Card Apprentice Daily Log

971 Begining

Date- 3 April 2321

Time- 23:58

Location- Sun Blossom City, Circle Headquarters, Fine Gold carrier floaters

Though these Inner circle Elders were stronger than the average card lords, they were still not a match for any of my calamity daughter gems. Now that they were equipped with ego elementals, they would not even have to make use of their calamity gem’s perks to kill most of the Circle’s elders. So I handed them the task to deal with them.

“Yes, Boss,” all the calamity daughter gems agreed and moved to the battlefield.

“What about us?” Jaya asked pointing at herself and Cindy.

“Cindy use your clones to form a stable chain of command between the hunting team, the perimeter team, the scavenging team, and the Executioner team. If the thing gets out of hand, at my signal I want you to make sure that all of them get on to the carrier floaters as practiced and retreat in a record time,” Though Diana had managed to single-handedly cripple the forces of the Circle, knowing the full story, I knew the this was just the start of the war, the real war had yet to begin. Therefore I did not get satisfied with the current results instead I asked Cindy to stay on alert and prepare for a retreat at the first sign of complications.

“Don’t worry boss, leave it to me,” Cindy agreed even though she wanted to get some merits on the battlefield by killing some of the circle’s elders. Now that she had an artificial ego gem and a fire rule ego elemental, Cindy was more confident in her strength than before. So she could not help but be disappointed when she heard that she was stuck with the assist duty but considering that she would also be assisting the executioner team, she thought she would get enough opportunity to fight the Circle’s elders who were rumored to be the strongest force of the Circle.

“Um, as for you Jaya… you go assist the hunting team hunt the Circle’s deserters,” Taking Jaya’s wilful nature into the account I did not want Jaya anywhere near this complex. I had a feeling that if given the chance she would somehow end up making trouble for me. So I assigned Jaya to the hunting team with the TSR guild. These guys were too wild, they lacked the discipline of the Tiger squadron and the Fine Gold Guards. The joint training was proof that the TSR guild members like Jaya were better of doing some grunt work. Hunting down the injured escapees of the circle was that grunt work. Hopefully, they manage to find them all before the war was over. The Circle’s members were more familiar with these surroundings than the TSR guild members so it would not be a surprise if a few of them were able to successfully hide from them. Making Jaya the trouble make a good addition to the hunting team.

“Can’t I be part of the Executioner team?” Jaya asked.

“No, just complete the task that you are assigned,” I said sternly.

“Pretty please, Executioner team is where all the funs at,” Jaya bargained.

“…” Seeing that Jaya was once again acting spoiled and ignorantly not following their boss’s arrangements, Cindy used her eyes to signal her to stop but that fool did not even take the hint. So Cindy could only sigh in exhaustion and give up.

“One more word and I will bench you for insubordination,” I warned Jaya impatiently. I planned to give Jaya lighter punishment for her insubordination earlier if she performed well during this mission but now I thought otherwise.

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Feeling the impatience in her boss’s voice, Jaya kept quiet and nodded to his arrangements showing her agreement. And then flew in the direction of the hunting team.

Seeing Jaya leave hesitantly I turned to look at Cindy and asked, “What are you still doing here?”

“Boss, my clones have already taken their post,” Cindy answered immediately. I could feel a hint of pride in her voice, which was okay since doing their job was something one could be proud of.

Giving Cindy an approving nod, I looked at Mike who had found Ji Feng as per my arrangement, and said, “Diana, after you are done here join the Executioner Team at the battlefield.”

With that I flew towards Mike and Ji Feng, Seeing me arrive, Mike hastened his pursuit of Ji Feng. Yes, Mike was strong but Ji Feng too was strong and had my calamity daughter gem so Ji Feng held his ground against Mike. But with every passing second, it could be seen that Mike was gaining an edge over Ji Feng. Ji Feng was a proud student of the Yin-yang harmony sect but he was at a disadvantage facing a card lord from a third-rate city. It was not because he was mediocre but Mike was that strong, not just Mike every branch leader of the circle was similarly powerful as Mike. Not to mention Mike was one of the younger branch leaders, few of the older branch leaders like the branch leader of the sky blossom branch whom Mike replaced were more strong as over the years the number of resources and strength they had gathered was incredible, enough to make them invincible in their realm. These branch leaders were not to be underestimated.

Despite Mike’s aggressive strategy, Ji Feng was able to hold off till my arrival. Seeing me arrive, Mike halted the attack and glared at me. In response, I shook my head and with a polite smile I greet him, “We meet again, Mr. Mike, I believe you guys owe me a big time so I have come to collect on it.”

“Haha, I see. Unfortunately, I don’t think you have what it takes to collect form us,” Mike responded and did not seem to have the slightest bit of worry considering the turn of events and the fact that his people were being butchered on the battlefield.

“I guess, I will just have to prove you wrong.”

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