Card Apprentice Daily Log

974 Confused Mind Certain Heart

Date- 4 April 2321

Time- 00:10

Location- Sun Blossom City, Circle Headquarters

“I get you just a puppet, I will not get any more answers from you. Thanks for the help so far, if it helps know this you will be avenged,” Mike concluded that the prohibition placed on the Ji Feng by the yin-yang harmony sect had more other applications. So he realized if the Yin-yang harmony sect was really behind this incident then it was foolish of him to think that he could get any answer from Ji Feng, who was nothing more than a puppet. Even capturing his soul would lead to nothing as the prohibition left by the Yin-yang harmony sect on Ji Feng’s soul would turn any of his effort to recover Ji Feng’s memories into a useless effort. This way even if Mike were to ask the Yin-yang harmony sect for an explanation about it they would claim that they could not risk revealing the secrets of the desolate punisher array. So no matter who was behind this incident be it the Yin-yang harmony sect or any other third force all the traces of their presence end with Ji Feng.

This conclusion made Mike more paranoid about the Yin-Yang Harmony Sect because only they seemed to have the power to turn Ji Feng so desperate but Mike still could not figure out their motive behind this incident, which made it hard for him to conclude that the Yin-Yang harmony sect had betrayed the Circle. But in his heart, he had concluded that the Yin-yang harmony sect was behind his and the only reason he could think of them doing this was they had found a loophole in their contract and wanted to test it out. And the Circle’s Sun blossom city branch which was located far from the main branch in a third-rate city would make a good test subject as long as they take care of the evidence of what transpired that led to the destruction of the entire branch then they could get away with it.

“I am not sure if you will be able to avenge me, but I thank you for the thought,” Ji Feng shook his head and then replied displaying how hopeless his situation was.

“If you two are done, now tell me the instructions to getting rid of the tarps covering the treasury,” I demanded,  continuing the play to portray that I and Ji Feng were in a temporary partnership as we conveyed earlier by showing that I cared more about the treasures of the Circle’s sun blossom branch than whatever Ji Feng was up to.

“Kid, you do know that you and your force will either be killed here or be used as the scapegoat to cover what actually happened here,” Mike said trying to mess with the boy’s head by sowing doubt about his temporary partnership with Ji Feng.

Mike who had an answer to who was pulling Ji Feng’s strings from behind was no longer worried and began to focus on the fight in front of him. Due to Ji Feng’s unexpected betrayal, his previous plans had more or less become useless. The desolate punisher array was a big part of his plan, now that he had destroyed it with his own hands and lost more than two third of his forces now he could only choose to fight head-on as there was no time to regroup and plan. Though he had no plans, messing with the enemy’s head was one of the first things he had learned on the streets.

“Really? Then how about you and I team up and kill him first and then you can kill yourself to save me some trouble?” I said sarcastically. I could see that my sarcasm did strike a nerve with Mike and then added, “Old fart, why don’t you worry about yourself? I think I got myself covered.”

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“Mike, it is useless. We have already reached an agreement in presence of the world’s will, this boy here is a lot smarter than you think,” Ji Feng reposed to Mike’s little mind game informing him that trying to instill discord between him and his temporary partner was useless.

“Kid, we too were in a contract with them, look where it has brought us, if you are not smart about this you too will end up where I am now. When all this is over you are a loose end to them, kid. Do you really think that they risk letting you and your men live?” Mike knew that if the Yin-Yang sect wanted to bury this incident then they will have to bury all the people involved in this.

Hearing Ji Feng’s words Mike got to thinking and realized that Ji Feng might have really pushed the boy and his entire forces to swear not to reveal or speak of the info of this incident in the presence of the world’s will. That would mean that the boy would have also made Ji Feng swear that no harm will befall the boy and his forces. But the problem was Ji Feng was just a puppet so whatever terms Ji Feng promised to the boy in the presence of the World’s will would not apply to Ji Feng’s puppeteer. This meant the Ying-yang sect or the force behind Ji Feng could get rid of the boy and his men without being restricted by the world’s will. This discovery made Mike so confident about sowing discord between the boy and Ji Feng.

Mike was adamant about sowing the discord between the boy and Ji Feng because if Ji Feng is not able to finish the job he was assigned, to destroy the Circle’s sun blossom branch, then the force behind Ji Feng would have to come forward to finish the job for him. For that to happen he had to make sure that the boy does not coordinate with Ji Feng.

“…” Hearing Mike still at it, Ji Feng just shook his head and let Mike finish. As he, meaning, his master already knew what was going through Mike’s head. Which was counter productive to what his master and he had achieved so far by putting up an act.

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