Card Apprentice Daily Log

969 Awe

Date- 3 April 2321

Time- 23:48

Location- Sun Blossom City, Circle Headquarters, Fine Gold carrier floaters

“Holy shit, what is happening down there? Why are they not able to summon their grimoire?” Jaya yelled as she watched her elder sister’s cannon balls dance in the air as they hunted down the members of the circle. For some reason, the circle’s members did not summon their grimoire. With time it became apparent to Jaya that it was not that the circle’s members did not want to summon their grimoires to defend against her sister’s cannonballs but they could not summon them causing her to blurt out in surprise.

“It must be the desolate punisher array that boss mentioned earlier, for some reason it is targeting the members of the circle, prohibiting them from using their soul energy, ” Cindy said remembering that when they discussed the plans to attack the Circle, their boss had brought up the desolate punisher array that made it impossible for any force to ambush or invade the Circle’s headquarters. Thankfully their boss had said that he would take care of it but not even in her dreams would she have imagined that when her boss said he will get rid of the array, he meant he will find a way to use it to trap the enemy. Cindy looked at the back of her boss solemnly and could not help but admire him. She doesn’t know how he managed to pull off such feet but with this, they may win the war without fighting.

“Boss, I have the Circle’s new branch Leader in sight. Do you want me to take it?” Diana who slaughtered the circle’s members ruthlessly without a hit of pity or hesitation respectfully asked the boy. Though her newfound power with help of the ego elementals did boost her confidence in her strength, she did not get full of herself instead she was in awe of her boss who granted this power to her. She could not imagine how powerful her boss was if two cards from him could turn her into a human slaughtering machine.

“No, leave him be for now. I need him alive,” I ordered Diana not to harm Mike because I had other plans for him and also because I don’t think someone who can become the branch leader of the Circle did not have the power to withstand Diana’s attack. Not that I was overestimating Mike’s power instead I knew the hidden secret of all the branch leaders of the circle. The branch leaders of the circle could be said to be invincible in their respective realms. So even if Mike could not use his soul energy, he was still stronger than whatever Diana could throw at him. Therefore instead of wasting time on him, I wanted Diana to wipe out all the members of the Circle before Mike made his comeback.

Though Circle and the yin-yang harmony sect were in alliance, the circle must have already considered the betrayal of the yin-yang harmony sect and prepared appropriately to counter it when the time arrived. So I had to make the maximum use of the time I had on my hand.

“Boss, are you sure you don’t want me to kill him when I have the chance,” Diana once again asked the boy next to her while looking at the Circle’s branch leader who was rushing into the basement of the complex as her rule-powered cannonballs slaughtered his subordinates. Though Diana followed her boss’s orders blindly she did not understand for what reason would her boss want Mike alive. Did he plan to torture him?

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“I am sure, don’t focus on him. Kill all the small fries so that our tropes don’t have to take action,” I affirmed my orders to Diana. The development of the attack on Circle’s headquarters was smooth so far therefore I became more cautious because the moment I knew that Matron was involved in this, I knew that things will not end up with the destruction of either side instead bigger players will descend to the battlefield to get the result they wanted. I hate to admit it but right now I was just a pawn in a bigger game even though I was the one who start this game.

All this started with me wanting to take revenge for Wyatt’s family, but with Matron’s involvement, all of this has turned into a three-way power struggle between the Circle, Paw Clan, and the southern royal family. And right at the center of this was me, representing the southern royal family. No matter how this fight concluded, either with my death or Mike’s, it was only the battle of the bigger war that was going to happen today. What started as a simple vengeance turned into something complex which I can no longer control. But that was not of my concern, today I will achieve what I had come for, Vengeance.

‘Boss, the core of the desolate punisher array is hidden in the basement, Mike is playing to destroy it, do you want me to intercept him,’ Ji Feng’s voice sounded in my mind through Hive AI informing me of Mike’s motive to rush to the basement.

‘No, stay put. Even though you have a calamity ego gem you are no match for him. And it does not matter if he stops the desolate punisher array, all of the circle’s members are dead or severely injured.’

‘Boss, do you want us to get to the carrier floaters?’ The three calamity daughter gems that were behind the enemy lines had only one job and that was to hide, and now they planned to hide in the carrier floaters as it was the safest place as of now.

‘You stay behind, Roy and the maid can enter the carrier floaters,’ I ordered Ji Feng to stay behind because I need him for another job and this one will be very detrimental to my surprise present for the supreme leader.

‘Yes boss,’ Ji Feng agreed without a hint of hesitation. Staying behind he sent Roy and the maid to the carrier floaters amidst the dance of the cannon balls.

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