Card Apprentice Daily Log

968 Slaughter

Date- 3 April 2321

Time- 23:48

Location- Sun Blossom City, Circle Headquarters, Fine Gold carrier floaters

The agony-filled cries of his subordinates soon masked Mike’s enraged scream. Now that the desolate punisher array was suppressing his soul energy the only other available power source for Mike to use was his physical strength and rule power. Rule power was more potent than soul energy but the silence rule’s prohibition had been maximized by the desolate punisher array making it so that despite his high mastery of rule power Mike would have a hard time channeling it. Experiencing the dread of the desolate punisher array’s enhanced silence rule Mike understood why the main branch was desperate to ally with the Yin-Yang harmony sect. But seeing it being used to moe down the members of the Circle instead of protecting them, Mike could not help but wonder if this betrayal was the Yin-Yang Harmony sect’s idea or if it was just Ji Feng’s idea.

If it was just Ji Feng then the damage was controllable but if the Yin-Yang Harmony sect was behind this then not only he but the main headquarters was in danger. After all, the Yin-Yang harmony sect was authorized to prop up a desolate punisher array at the main headquarters and every branch of the Circle. Mike always felt that the main office was hasty when it came to allying with the yin-yang harmony sect and the events of today proved his gut right.

Though the yin-yang harmony sect’s betrayal did catch them unprepared it did not mean that it was unexpected. The Circle had already calculated the benefits and dangers of allying with a force like the yin-yang harmony sect. Dealing with a force as powerful as the yin-yang sect they were more cautious than ever after all they planned to hand the security of all their publically known operations to the Yin-yang harmony sect, they would be fools not to be cautious about this alliance and not consider a betrayal as one of the possibilities of how this alliance could come to its end.

Even though there were so many unknown variables to this alliance why go through it in the first place? Because the benefits of allying with the Yin-yang harmony sect outweighed the risk they could think of. One of the benefits of this alliance was the possibility of the Circle taking control of the Yin-yang harmony sect.

After a series of unfortunate and unexpected turn of events along with the fallout with Matron, most of the previous missions that would have helped the circle gather a considerable amount of strength failed, and the main branch was forced to commence this project ahead of its time. The groundwork of this project was still in the infancy stage so many thought that this was not a good idea, and the current Yin yang harmony sects’ betrayal was evidence of it.

Having considered the betrayal of the Yin-yang harmony sect as a possibility it was obvious for the Circle to come up with countermeasures in case of a betrayal. And right now mobilizing his rule power to enhance his physical strength Mike hurried to the basement to implement it while pausing the search for the traitor Ji Feng.

Reaching the basement of the complex Mike turned on a mechanism, revealing a hidden passage. Passing through it Mike arrived at an altar where two cores were placed on it surrounded by heaps of soul jades. These two cores were the main cores of the Duo mirror array and desolate punisher array which can be controlled by the card apprentice using a secondary core that would be morphed into a card. One of the cores seemed to be busted as it did not give out a neon blue shine similar to the other core. The busted core belonged to the duo mirror array, ignoring it Mike reached for the core glowing with neon blue light belonging to the desolate punisher array and crushed it using his rule power. As he crushed the core of the desolate punisher array Mike immediately felt the probation of the silence rule on him disappear.

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Soon he summoned his grimoire and passed orders to his remaining subordinates to stand their ground. Getting no response he hurried to the surface to punish the traitor and use it to increase the morale of his forces. By the time Mike reached the surface, the luxurious and grand complex of the headquarters was nowhere to be found amd what remained was its ruins covered in the blood and gore of his loyal subordinates.

In the few minutes he was gone, all his subordinates had been killed or were seriously injured rendering them unable to participate in the fight. Seeing the dire situation of the Circle’s Sun blossom city branch, Mike felt like a furnace burning with ambers of anger within him. He wanted to scream bloody marry and charge ahead to cut the head of his enemies but there was not a single enemy on the ground for him to vent his anger. This only made him more angry and depressed. Because the mighty Circle that once ruled over the surrounding cities was brought down to its knees by a single person. Mike blamed Ji Feng and the Yin-yang harmony sect for this outcome.

Thinking of Ji Feng, Mike stopped staring at the ruins of the Circle’s headquarters and hurried to find Ji Feng and kill him before the others arrived. Only by killing him with his hands will his anger subside but he had a bigger motive for hunting for Ji Feng when his men were dying. He had to uncover if it was Ji Feng who betrayed them or the entire Yin-yang harmony sect.

Though it might not look like it the Yin-yang harmony sect was a huge force in the shadows. Due to their special inheritance of Silence rule, they have a lot of allies who would rather compromise with the Yin-yang harmony sect than make an enemy out of them. Therefore it was of most importance for Mike to find Ji Feng, and steal his soul, before Mike launched his Endgame.

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