Card Apprentice Daily Log

972 Why?

Date- 4 April 2321

Time- 00:03

Location- Sun Blossom City, Circle Headquarters, Fine Gold carrier floaters

“Sure, before we began I need to know why did the Yin-Yang Harmony sect betray us?” Mike asked looking at Ji Feng. He did not believe that the Yin-yang harmony sect betrayed the alliance with the Circle. He said this to test Ji Feng. If Ji Feng readily agrees that it was the Yin-yang harmony sect that ordered his current actions then Ji Feng was lying and trying to frame the Yin-Yang harmony sect in hopes of sowing discord between the Circle and the Yin-Yang Harmony sect. This meant Ji Feng was not just betraying them but the Yin-Yang Harmony sect too. Not to mention his current actions will harm the Yin-Yang harmony sect more than the Circle. Ji Feng would only do this because he represents a third force that will benefit by pitting the Circle and the Yin-Yang Harmony sect against each other. By considering the current circumstance the Southern Royal family being the third force would be evident but Mike felt otherwise. Southern Royal family never bothered with the Circle or Yin-yang harmony sect in the past and had not enough reasons to do so now.

“I know the circumstances will make you think that but anything I say will not change your mind, you will believe what you want to. So why bother with this Q&A session?” Ji Feng answered ambiguously as I instructed him with the plan to make use of Ji Feng’s betrayal to send a big present to the Supreme leader.

Ji Feng’s betrayal was a great opportunity if made use of wisely then it could turn one of Circle’s greatest allies into their die-hard enemy. I would be a fool to not even give it a try.

“Don’t beat around the bush and just tell me, I will decide whether to believe you or not. Not you, got it?” Mike had to determine whether the Yin-yang harmony sect was a threat to the Circle or an unknown third force that was targeting the Circle, either way, any information he could get out of Ji Feng would help the circle.

“I don’t see the reason why I should answer you. Wyatt, why are you even entertaining him? Let’s get rid of him so that I can get back to testing the new array theory,” Ji Feng acted as I ordered him to, only this way will Mike be left wondering to the point of desperation where he will believe whatever I feed to him.

“Sure,” Saying that I cracked my neck joint as if getting ready for a fight.

“Wyatt, no matter how your men scavenge, they will never find the treasury of my brach. If you help me I will help you,” Mike immediately tried to negotiate, seeing that Ji Feng was tight-lipped.

“I question and you tell me the location of the treasury and the traps protecting it,” I said even though I honestly did not believe that Mike would keep the end of his bargain. Not to mention with my soul pupils, I could uncover the treasury and traps protecting it by scanning the complex area unit by unit. All this just to make sure that the Supreme leader gets to appreciate the present that I am painstakingly preparing for him.

“Aren’t you being too greedy?” Mike controlled rage that flared with the boy’s unreasonable demand thinking, ‘Just you wait, when the time comes I will take my time killing these two, particularly this high schooler.’

“Is that your one question?” I asked Mike, standing opposite to him I could hear his fist bone’s crackle as he clenched hard on them in rage.

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“You…” Mike’s anger flared hearing the high schooler yet he kept his priority in mind and did not ket be clouded by his anger then glancing at Ji Feng he said, “I will ask you one last time why did the Yin-Yang harmony sect betray us?”

“Since you are being this persistent let me tell you, no matter who wins today I will die here, it is because I, Ji Feng, have betrayed the Yin-yang harmony sect,” Ji Feng sighed as he answered Mike. His solitude suddenly felt lonely and looked like he carried a heavy burden that he could not share with others.

“…” Hearing Ji Feng’s answer, Mike’s brows frowned because his answer seemed straightforward but it was too ambiguous. Though Ji Feng took all the blame, Mike got the feeling that Ji Feng was only doing what he was instructed to do at the cost of his life. Either of the interpretation sounded plausible bringing Mike right back to the start. But at least this time he had a sense that made him uneasy. Whether the Yin Yang harmony sect was using Ji Feng as a sacrificial pawn to test out something, No matter the result Ji Feng was bound to die today but what did the Yin-yang harmony sect gain from this? What were they trying to achieve? The alliance contract, Mike suddenly remembered the Alliance contract verbally agreed upon by both the forces in presence of the world as it will and rules as a witness. Was the Yin-Yang Harmony sect trying to find a way out of this? Considering the loose terms of the verbal contract that was possible and how did this High Schooler factor into all of this?

“Did you get the answer you were looking for? Now your turn,” I said looking at Mike who had a vigilant stance but his expression was confused. Clearly, what Ji Feng said to him made him consider the possibility that he did not before. It seems without his knowledge Mike was starting to consider that Ji Feng’s actions were instructed by the Yin-Yang harmony sect even though he had a hard time believing it before.

“What is the relation between you two? Why are you with him? Yin-yang harmony sect or the Southern royal family would never ally with each other.”

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