Card Apprentice Daily Log

984 Origin Of Pebble Mike

Mike Brown, though the rest of the city thought that he was destined for greater things, he knew better, his destiny was written before his birth, and he was just another pawn. Only the branch leaders of the Circle knew what this meant.

As the candidate for Circle’s branch leader, Mike was given a lot of resources by the Circle since he was chosen. Mike always wondered why he was chosen, there was nothing special about him. He got the answer to this question when he defeated the other candidates competing with him and became one of the circle’s branch leaders. He has been given this opportunity all thanks to his father, the estranged father Mike never got to meet as his mysterious father had walked out on him and his mother after impregnating her with him.

When Mike knew about the truth behind his birth, he was extremely nauseated. He felt sickened by his origin. That day he was so repulsed toward his life that he almost ended it but couldn’t. He felt that he was better off as a bastard than whatever the truth was, thinking of this he could help but feel sorry for his birth mother. But the truth did not change depending on a person’s comfort level so he could only choose to ignore it and pretend that he did not know the truth. Yes, he closed his eyes to the truth so he could live with himself.

Among all the resources that were available to Mike, the best were his two origin cards, the bone dragon and the Myriad devil body. If not for his origin cards he would have lost to the other candidates in the fight for the circle’s branch leader position that had just become available, the branch leader of the Circle’s new branch, the sun blossom branch.

Becoming one of the branch leaders, Mike learned a lot about the operations of the circle and what happened to the branch leader whose shoes he was filling in. Learning this new information Mike did not feel like a part of something bigger instead he felt more disgusted towards his origin and the circle’s part in it. After all, he learned that everything about him was a big lie and the only comfort for him in all this was that his mother was his actual birth mother and not the part of Circles schemes. So she became his anchor for him to live with himself. Despite finding himself in a position of respect and power that could allow him to fulfill all his ambition Mike continued to live with his mother as she was the only part of his life that was true. When it came to this other Circle’s branch leaders thought that Mike was lucky and could not be envious of him. The life of the Circle’s branch leaders was bizarre trying to make sense of it using commonsense would get one nowhere. Therefore Mike had long since stopped trying to make sense of his origin and decide to link it to the only thing keeping him sane, his mother.

His anchor, his mother was not just the reason that kept him sane from this vulgarity that was his but she also allowed him to use his incredibly powerful card, Myriad Devil Body, without losing himself to the card’s ability. Despite having figured out the way to control the power of his origin card Mike did not use it frequently. Yet he had to use it today due to the unexpected turn of events, if only the Yin-yang harmony sect had not betrayed them it would not have come to this.

Date- 4 April 2321

Time- 00:28

Location- Sun Blossom City, Circle Headquarters

Having planned to not face the boy and his subordinates head Mike thought of a way where he could complete all three of his objective without much effort. Though this plan would require him to use his origin card Myriad devil body, wasn’t the situation like this why he spent all that time mastering the abilities of this card? So without hesitation, Mike decided to execute this plan.

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“Bone Dragon, soar,” Mike commanded the bone dragon to immediately took to the air.

Just as the bone dragon was gaining elevation its path was blocked by the sudden appearance of the phantom fleet. This was within Mike’s calculation, he had already seen them in action and knew that this fleet of ghost ships would take action to stop his bone dragon if they were to try to retreat by soaring to the sky and this was exactly what he wanted. Being trapped between the battle array formation and the phantom fleet he wanted the enemy to be confident about their strength and underestimate him so that what he was going to do would go unnoticed.

“Skill combo – fire” With Diana’s command the phantom powered by her two wind ego elementals destroyed the bone dragon to pieces creating a movement of distraction which Mike made use of by whispering, “Origin card- Myriad devil body – pebble.”

By the time all the disturbance was settled Mike had used his card to morph into a pebble and fell to the ground along with the skeleton fragments of the bone dragon. This way he was successfully able to escape the eyes of the boy and his subordinates. And now while his bone dragons clone army engaged the enemy he planned to use the chaos to his advantage and get to his two targets Ji Feng and the boy.

Just when pebble Mike was considering a plan to kill the boy and kidnap Ji Feng, he watched the boy’s subordinates control and move the battle array formation to place their boss at the center of the battle array formation to protect him from his bone dragon clone army. This move of the boy put a dent in pebble Mike’s plans. Therefore he improvised and decided to kidnap Ji Feng whose temporary partner ditched him during tough times. But that was easier said than done as he was a pebble right now.

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