter into an artificial ego gem was underway. And with the tireless effort of my three slave consciousnesses and Hive AI, we have been able to figure out a way to strip most of the abilities of the calamity daughter gem to modify them into regular artificial ego gems. This could be achieved by snipping the soul pathways of the calamity daughter gem that represented the unwanted abilities, simple right? Wrong, editing the soul pathways was not a new thing for me but this was a complicated case.

The ability that I wanted to remove from the calamity daughter gem was that allowed it to turn its host into loyal followers of the calamity soul gem. This ability was an innate ability of the calamity soul gem that it inherited from the dungeon calamity seed. The calamity soul gem was created with this ability as a base, and if I were to snip out the soul pathways of this ability then the calamity daughter gem will become unstable and collapse. This was what made the editing of soul pathways in this case complicated.

So far my three slave consciousnesses and Hive AI have come up with two possible ways to counter this problem, considering the limited time and resources spent on this project it was already incredible that they were able to come up with solutions.

The first solution was that instead of cutting out soul pathways related to the enslaving ability of the calamity daughter gem, we turn it sterile. That was to let the soul pathways be as they were but permanently switch them off, cutting off their access to the card apprentice. Meaning, to turn the soul pathways inactive. After numerous simulations, we were able to find a way to keep the calamity daughter gem stable after permanently turning off its core ability. This solution was a success but it left behind the potential danger of revealing my secrets to whoever might try to study the said card. This solution was simple and it had potential risks that I would rather stay away from.

The second solution put forward by my three slave consciousnesses and Hive AI was to replace the soul pathways related to the enslaving ability of the calamity daughter gem with some other soul pathways. This solution proposed that I replace the unwanted core ability of the calamity daughter gem with a new core ability this way I get what I want without sinking the ship. But the problem was replacing the foundation will definitely affect the top which meant even though the new sterile calamity daughter gem was like a ticking time bomb though it was stable for now you never know when it will blow up on your face so I would have spare some effort repairing the soul pathway arrangement of the newly formed artificial ego gem.

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After endless simulations, my three slave consciousnesses and Hive AI  had finally found a list of replacements for the soul pathways related to the core ability of the calamity daughter gem. Out of the list of replacements, I selected one that I thought would be the perfect fit for the creation of the new energy sword handle depending upon the ability of the ingredients in the card creationist association of the un blossom city.

The replacement ability I selected was the Rare-grade Enchanting ability of the A-rank Enchanted Earth Serpent which was indigenous to the A-rank Serphant Chamber gate dungeon which falls under the jurisdiction of the sun blossom city. So the card creationist association had a healthy stock of A-rank Enchanted Earth Serpent cores.

“Master Wyatt, here are the ingredients you asked for,” following my order pretty soon Cheng arrived and handed me a storage card containing 8 A-rank Enchanted Earth Serpent cores, 8000 wood wisp essence, and 8000 wood wisp cores.

“Hum,” taking the storage card I gave Cheng further instructions, “Cheng, according to the plan we discussed earlier, stealthily lead our forces from the outskirts to the Circle’s sun blossom branch headquarters.”

“Yes, master Wyatt,” obeying the orders Cheng retreated to execute them.

After sending Cheng away on new orders I sent Cindy a message informing her that the plan was a go and to advance as we had previously discussed and heard curious Agatha ask, “What did your cronies do to this guy for him to be so obedient?”

“Now, that’s a trade secret. I can’t go around revealing it to the likes of everyone curious,” I answered Agatha ambiguously.

“What trade secret? You must have threatened him using the southern emperor’s name, tell I am wrong,” Agatha guessed.

“Since you know the answer why ask?”

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