Card Apprentice Daily Log

970 Scavenging

Date- 3 April 2321

Time- 23:53

Location- Sun Blossom City, Circle Headquarters, Fine Gold carrier floaters

“The Circle’s fools are finally getting smart and hiding in debris or the basement,” Jaya spoke seeing how her sister’s targets were getting fewer and fewer.

Diana’s carnage was one reason for that, yet many of the circle’s members had gotten lucky and escaped into hiding. But unfortunately for them, Diana’s cannons were being guided by the sensory meaning of the wind rule. Meaning as long as they were in contact with the air there was no place within a 3-mile radius they could escape to or hide in. Each warship in Diana’s phantom fleet carried 30 to 45 cannons on board, that meant 15 warships had 450 to 675 cannons on board. So right now Diana and the two wind rule ego elementals had joined together to manipulate about 500 to 600 cannon balls. The Ego elementals could take more load but the same could not be said for Diana, she may have if I had given her a platinum grimoire. But I can’t just be handing her stuff without her earning it.

Just when Diana slaughtered almost most of the circle’s members the desolate punisher array covering the circle’s headquarters complex suddenly went offline indicating that Mike had managed to destroy the core of the desolate punisher array.

Seconds after the desolate punisher array collapsed, the circle’s members instinctively used their soul energy to defend themselves. Realizing that they could use their soul energy they immediately summoned their grimoire and were finally able to put up resistance against the cannonballs enhanced and guided by the wind rule.

“Wyatt, you should have let my sister kill the branch leader when she had the shot,” Jaya said, seeing that with the removal of the soul energy probation circle’s members were escaping even faster than before.

“Maybe, but he is worth more alive than dead,” Saying that I watched as the gravely injured members of the circle were running for their life now that the restriction on their soul energy was released.

Then I summoned my grimoire and called old Ben ordering him, “Old Ben, ask your second in command to have your men secure a parameter surrounding the complex, do not let anymore of these rats escape. As for you come to the main floater.”

“Yes, boss. I will be there right away,” Old Ben agreed and immediately set out to execute the orders.

Hanging up on Old Ben, I called Van and instructed, “Van, instruct Fred to use half of the guild members to help the tiger squadron with securing the parameter. As for the rest, let Sarah lead them to hunt down those who escaped. And you bring the rest of the leaders to the main floater.”

“Right away, boss” Van responded.

Having instructed the Tiger Squadron and the TSR guild, I turned to look at Cindy and demanded, “Have the Fine Gold Guards keep the carrier floater on ready for a fast retreat and meanwhile send the experienced ones to scavenge whatever they can from the complex. Our forces are expanding at a faster rate we don’t have the luxury to be choosers.”

“Great, Idea boss. I was thinking the same thing,” Cindy agreed and immediately instructed her on the Fine Gold Guards.

The Fine Gold Guards had the most important task out of the three forces. Not only did they cover our route of retreat but also had to salvage the ruins of the circle’s headquarters.

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Wouldn’t the other forces be better suited for this job? No, the Fine Gold Guards were the best in my force for these kinds of jobs, this was obviously because they were used to doing things similar to their current task.

Most of the adventurers from the TSR guild had sticky fingers, that was part of being an adventurer for most. So if I had asked them to salvage the remains of the complex, most of the precious things would have been pocketed by them. Therefore they were not suited for this job so I had them hunt for the members of the circle that escaped.

As for the soldiers of the Tiger Squadron, these guys were too proud to involve themselves in acts like pillaging, during the monster war era. If I were to ask them to do it now, I don’t think they would agree. Considering that they specialized in security, having them form a secure parameter around the Circle’s headquarters complex was the best use of their talent.

When it comes to the Fine Gold Guards, even though they were more loyal to Diana than me, they did not have sticky fingers like the adventurers of the TSR guild nor were they too prideful to scavenge the ruins of the Circle’s headquarters. They were more like cooperate slaves that did what their salary payers asked them to do. All I am trying to say was that they were more flexible than the Adventurers of the TSR guild and Tiger Squadron.

Having given out the instruction, I waited for all the leaders to gather at the Main floater. It did not take long, considering the warring situation, they got here as soon as possible, and greeted me, “Boss.’”

“Van, Old Ben, Bright Brothers, Vivian, you guys get to the battlefield and purge the remnants of the circle,” I ordered the remaining calamity daughter gems that had not been assigned any task so far.

The inner Elders of the circle were old veterans in the card lord realm. Most of them had formed their ego gems because of the wealth and resources that they had gathered over the years thanks to the tranny of the circle in surrounding cities. They were strong, if not for them, Diana would have wiped out the entire complex off the face of this world before Mike was able to destroy the core of the desolate punisher array. These old bones made use of their third-rate rule power mastery to resist Anna’s wind rule enhanced and guided cannon balls. Not only did they buy time for Mike to get rid of the array plaguing them but also were able to save quite a few of the circle’s members. Still, this massacre was a hit, the circle’s force was down to one-fourth of what it used to be. But those that are alive were the elite of the elite in the Circle’s ranks.

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