Card Apprentice Daily Log

985 Super Pebble Mike

Date- 4 April 2321

Time- 00:32

Location- Sun Blossom City, Circle Headquarters

[Card Name: Myriad Devil Body

Card Type: Origin Card

Card Rank: Unique Grade

Card Rate: -/-

Card Durability: -/-

Card Effect: Myriad Devil Body card was created using the corpse of the Myriad Devil giving the user the physique and abilities of the Myriad Devil.

Additional Effect: Myriad Devil Transformation, Myriad Devil’s Hex, Myriad Devil Physique

Caution: The user can lose true self to the Myriad Devil Transformation.]

Myriad Devil Transformation: This ability allows the user to completely transform into any of the myriads of things and beings in existence at their will using a medium.

Note: the medium is the tiny part of any of the myriads of things and beings in existence the user wants to transform into.

Caution: The user can lose himself in absolute transformation and forget their true self.

Myriad Devil’s Hex: This ability allows the user to transform any being into any of the myriads of things and beings in existence at their will using a medium.

​ Note: The medium can be anything from the target’s hair, sweat, blood, spit, nails and flesh.

Myriad Devil Physique: this physique enhances the user’s body with the growth of the user to withstand the power of the Myriad Devil and allows the user to adapt to their surrounding instantly.

Note: Myriad Devil Physique’s adaptability depends on the data available.

Why did being a pebble stop pebble Mike from kidnapping Ji Feng? Myriad devil transformation was absolute. This was possible because, when Myriad devil transformation was used, the user doesn’t just transform the physical appearance but also the soul pathway arrangements, vibrations, and signature. This made Myriad Devil Transformation so effective that if Mike were to transform into any being or being, then the world’s will would take a while to reach a correct conclusion.

The problem was that with the transformation of the soul pathway’s arrangements, vibrations, and signature, the soul pathways of the user don’t just transform to resemble the soul pathway of the said target but they also start to display the same function as the soul pathways of the target were intended to. That was to say that the soul pathways of the user will not only resemble the target’s soul pathway but also start displaying the same properties. This was the drawback with the soul pathway’s arrangements, vibrations, and signature transforming along with the physical appearance. This side effect of the Myriad Devil Transformation made it hard for one to categorize it as a disguise skill.

If the soul pathways of the user started to display the function of the target’s soul pathway what happened to their previous functions? Were they all erased? Did the user lose the ability to transform back to the original form again? No, the original functions get backed up as a tiny but redundant part of the morphed soul pathways. The user can access them any time they want but except for the Myriad Devil body skills, most of them will not work at the same efficiency as they would with the original body. But to access them, the user’s soul should not lose its true self to the power of the Myriad Devil transformation and keep the spirituality it had before the transformation.

Right now Mike was not just disguising as a pebble but he was a pebble. Thanks to his previous training, his soul was able to retain its spirituality with effort, unlike Ji Feng’s soul which has lost its true self and believed that it was a pebble.

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After transforming into a pebble it took Mike’s soul a while to retain its spirituality. After gaining spirituality, Mike’s soul could resist the confusion, memorize its past self, and recall the circumstances. From then on it would struggle to retain whatever it can of its original strength and abilities while maintaining its current form. All of Mike’s original abilities were stored in a benign part of the soul pathway so accessing them without affecting his current form was a tough feat. Having trained for this, Mike could access a part of his original strength along with the abilities of the myriad devil body in record time. With that pebble, Mike was no longer pebble Mike but super pebble Mike.

Soon super pebble Mike used its spirituality to navigate its surroundings and find its targets. Discovering that one of the targets was being tightly guarded, super pebble Mike decided to act on kidnapping the second target who appeared to be struggling by himself against his bone dragon clone army.

Then using its spirituality it started to roll its pebble body towards the target. Reaching the target super pebble mike decided to access one of its myriad devil body abilities, the Myriad Devil’s Hex, to transform the target into a pebble.

But to do that, it would require a medium, which could be anywhere from the target’s blood, sweat, hair, nail, flesh, or skin. As a super pebble, it will not be hard for Mike to draw Ji Feng’s blood but this method had the rise of exposing himself so he ordered his bone dragon clones to increase their attack on Ji Feng so that he wounded and this way Mike could gain access to Ji Feng’s blood to use it as a medium to use Myriad Devil’s Hex on Ji Feng.

Having acquired a medium to use Myriad Devil’s Hex on Ji Feng Mike suddenly had a brilliant plan to get to his next target. Despite being transformed into a pebble it was difficult for Mike to reach his next target because the measly spirituality he was using to move his pebble body around was undetected because of the chaos of the fight. During the fight, Mike purposefully ordered his clone army to kick the dust so that he could move his pebble body around unnoticed. But this would not be possible if he were to enter the battle array formation in which his next target was located. If he wanted to get to his next target then he would require something more than a distraction to get past the battle array formation protecting his next target.

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