Card Apprentice Daily Log

980 Bone Dragon's Clone Army

Date- 4 April 2321

Time- 00:31

Location- Sun Blossom City, Circle Headquarters

Realizing that Mike may have not escaped but instead used the bone dragon’s ability to hide I was alerted and immediately used my soul pupils to search the surroundings for any clues about him. Knowing that if I did not find Mike quickly, he will use this opportunity to come after me during the chaos as the extermination team fought the clone bone dragon army to the point of exhaustion.

My search for Mike continued by now most of the skeleton fragments of the bone dragon had already grown into a clone bone dragon but I had yet to find Mike’s whereabouts. It was as if he was never here in the first place. Having exchanged blow’s with Mike I knew he was here. Therefore I scanned the surrounding area numerous times yet I still reached the same conclusion. Frustrated I persisted to search for Mike while the extermination team stood against the clone army of the bone army.

“Fire,” Diana fired another round of wind rule-powered guided cannonballs aiming at the skeleton fragments of the bone dragon that were growing to an individual bone dragon. But to her surprise when in danger a brilliance shone on the fragments of the bone dragon and protected them from her attacks. Soon others followed suit and tried attacking the skeleton fragments of the bone dragon only to get the same results. It became clear to the extermination team that at this stage it was impossible for them to attack or destroy the skeleton fragments of the bone dragon and could only watch as they grew into individual clone bone dragons and form a clone army.

Having grown into individual bone dragons, these clones did not immediately attack us, instead, they waited for the late bloomers of their kind to turn into a fully grown bone dragons. Each of the bone dragons had the same colossal size and skeleton frame as the original bone dragon. They looked like a perfect copy of the original bone dragon and it was not apparent if they had the strength of the original bone dragon but the domineering intent oozing out of them was nowhere near enough to the domineering intent of the original bone dragon so it was doubt full that these clone dragons had the same strength as the original bone dragons.

In face of the clone army of bone dragons, the extermination team had moved the battle array formation with me as the center as they could only watch the skeleton fragments grow into clone bone dragons. This time the goal of their battle array formation was not to attack the target in the center but to protect the target from outside attack.

Pretty soon all the bone dragons were born, and the ruins of the Circle’s sun blossom branch complex became crowded again. Being born the bone dragons did not cause chaos or participate in infighting instead they all acted collectively and surrounded us. Seeing this the extermination team grew more cautious of the bone dragon army and did not dare to underestimate these clones. While I continued to search for Mike’s whereabouts with my soul pupils.

Since the bone dragon’s clone army was still active it was obvious that Mike was hiding within the vicinity waiting for an opportunity for his next move. I was so adamant about finding him because defeating him would put a quick end to the bone dragon clone army.

After surrounding us the bone dragons at the front of the clone army simultaneously attacked the battle array formation. With a cautious heart, the Extermination team fought them courageously. Thanks to the ego elemental summons the bone dragons were not the match for the Extermination team and their battle array formation.

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The strength of the clone bone dragon was a huge letdown, we seemed to have overestimated their strength. Soon the first wave of the bone dragons was laid to waste, then bone dragons behind them filled their position. Maintaining a continuous wave of bone dragon clones for the extermination team to fight. If this continued then the bone dragon’s clone army would be annihilated within the next twenty minutes.

Before the extermination team could rejoice they found that the remains of the clone bone dragons that they had just destroyed too floated into the air and began to grow into individual bone dragons, adding to the numbers of the pre-existing bone dragons. With this, the clone army’s size kept increasing rather than decreasing. Seeing this the extermination team grew frustrated though these clone army of the bone dragons was not strong they were also not weak, it took a little effort to kill them which over time can accumulate and lead them to exhaustion. So knowing that the clone bone dragon also inherited the clone army ability of the original bone dragon, they knew that the bone dragon’s clone army was endless and would only end with them dying out of exhaustion.

Seeing the situation turn dire I could only continue to find Mike, with newfound discoveries of the bone dragon’s clone army it had become clear that the only way to bring an end to this clone army was to defeat the clone army. Just when we were getting desperate. Cindy’s who was using a fire rule ego elemental made a damning discovery.

The clone bone dragons burned to ash by her fire rule ego elementals did not rise to form more clones and stayed dead. The same was true for the water rule ego elementals with freezing meaning. The frozen bone dragons that were shattered were still trapped in the freezing meaning of the water rule and were not able to raise another clone army.

Seeing this the Extermination team decided that the earth, wind, and water rule ego elementals will trap the clone bone dragons, and fire rule ego elementals will burn them into ash. This method proved effective as finally, the number of the clone bone dragon began to decrease and if this progress continued without any hindrance then within the next thirty minutes the clone army would be exterminated for good.

But just when we grew optimistic about our situation we all heard Ji Feng cry for help but he was nowhere to be found.

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