Card Apprentice Daily Log

981 Soul Pupils Usless?

Date- 4 April 2321

Time- 00:34

Location- Sun Blossom City, Circle Headquarters

While the battle array formation of the extermination squad focused on protecting me as I searched for Mike, Ji Feng was all by himself. Still, the presence of the battle array formation right next to him decreased a lot of press on him. But the fact remained that at the moment Ji Feng was the most vulnerable of us all, which Mike used to get to Ji Feng, no surprise there.

The question was how did Mike get to Ji Feng without getting noticed by my soul pupils? What happened to Ji Feng? Where are they? Did they move into another dimension or something similar to Anna’s field cards?

Answers to these questions were not known to me. But I knew that Mike did not make use of a field card similar to the one that Anna uses. Because with my soul pupils I can spot the soul pathways of the gate where the summoned field connects with this world. And right now did not see any such phenomenon so I knew that Mike was not using some kind of elusive field card. This also proved my hunch that Mike never left and was lying in wait for us to make a mistake.

From this, I could gather that Mike had a very potent stealth card that he could use to move around and that was how he got to Ji Feng. The problem was that Mike’s stealth card was potent that even my soul pupils were not able to find him. This was the first time my soul pupils had failed me. I was accustomed to using the soul pupils to solve all my problems. So this time being unable to use my soul pupils to help me, I felt like I had lost a limb or two.

I guess this situation made a great lesson for me, that I was too dependent on my soul pupils. I don’t blame myself for that because the soul pupils were that overpowered, anybody would easily come to be dependent and addicted to them. Now that its power was of no use, I had to think of a way to deal with Mike’s stealth card by myself. After a lot of thinking, I finally came up with a plan to catch an invisible enemy and that was the bait and trap method.

I had already put this plan in motion by throwing the perfect bait, Ji Feng. The reason I did not bring Ji Feng into the battle array formation was obviously that I wanted to let Mike get the impression that though Ji Feng and I were in a temporary partnership we were just using each other and did not care if the other died. That was my obvious intention but it had an underlying intention to it which was to use Ji Feng as bait to lure Mike from his hiding. The plan worked perfectly but I had underestimated Mike’s means.

Despite keeping an eye on Ji Feng I was still unable to figure out how was it that Mike was able to kidnap him without leaving any trace. Yes, my soul pupils failed me this time too. Now, this was worrying, because if this continues before the extermination team finishes off the bone dragon’s clone army Mike will have got to each of us one by one.

Conveniently for us, Ji Feng was a calamity daughter gem, killing him without destroying the calamity daughter gem was difficult, and if he was not dead then I could track him down. For a fact, I knew that Ji Feng was not dead because my calamity soul gem did not feel the calamity daughter gem in Ji Feng’s body be destroyed. Without wasting any more time I began to track the calamity daughter gem in Ji Feng’s body.

Having tracked Ji Feng I encountered a weird situation. My calamity daughter gem placed Ji Feng in the very position where we thought he was kidnapped by Mike. I tried using my soul pupils to verify the calamity soul gem’s findings even though it has proven to be useless in this situation. And as thought, my soul pupils were not able to find anything of suspicion at that location.

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Since I already know that my soul pupils were useless against Mike’s stealth card, I did not doubt my calamity soul gem’s findings. Instead, I focused and tried tracking Ji Feng more accurately using the calamity soul gem’s senses, it worked. The calamity soul gem was finally able to get a lock on Ji Feng. Then I scrutinized according to the calamity soul gem’s senses only to find that the entity that the calamity soul gem was the point as Ji Feng was actually a small pebble.

Yes, a small pebble. For a minute I thought, the calamity soul gem had gone haywire but didn’t because I could feel Ji Feng’s calamity daughter gem in the small pebble. What was Ji Feng’s calamity daughter gem doing inside a pebble?

As this question popped into my mind I immediately panicked, thinking that Mike had found out about one of my darkest secrets, the calamity daughter gems. How could I not panic? If the world or just the Circle learns what the calamity daughter gem was capable of then I will be in deep trouble. Southern royal family backing me would no longer become enough reason for the circle to not come after me. Shit! The more I thought of the possible consequence of my darkest secret being known to the enemy I cannot help but panic.

But then I suddenly thought if Ji Feng’s calamity daughter gem was inside the pebble why was my soul pupil not able to find it when I used it to scan and search the location pointed by my calamity soul gem? Now, this was suspicious as if Ji Feng’s calamity daughter gem was inside the pebble then the soul pupils should have spotted it when I used it to inspect that area.

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